23 February 2017

La Piazza, Hyatt Regency's New Menu: Going Back To The Roots

La Piazza, the Italian restaurant at Hyatt Regency New Delhi has come out with a new menu. A menu that focuses on going back to the roots and using simple ingredients that the chefs, Ivan Chieregatti and Alessandro Sandrolini, have been grown up eating back at home back in Italy, is doing a brilliant job with keeping the cooking genuine and not going fancy through the roof, and attaining what every restaurant should attain- excellent food that takes us back to our roots. The two chefs come from different parts of Italy- one from South and one from North, so both of them bring something very different from each other to the table, And as told by them, Italy is as diverse as India when it comes to the food. Something the people in the southern part of Italy may have as a staple will be completely different from what the northern part would eat. So the menu is a good mix of both North and South Italy.

Excellent food and then some more: Pa Pa Ya at Select Citywalk, Saket

The latest one from the Massive Restaurants bandwagon, Pa Pa Ya opened its first outlet in Mumbai, and came to Select Citywalk in Delhi in the end of 2016. Asian cuisine, crazy location, a huge restaurant, also boasts of having the highest ceiling of any restaurant in India, yet all this apart, some great great food that speaks for itself.

Pa Pa Ya houses an open kitchen where you can see chefs cooking up dishes for you. A huge bar in the centre of the restaurant, on an elevated level, and tables set around the bar. They also have a small outdoor area which is great for winter evenings.

17 February 2017

Travel: Pushkar, Rajasthan- A Trip I Will Cherish Forever

A trip I've been wanting to take for quite some time now! Pushkar is a destination for nature lovers, for someone looking for a relaxing time, for someone who is looking for great food and great vibe, for spiritual purposes, for experiencing boho lifestyle in India, for backpacking.. basically you get the idea- you can be any kind of traveller, any kind of tourist, Pushkar has something for each one of you. 

I wanted a backpacking sort of a trip, where I can be a 'traveller' and not a 'tourist'. I had planned a gazillion things for my Pushkar trip, and none of those involved lavishness. I wanted to live like the locals do, explore like the backpackers do, and I couldn't be more glad that my trip went EXACTLY the way I planned it. Even more glad that I took this trip with my mother who was such a sport!

Best time to visit:

October-February. I went in the last week of January and on my last day in Pushkar I was chilling at cafes with the fans on. Got a little chilly at night, but the pleasant chilly that you enjoy, not cold per se. The perfect weather I'd say. The minimum temperature here was 13 degrees and the maximum was 24. So got a little hot during the afternoon. 

10 February 2017

Koshur Saal by Mrs. Rajni Jinsi at Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar

Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar is hosting a Kashmiri Pandit food festival till the 12th of March, called Koshur Saal. The festival in a crux- Rajni Jinsi, a homecook who descends from a Kashmiri Pandit family and lives in Faridabad now, from where she operates and supplies food that she cooks herself, is the woman behind this festival. A culinary mentor of this festival, her recipes have been followed to the T and not one change or improvisation, however slight, has been made to her recipes by the hotel. She brings a lot of years of experience, a touch of love and passion,  an unparalleled fondness for the cuisine, brimming with knowledge and skill, and a lot of other great things to this festival. It's Mrs. Rajni's first tryst with a corporate kitchen, but she has blended herself in and presented her art in the form of food to Delhi like nobody has ever done before. For a homecook to come and manage a hotel kitchen overnight, and excel at it with such flair and finesse, keeping her humble loving infectious nature intact, is a big big big deal! I'm all praises for her and this festival, and you will be too, once you meet her and taste her food.