20 November 2013

Food Review: Nashta, Gurgaon

Nashta is a one of its kind concept that has opened up in Gurgaon. Virtual restaurant - that surely is a first!

Nashta delivers breakfast in Gurgaon(not too sure about the exact locations where it delivers to) from 6am-1pm. From its menu, I learnt that it has a different menu for each day of the week. However, when I called to place my order, I was offered a Lebanese menu, something that's only available on Saturdays. Extremely happy that I was, called for a premium veg combo. I was promised of the delivery being made between 45 mins-1 hour, and I received my order in 40 mins.

The premium combo consisted of 1 big meal + 1 fruit bowl + 1 salad + 1 juice + 1 dessert. This costs 319 all inclusive. The Lebanese combo consisted of hummus, falafel and pita bread as a 1 big meal, 1 fruit bowl, 1 greek salad that had tomatoes replaced with red bell peppers on request, 1 almond brownie and 1 beetroot juice with mint. You don't necessarily have to order the entire meal, you can even just order only a few components of the meal.

8 November 2013


Went to Chili's last night for dinner. The food was great, as usual, so I won't even talk about that. Within the first few minutes of stepping inside this restaurant and taking my seat, I saw a big fat rat running on the pipeline that acts as Chili's ceiling. Now I absolutely hate rats! Like really hate them more than anything else in this world! And I keep hallucinating about them every few days. Most of the times it is my hallucination, but the rest of the times it indeed IS a rat that I see. This time, however, I thought it was the former. So I kept mum because I honestly thought there can be no rats in a place like this!

About 45 minutes later, I see a huge huge rat on the floor! And this time I was sure I wasn't hallucinating. The rat climbed on the table, fell on the chair, climbed till the highest point of the chair, went back down on the floor and moved on to repeat the process on the next table. That's when I screamed, and the people around me screamed too. Thankfully those tables were empty, but that's not the point! Then the managers came, a few of the waiters came, a sweeper came along with them to catch the rat, and while all this was on, the rat came on our side of the table. I ran from my table and went towards the bar area. While I was waiting at the bar for the rat to get caught by the sweeper, guess what I saw? A rat on the pipeline again! So this place just didn't have 1 rat, it had 2! And 2 I say only because I saw 2, don't know how many more I missed looking at!

One thing to note here is that those rats were not the tiny ones or the medium ones, they were the kinds you find on railway tracks - the huge terrifying kinds!

That's when we called for our check and left our drinks and food midway. Now comes the most disgusting part!! People are leaving your restaurant because of a rat, and all you can do is bring them the check and offer no apology! The managers were so damn pathetic, so shameless, and had no basic decency whatsoever! They didn't apologize even once! I agree you didn't bring the rats in your tiffin today and let them loose yourself, but you're the managers of this restaurant!! The least you can do is offer an apology to your guests!! Really, appalled at this behavior  They didn't try to stop us and say that we could be shifted to another table, they didn't offer to pack our food and drinks, and they most certainly lacked the basic hospitality sense of offering an apology! Not that we were going to get the food packed from a place that has rodents everywhere, but their duty asks them to at least offer us this much! And God alone knows how many rats their kitchen was providing shelter to!! Really really sucky management, is all that I have to say!

4 other people apart from us also left the restaurant that very minute. Guess they lost a lot of business last night.

The most shocking one : The sweeper was trying to find the rat and the manager tells him "Chhod chhod, abhi chhod, abhi logon ko aane de, baad mein dhoondhenge isko". WOW!


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