11 January 2014

Food Review : Rumi's Kitchen, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

A place that I've never been to, only ordered in. Just as most other places in Gurgaon, this one too is inclined towards being a delivery and take-away model.

The first thing that sold me at Rumi's was the packaging. Such convenient boxes with a cover that slides the box through, just like the packing of an Orbit chewing gum(the reference only so you can understand the packaging :P), the box is sealed air-tight with a transparent plastic sheet. You can be sure of the food reaching you just the way it was packed. Nothing spilling here and there and not a thing out of place. They have separate compartments made even inside the box - one for roti and one for the kebabs.

Their menu isn't too vast, and thank god for that! At least they do an excellent job at whatever they have and don't try to overdo it by including everything in the world! To cater to those who feel like trying a variety of things, they have combo meals too.  Very filling and easy on the pocket, the combo meals are a good way to go if you're ordering from here.

I've tried their Chicken Biryani, Veg Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Galauti Kebab. 

The Chicken Biryani is nice but a little bland for those who want bangs of flavour in their food. 
The Veg Biryani is really delicious! With all the essential vegetables present, and also the out-of-the-box imli(yes, that's right - imli), the veg biryani has so much going on in it!

The Mutton Biryani is the best of the lot and will literally have you smitten by it! The flavours, the fine grains of rice, the aroma of the biryani, the super duper killer taste! The biryani really left me asking for more! A must-try even for those who don't like mutton! You have really got to give it a shot! The only issue with the biryani being, the first piece of the mutton was tender alright, but the second one was a little stiffer than I'd like.

Galauti Kebab simply melts in your mouth! It's a little bland, again, but that's how a real galauti is supposed to be. People in Delhi prefer their food full of flavours and spices, so I feel they Can think about adding a bit more of that to their Galauti recipe, but nonetheless, their galauti tastes great even now! Along with the galauti I had the warqi parantha. A decently big parantha and oh-so-soft, it complemented the galauti really well! For those who don't like so much fuss of having both the things separately, this place also has galauti rolls. The rolls are a very good option when you're on-the-go.

The delivery time is close to 45 mins, but  they tell you that at the time of taking the order. The pricing is well in sync with the quality of food and the food is accompanied by green chutney and onions. Now comes the best part - their quantity! Overwhelming quantities! A person with an extremely huge appetite Might be able to polish off one plate of biryani, but for a person with a medium appetite, this is close to impossible!

Real authentic stuff and food for the soul!

Address: Hong Kong Bazaar, Near Parking Area, Sector 57, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

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