30 October 2013

Restaurant Review : The Pasta Bowl Company, Gurgaon

Pasta bowl is situated inside the very famous and the very food-centric Cross Point Mall of Gurgaon. I would say it's an excellent place to open a restaurant, and at the same time it requires a lot of guts to have done so, considering the number of restaurants in this mall already; not to forget how delightful each restaurant is!

The place is really really small! They have about 6 tables placed inside, with an open kitchen that looks extremely hygienic and tidy! It's commendable how the place still doesn't look cramped! Decor that is dominated by hues of cream and white, and lighting that's very humble - just plain yellow, the place doesn't have much to offer in terms of the ambience. Their seating, I would say, has too much scope for improvisation. After about 40 minutes my back started to hurt :(

Their food I would say, before I start to describe each dish, is simply marvelous! It's food for the soul, food you'll gorge on, food you'll adore(barring a dish or two)!

Started my meal with Ragout di Pollo, Garlic Bread with Cheese and Chicken Caesar Salad. 

Ragout di Pollo was simply garlic bread with minced chicken on top. Nothing extraordinary, no wow factor to the dish; just 3 nice bite-sized chicken garlic breads. 

The Garlic Bread with Cheese - how much can one do with that? Loads! Their garlic bread was long and rectangular in shape, not the usual small sizes, but really long ones! One portion consisted of 2 pieces. The cheese was yum, the bread was buttered well and was perfectly crisp, and the garlic bread came sprinkled with oregano.

Chicken Caesar Salad - Crazy stuff! Luscious green lettuce with chicken that was absolutely fresh, the caesar dressing was simply finger-licking good! The salad when came, was a little low on the caesar dressing, and on asking for some extra dressing in a small bowl, the salad became even more scrumptious! Vanished within merely 3-4 minutes!

For the mains, our server told us that their pastas are what their speciality is. On asking him which one, he very sweetly said - "All are nice." We went with the TPBC Tortellini Puttanesca and Canneloni con Crema

The Tortellini came with tomato sauce that acts as the base of a pizza, topped with Parmesan cheese. The tortellini was cooked to perfection, the filling inside was beautiful, but the sauce is what was a major let-down. It was just bland! Added a lot of chilli flakes and oregano to it, and it became delicious; but by 'a lot' I really do mean 'a lot'. The server came to ask us how the food was and I told him that the tortellini was bland. Being the sweet guy that he was, he really really insisted that we get the dish replaces, so that they get a chance to serve us better. But because he was so sweet, I told him he didn't need to get it changed. Guess I should've got it changed after all..

The Canneloni was a beauty of a dish! It looked ravishing - so so impressive; tasted even yummier! Nice flavoured minced chicken wrapped in thin layers of pasta, the plate had 3 medium-sized cannelonis. The pasta was topped with a semi-thick dressing of cream and cheese, with a bit of tomato sauce mixed, and like it is mentioned in the menu – baked to perfection! The dish was an absolute stunner! Really really yummy!

The service was the highlight of my meal, apart from the food, of course. The server was extremely accommodating, knew the menu well, knew the extraordinary dishes from the good ones, and was oh-so-pleasing! At the end of our meal, he even got us a complimentary Tiramisu to make up for the average Tortellini. The Tiramisu belonged to one of the better ones that I've had till now – moist cake in the layers, with not too much coffee content, and accompanied by an Almond Biscotti. Decent stuff.

I would say this place is a breath of fresh air; executing everything really well! Excellent quantites, perfect pricing, phenomenal service, mouth-watering food, and all this at a place which is very conveniently located! When in Gurgaon and craving for some great Italian, head to Pasta Bowl Company without any second thoughts!

Want to rate 3.75 because of the Tortellini and Ragout di Pollo, or would have given 4.5. But settle with a 4 because of the service.

Address: GL 201, 2nd Floor, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

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11 October 2013

Moth Kachori from Multan Moth Bhandar

A place that is a food paradise, a place that boasts of it's rich heritage and culture, a place that's the hub for your quintessential desi grub - that's what Paharganj is. 

Multan is situated in the tiniest of the backlanes of Paharganj, somewhere a first-timer cannot go all by himself. You need the directions to go here and you need them right! All that's said about the location, the putting-off surroundings, the unhygienic environment and the indescribably horrid corners of this lane, are all true. Yes, you will find shitty stuff around you, a dustbin that'll be your companion all throughout your time spent outside this shop, but nothing's as bad as you not staying back for the lovely, out-of-this-world Moth Kachori that this place serves!

The person who makes this Kachori is a sweet chap, and very very quick at his job. He's like a machine that's running in full form! It's crazy to see how fast he can assemble everything even when there's a lot of crowd outside his shop!