11 October 2013

Moth Kachori from Multan Moth Bhandar

A place that is a food paradise, a place that boasts of it's rich heritage and culture, a place that's the hub for your quintessential desi grub - that's what Paharganj is. 

Multan is situated in the tiniest of the backlanes of Paharganj, somewhere a first-timer cannot go all by himself. You need the directions to go here and you need them right! All that's said about the location, the putting-off surroundings, the unhygienic environment and the indescribably horrid corners of this lane, are all true. Yes, you will find shitty stuff around you, a dustbin that'll be your companion all throughout your time spent outside this shop, but nothing's as bad as you not staying back for the lovely, out-of-this-world Moth Kachori that this place serves!

The person who makes this Kachori is a sweet chap, and very very quick at his job. He's like a machine that's running in full form! It's crazy to see how fast he can assemble everything even when there's a lot of crowd outside his shop!

Their Moth Kachori comprises of 4 things - a khichdi(made up of moong ki dal and rice) which forms the bottom most layer, a Kachori that's stuffed with dal inside, sliced onions that are sprinkled with some masala that's come from a place called heaven, and pickled green chilli. The infusion of all the flavours gives you a sour kick; it's not bland, it's not spicy, it just bursts with the sour flavours!! 

Something that's very basic to our households, we call for a Kachori whenever there's someone over for snacks. We get Kachoris with the meethi saunth ki chutney in most cases, and in the rare ones, with aloo ki subji. But having Kachori with khichdi is a completely different experience altogether; and one that's very delicious! 

Whenever in Paharganj, you must must must visit Multan for it's Moth Kachori! Don't pay heed to your surroundings, simply relish the taste of this unique Indian street food! 

After having this Moth Kachori, I feel there are many things that are still missing from the street food scene in Delhi and haven't yet got their due credit. So do your bit now, and explore some new flavours for yourself! This is street food at it's best!

Address : 9283, Gali 6, Multani Dhanda, Paharganj, New Delhi

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