12 December 2013

Restaurant Review: Carnatic Cafe, New Friends Colony

A place that everyone has heard so much about, a place that's on the wish list of almost every foodie who hasn't yet tried it, a place that has been super consistent and absolutely phenomenal with its rating on Zomato - that's what Carnatic Cafe is!

Just like everybody else, this place was on my wish list too. And last week I finally got to try the food of one of the most talked-about places in Delhi!

Located in the NFC market, this place has its own set of clientele that visits this market only to savour the food at Carnatic Cafe. CC doesn't have the regular South Indian affaire that Sagar Ratna has to offer. It has something 5 steps ahead, and something that tastes nothing short of phenomenal!

The place is quite small - with just about 30 covers to accommodate, but is still very spacious. They haven't tried to cramp up the place by stuffing in more tables.

Dimly lit with some out-of-the-box ideas for decor(go check it out for yourself!!), the place has a very warm and cozy feel to it. It's the kind of place where you can enjoy a quiet meal without any disturbance at all!

I started my meal by ordering a Dahi Vada. Looked decent, the curd was put very generously, the bhallas were oh-so-soft and the dish tasted just right! 

Then ordered for a Malleshwaram 18th Cross and for 2 fresh lime sodas to accompany it. I won't be wrong if I say this is the most hyped-up dosa at this restaurant, but justice it did to alright to all the hype! The dosa was very different from your regular dosas. It had a red coloured paste spread generously on the inner side of the dosa and no, it had no stuffing of aloo! The dosa was very light, very very different, and tasted a little sour+sweet+tangy. 

The fresh lime soda was nice and refreshing. I ordered for a mix fresh lime soda and both the salt and sweet components were in balance. A nice drink to wash down your meal.

We then went ahead with ordering for a Mandakki Dosa on the recommendation of the server. The only preference I communicated to him was that I wanted a dosa that had butter in it, and he suggested me to go with Mandakki. The dosa was made up of poha batter, and came with 2 dosas in 1 plate. The dosa was thicker on the outer diameter and thinner and crispier on the inside. The dosa was not at all heavy because there was no overload of butter in it. You will be able to relate to this one more than the Malleshwaram simply because it tasted more similar to the dosas that you have at other places(in terms of the flavour). The dosa was 'bliss' in one word! It came with the stuffing of aloo that was given separately in a small bowl and not stuffed inside the dosa, and it tasted divine!

A South Indian meal is incomplete without Idli, so how could I go back without ordering a plate of Idli here! The idlis were the softest idlis that I've ever had! The only idlis that bowled me over till date were the ones at Saravana Bhavan, but oh boy, the idli here killed it! It just melted in your mouth! And by melted I really do mean 'melted'!

All the dishes came with Sambhar and 3 kinds of chutneys. The sambhar was spectacular! Period. The chutneys had no excessive water in them, their consistency was just right, and they were absolutely bang-on with the taste! Incredible stuff!

The service was great and the servers knew the food well. They do a bloody well job with the recommendations too! The service time was good and we got our food within minutes. As far as the pricing in concerned, I paid 650 inclusive of tips and taxes for the above mentioned dishes. Not at all heavy on your pocket too!

A must must visit place for everyone! Superb taste and craziness in every dish! I wanted to try the Obattu as well but had no place for sweets in my stomach left. Will definitely try this on my next visit. :)

Address: Ground Floor, India Mall, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Phone number: 011 41008630, +91 8802222889

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