9 December 2013

Tea and Snacks: Chaayos, Galleria Market, Gurgaon

Located on the first floor of Galleria Market, Chaayos is a cafe that serves something which was still untapped in the restaurant business - Tea! Many places serve tea along with coffee, but nobody serves tea like Chaayos does. Taking me as an example, Chaayos has turned me, a tea-hater, into a tea-lover!

Went to this place on a winter evening, down with fever, just to try their cold offerings - iced tea, milkshake, etc., but ended up leaving the place with a cup of hot tea in my hand!

The place has 2 floors, with about 5-7 tables on each floor. Very simple decor but a very catchy wall on one side - the decor is a no-nonsense, neat and tidy, kind of a thing. Chairs and tables made up of plastic, menu written on a board, and the place very brightly lit.

Ordered for a Strawberry Milkshake, Earl Grey Tea, Bun Maska, Maggi Sandwich(yeah, that's right) and Kadhai Paneer Sandwich.

The Strawberry Shake was a simple shake, not too sweet - just the way I like it. It was only made up of milk and strawberry without any addition of ice-cream, and hence, very light.

I didn't try the Earl Grey Tea but my friend absolutely loved it! 

The Bun Maska - what a beauty! Such a humble thing but simply perfect! One remarkable thing to mention here is how incredibly soft the bun was! 

The Maggi Sandwich was something I was too skeptical to order(for obvious reasons), but oh my! The sandwich surprised me, and how! It was simply delicious! Maggi with chopped onions, tomatoes and some spices, stuffed in focaccia bread! Each sandwich was served with 1 dip, but we took all the 4 variants they had to offer. All of them were really different from one another and were the perfect accompaniments! 

The Paneer Tikka Sandwich didn't have enough paneer, or any other stuffing in it. I could mostly only taste the bread, not the filling.

After this, called for a Gods Chai and Vada Pav with a Passion Fruit Iced Tea and a Lemon Iced Tea. I was told their Iced Teas are brewed overnight, and brewed they tasted! The Lemon one looked like it was brewed for a longer duration than the Passion Fruit one, but was awesome nonetheless. The Passion Fruit one though, was the real showstopper! Simply yummy! 

But what really deserves a round of applause here is the 'Gods Chai'! The tea that turned me into a tea-lover(it wasn't milk based). It was something I got hooked onto, it was something that'll without a doubt bring me back to this place. 

The Vada Pav was superb! A little spicy, perfectly cooked(not like the 24x7 types), with a beautifully soft bun!

Coming straight from work, we were starving! And as a result, we very easily finished everything that was ordered!

The service was quick, the prices were reasonable. The Paneer Sandwich could've been priced at somewhere within the range of 100/-, but this is something that can be ignored. Their cutlery - the glasses are really cute(see the picture)!

Chaayos is an exceptional addition to the food and drinks scene in Delhi, and I'm definitely coming back for more! This time, for a non-veg snack :D It's difficult to decide what I'll be coming back for, but I can safely say it will be for the 90% of their items that I've already tried! And whenever I have a tea craving, I won't go anywhere else but only head to this place!

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  1. just wanted to know , was the ice tea bitter ? as if brewed over night it becomes bitter.
    rest beautifully put :)

  2. The iced teas that we have at most places are just too sweet. All we can taste in them is the sweetness. This one, on the other hand, was bitter in a good way. You could taste the 'tea' in your iced tea. But the bitterness wasn't overpowering.
    And thank you :)