28 August 2016

Why Ek Bar's Sunday Brunch Exemplifies Sheer Brilliance!

Ek Bar has raised the bar really high for Sunday Brunches by other places. The restaurant that works around Indian-inspired food and cocktails has little left to be improved upon; everything is par excellence. With a table brunch that offers unlimited repeats of the dishes and food, and quality that's unparalleled, I think it's high time the focus moves from quantity in a buffet to quality in a buffet for all restaurants. Ek Bar is doing a great job in setting that example through their Sunday Brunch. Chef Sujan Sarkar has created magic with the menu and has really defined table brunches for us. Nitin Tewari, the man behind the cocktails, has given me a reason to compare every cocktail I try with the ones at Ek Bar.

Chef Sujan was there to assist guests with the Sunday Brunch options and guide through the menu. I started my brunch with a Non Vegetarian Thali which had 4-5 things in it- mutton galauti, confit duck puff, dohra kebab and olive chicken tikka. The duck puff and mutton galauti blew my mind away with the perfect symphony of flavours and the gorgeous textures.The dohra kebab wasn't as great and was a little hard, and the olive chicken tikka was a lovely fusion take on the usual chicken tikka. Came with a soft onion kulcha on the isde, Ek Bar ketchup and mint based chutney. The Chicken Sausage was different from the usual and a good different at that, but the Scotch egg didn't have a fresh yolk centre. The crust and taste was really good but.

The Ek Bar Caesar Salad is bliss for an Indian lover. You get juicy marinated pieces of chicken tikka in place of the usual chicken breast you get in a Caesar Salad. Lovely dressing and super fresh lettuce. Loved the Indian touch in this! If you even remotely like Chilli Paneer, you must try the Kataifi Wrap Chilli Paneer. The chilli paneer is wrapped around kataifi (which is like vermicilli). Crisp on the outside with a lovely chilli paneer inside, pickled onions on top and a chilli peanut ketchup on the side, it's really hard for one to not fall in love with this. Burst of flavours and a very different dish.

25 August 2016

Barcelos in Hauz Khas Village Dishing Out Insane Food!

One of the finest restaurants in Hauz Khas Village, and easily a place that has every dish on the menu only to impress. Barcelos came as a breath of fresh air to the usual eating out scene in Delhi, but it's sad people don't go crazy over it like they do for other places. The food deserves only an applause. 

The place is a little dim-lit but is very spacious. The lights are better during the day; at night they become dimmer. With a combination of sofa seating and high chairs and tables, with very bright pictures on the wall and a rustic brick look, it's the perfect setting for a casual dining place. 

I started with the Peri Peri Quarter Chicken and Chicken Sizzler with Hummus. The chicken in the Peri Peri Chicken was Veri Peri flavour. Perfectly charred on the edges, a nice yummy skin on it, and was lathered with an outstanding peri peri sauce. There was nothing lacking in the chicken- it was superlative! The Chicken Sizzler was milder with the flavours but still bang on right. Crunchy fresh veggies, chicken on a bed of rice and a delicious hummus on the side. Came with lovely golden potato wedges and a dip. The sizzler is a meal in itself. The rice and chicken blend so well together, and the vegetables are to die for! 

15 August 2016

Tabula Beach Cafe's Bottomless Beach BBQ Brunch on Sunday's

Tabula Beach's Bottomless Sunday Brunch has become quite famous recently. With a beach like ambience, a menu that has all the quintessential items but also a live grill that's every bit tantalizing, Tabula Beach is doing a fantastic job at this brunch. Apart from the desserts and anti pasti, everything else is made fresh and served on the table. Avoids wastage and encourages you to order only what you want to eat.

It was a lovely rainy weather day so I sat outside. Perfect setting to set the mood! I started with their Red Wine Sangria and jumped to the live grills counter. Peri peri marinated prawns and sausages to kill for!! The sangria was my least favourite out of all the cocktails I tried, but it was still decent. This is because the other cocktails were simply fabulous! The live grill section was the best part of the brunch. Such flavourful, juicy, yummy grills- excellent is an understatement! The thyme scented basa was a dream! A brunch here should only be about grills! Keep a lot of space in your stomach for this.

2 August 2016

A Lavish Sunday Brunch at La Piazza, Hyatt Regency Delhi

Hyatt is a hotel that stands for everything luxurious and extravagant. And one such example of the perfect amalgamation is their Italian restaurant La Piazza. The restaurant isn't just there for as long as I can remember, but is also one of the front-runners when it comes to the food scene in Delhi. The Sunday Brunch at La Piazza with flowing champagne and sparkling wine, cocktails and mocktails, pastas and pizzas to kill for, grills and mains to make you drool, and so much more that only makes your appetite increase by manifolds just by its mention, is what I went for last Sunday.

La Piazza, no matter what time of the day you visit, has such warm yet lavish interiors that you instantly feel like you're in a different kind of a place. One that exuberates a relaxed vibe to it, but is also classy at the same time. Yellow lighting, lamps on the walls, wooden furniture, huge window panes with a lovely view of the pool and the hotel- the interiors are really nice.

24 July 2016

Hyderabad: Olive Bistro blows your mind with their Sunday Brunch!

The most breathtakingly beautiful place in Hyderabad with the most insane Sunday Brunch! You don't enter a restaurant when you come here, you enter paradise in Hyderabad. The route to Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills is uphill (as the name of the location suggests), so much uphill and into the colony that you almost feel you're going the wrong way. But then you enter a parking where you see the signboard of Olive Bistro and you almost jump in excitement. The walk from the parking to the restaurant is a long one, and a super pretty one. Greenery on your left and right, white stone path on which you walk, a Greece-like look and feel of the place. 

The moment you reach the entrance of the restaurant, you see a sight that matches no other in Hyderabad- a lake surrounded by trees and greenery till wherever the eye reaches. There's an indoor and outdoor seating, both equally gorgeous. The outdoors may slightly have an edge over the indoors if the weather is lovely. Comfortable cane chairs outdoors with cushions on them, wooden tables decorated with white and yellow flowers, flowers and colourful interiors here and there, cute artifacts on the walls and tables, indoors with wooden cushioned chairs and sofas, servers wearing multi-coloured shirts that instantly take you to a shack at Goa. The interiors and everything you see around you has a major effect on the impact this place has on you, and that's the first thing that makes you fall in love with this place. There's a huge bar on one side of the restaurant with a place right in front for live singers/performers.