11 January 2014

Restaurant Review : Big Wong, Sector 50, Near Sohna Road

Located in the Sector 50 market of Sohna Road, Big Wong is situated right next to the Hilton Hotel. With the market and the complex being dead otherwise, the only 3 places keeping it active are Barista, Giani's and Big Wong. And Big Wong, I should say, is the 'king' of this market!

With a decor that has a deep shade of red painted on the walls, furniture that's a no-fuss shiny wood, the place inclines more towards a fine-dine concept than that of an on-the-go one. The place can accommodate close to 30 covers at one time, and a major portion of the restaurant still deals with home delivery along with this.

The owner, Raghav, is a sweet gentleman, just as you might have read in the other reviews. He assists you with your order, recommends you dishes, tells you what will suffice and what won't, and is a great host to his guests!

We placed an order for Thai Basil Chicken Dimsum, Cantonese Prawn Roll, Veg Cheese Roll and Chinese Veg Pizza.

The Thai Basil Chicken Dimsum had a thick exterior and was filled with chicken enveloped in basil and lemongrass flavour inside. The dimsum was topped with a sweet and spicy sauce. Phenomenal stuff!

The Cantonese Prawn Roll was deep-fried, beautifully crisp and golden rolls that were stuffed with chunks of perfectly cooked prawns coupled with noodles. What a delight this dish was!

Veg Cheese Rolls were spring rolls filled with cheese and cabbage, and just like the Cantonese Prawn Rolls, these too were amazingly crisp! The filling was just superb!

The Chinese Veg Pizza was a triangular deep-fried appetizer that was filled with cheese and veggies. This was so good that for a minute I thought this could replace all the non veg in my life! That's how good this was! Simply divine!

After these, we went with Steam Fish Black Bean, Crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes, Butter Chilly Garlic Prawn, Chicken Dumpling Homemade Sauce and an assortment of dimsums out of which I just tried Sui Mai Chicken Dimsum.

The Steam Fish Black Bean was by far the best steamed fish I've ever had! With bangs of flavour and a chilli hit in the end of every bite, there's no kidding when I say it was out of this world! The fish just melted in your mouth, quite literally! A must must try!

Crispy Honey Chilli Potato is one dish that doesn't need any description. The taste of this one at Big Wong was really nice and absolutely spot-on, but they could do with making the potatoes less crispier.

The Butter Chilly Garlic Prawn tasted nice, but they weren't as crisp and tasted rather soggy.

Chicken Dumpling Homemade Sauce was again full of flavour and with a gravy on the dumpling that was a perfect harmony of all the spices. Really really really nice! 

The place is bang-on right when they say dimsums are their USP ! Also, the option of choosing between 4 or 6 dimsums gives you the chance of sampling a variety of these. 

The Sui Mai Chicken Dimsums were the only ones I tried out of the assortment. A paper-thin coating with some very juicy and handsomely cooked chicken inside, this dimsum too, was an absolute treat!

For main course we went with Kung Pao Chicken, Fish Ginger Chilli Wine, Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles and Spicy Szechuan Shrimp Fried Rice.

The Kung Pao Chicken was a little too salty for my liking but was cooked properly and had that hint of crispiness which was nice.

The Fish Ginger Chilli Wine was a beauty! Perfectly balanced flavours, nothing overpowering the other one, each flavour coming out beautifully! The fish, again, just melted in the mouth!

Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles had no taste of either the chilli or the garlic. They were rather bland.

The Spicy Szechuan Shrimp Fried Rice was a star of a dish! Really yummy rice and those superb shrimps and egg! Simply loved this one!

Their pricing is completely in sync with the other places around, the service is prompt and you don't have to wait too long for your food, the quantities are really gratifying, and the food is presented excellently! After really long I have visited a Chinese place where I adored almost all the dishes I tried! 

Will be visiting again really soon and ordering in more often than that :)

Address: G 41, Baani Square, Sector 50, Near Sohna Road GurgaonG

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Food Review : Rumi's Kitchen, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

A place that I've never been to, only ordered in. Just as most other places in Gurgaon, this one too is inclined towards being a delivery and take-away model.

The first thing that sold me at Rumi's was the packaging. Such convenient boxes with a cover that slides the box through, just like the packing of an Orbit chewing gum(the reference only so you can understand the packaging :P), the box is sealed air-tight with a transparent plastic sheet. You can be sure of the food reaching you just the way it was packed. Nothing spilling here and there and not a thing out of place. They have separate compartments made even inside the box - one for roti and one for the kebabs.

10 January 2014

Restaurant Review: The Flying Saucer Cafe, Nehru Place

Flying Saucer is a cafe that's located in the famous Epicuria Mall of Nehru Place(the mall with the metro station). Situated right adjacent to Fio Cookhouse, this place does more business than any of the eateries in this mall, or even around it for that matter.

A valet parking that charges 50 bucks, this place an entrance from the main road too(for those who want to park their vehicles outside the mall and pay only 20 bucks). 

The place is HUGE! With seating both outdoors and indoors, this place by far has the most beautiful al fresco seating I've seen in Delhi for a while! With such impeccable decor outside, with the entire area surrounded by well manicured garden right beside it, the outdoor seating is really breathtaking! 

The indoors are no less. With wooden work dominating the decor inside, the lighting is a mix of shades of orange and yellow. Dimly-lit but adequately lit, the indoors of this place has a really impressive bar that's accessible from all 4 sides. It's not a 'counter' where you go to buy your drink and struggle to get the attention of the bartender, it's a bar that's accessible from all 4 sides with enough waiters to cater to you.

I've been to this place on weekdays, on weekends, for dinner, for lunch, during the peak and non-peak hours; I was here even on day 1 that it opened, and with this I say I have experienced their service at all times. The servers are really attentive during lunch, but not so much during dinner hours. And Saturdays they are painfully slow! They don't seem to be understaffed, but they still are! So my tip would be - order your drinks in one go, and go about ordering food as and when you want.

With some dishes being phenomenal, some being decently good and a very small percentage being average, their food on a whole is really yummy!
Penne in Mixed Sauce is crazy good! Perfectly cooked pasta and that super delicious sauce!

The Penne Alfredo is good too, but a little low on seasoning and salt. 

Their Penne in Pesto Sauce, however, is bad!! There's no taste whatsoever in that pasta! 

The shawarmas are great! The dressing and stuffing inside the shawarma is put generously, and they taste absolutely heavenly! 

Their Patata Bravas are decent - the dressing is outstanding but the potatoes could do with being more crisp. Nothing beats the Patata Bravas at Fork You. Being from the same management as Flying Saucer, I really feel the chefs at Flying Saucer should master this dish by learning from Fork You. 

The Pizzas are absolutely awesome! I've tried both their veg and non veg pizzas, and they're both really nice. A lovely sauce for the pizza base and that yummy cheese, their pizzas really deserve all the appreciation!

The Mezze Platter is simply superb! All the variants in the platter, the cheeese cigars, the falafel, the spinach filled delights, everything is equally delectable and perfectly cooked! But the problem comes in with the dips and the pita breads. You can't give miniscule quantities of hummus and tzatziki in a platter and expect the customers to be okay with it. The same goes for pita bread too. And when you ask for extra hummus and pita bread with the platter, they automatically assume you're asking for a new portion of it, because they don't give you these things extra with the platter. My plea to them is - please increase the quantities of your dips and the number of pita pockets that you give, nobody will ask for anything extra then. The reason why people ask for extra dips and pita is because what you provide in the platter doesn't suffice. 

They have some uber cool deals on shots and drinks. The deals with shots are for 6, 12 and 25 shots, and the deals with drinks are the happy hours that you find everywhere else. The shots come with all the mixers included too.

Their Mojito is just perfect - not too sweet and not too strong! The other mocktails, which I've never tried but my friends have, are also amazing - as told by them.

The hookahs here are another great thing that attracts the crowd. The hookah service is good and they have all the flavours available.

The place doesn't burn a hole in your pocket, the quantities are lovely, the taste of the dishes is the king here. And it feels great to go to a place that's a cafe-cum-bar but doesn't ignore the taste of the food, just like many other places in Delhi do.

It's one of my favourite places in Delhi and I repeat - their al fresc co seating is one of the best in Delhi! The food is good, the place is great, so there's nothing stopping you from going here. You can go here for nightlife, for a date with your loved one, for lunch with your friends or just for a couple of drinks in the evening - the place has something for all!

Address: Ground Floor, Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi

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