16 December 2013

Restaurant Review: La Piazza, Hyatt Regency

Located in the very famous Hyatt Hotel, La Piazza is one of the most elite restaurants in Delhi. Their food has won accolades from people who are worshipped in the Food Fraternity, and the place really does live up to all the hype that it's surrounded with.

The seating is dominated by wooden cushioned chairs and tables. The decor is something that's not too loud and flashy; it only focuses on the marvels of art. Very tastefully done up and very minimalist in its approach, the decor is nice. Though pretty dimly-lit, and though you have a really hard time reading the menu, the food is what we're here for and the food is what leaves a mark.

Ordered for a Chicken Caesar Salad and a Cheese Garlic Bread. Very fresh lettuce, really soft chicken, yummy Caesar dressing, beautiful croutons and a superb dish in totality! 

The Cheese Garlic bread was awesome too, but was baked for a little while longer than normal. Because of this the bread was too too crisp!

While we were waiting for the above dishes to come, the server brought us the bread basket which tasted delightful! Fresh warm loaf of focaccia bread with a crazy delicious olive dressing! Mind-blowing stuff!

Then ordered for Penne in Pink Sauce with chicken. Didn't go with anything from the menu and asked the server to get it customized for us. The penne was really nice, but nothing to write home about. Guess I should've stuck with choosing something off the menu, but that doesn't mean they won't know how to make a simple pink sauce :( 

Though one thing worth mentioning here is that the chicken was very generously put, and that I really loved getting fresh Parmesan grated on my pasta!!

Along with the pasta we ordered for a Chicken Pizza with bell peppers and onions. The Pizza was superb as far as the thin crust base was concerned. But what a disappointment when you hardly find any cheese on your pizza! The pizza was lovely, but I really did miss my cheese!

The Tortino al cioccolato, gelato al caffe' was our dessert after the meal. It comprised of a scoop of coffee ice cream and a chocolate cupcake with warm liquid chocolate filled inside. Now this dessert is something I would definitely go back to La Piazza for!! It was unbelievably incredible!

The meal was washed down by a couple of diet cokes.

The service was top notch, I didn't have to wait for too long for my food to get to the table, the servers were attentive and the food consisted of the finest ingredients! The pricing, of course, was on the higher side. So expect that when you go here.

Will definitely be going back to this place and will be certain of trying pastas only from the menu this time. A must visit for everyone. After all, how can you miss out on going to a place that is considered as one of the best in its field!!

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