15 February 2014

Restaurant Review : Nom Nom, The Ashok, Chanakyapuri

The most recent addition to the 'Asian' food scene in Delhi, Nom Nom won the hearts of the foodies almost instantly! A great venue, an excellent menu, fabulous food and superb service - there's nothing else that a person would seek out of his dining experience!
Visited Nom Nom on Christmas Eve and then a few days later for a friend's birthday. One event was at night and the other one was during lunch hours, one event saw the place absolutely packed and the other one almost empty. Hence, I got the opportunity of experiencing their food and service in both these 'poles apart' situations. Safe to say, the place simply excelled on both these days!
I got a chance of sampling quite a few dishes at Nom Nom as the Christmas Eve menu was quite extravagant! The same also goes for the birthday celebrations which had more 15 guests.
The interiors of this place are so classy and lavish! The place exuberates lavishness from every possible nook and corner. The Zen Garden, which is their outdoor seating area, is just breathtaking! Immaculate furnishings, extremely impressive seating and gorgeous outdoors!

Coming to the most important aspect - food.
Appetizers : Rice Wrapped Chilled Rolls, Handmade Veg Knots, Classic Crispy Fried Veg Spring Rolls, Crispy Corn in Plum Chilli Sauce, Tofu Skewers, Chinese Mustard and Horse Radish Prawns, Crispy Chicken Hong Kong and Crispy Chicken in Oyster Chilli Sauce are the things that I've tried here(amongst the ones that I remember). 

The Handmade Veg Knots were perfectly cirpsy and a superb flavourfeul center! Veg Spring Rolls were just divine with a filling of cheese and a perfect crisp exterior! Crispy Corn in Plum Chilli Sauce were an absolute winner amongst the veg appetizers! The non veg ones - hard to choose the best. They were all superbly delicious! Tried their Prawns in Thai Flavour.. Don't remember the name but they were with a green paste on them that had a very distinctive Thai flavour. Also tried the same dish in tofu as well. Crispy Chicken Hong Kong and Crispy Chicken in Oyster Chilli Sauce were both just excellent! Bangs and bangs of flavour and perfectly cooked!

Sushi : Tried an assortment of all. The California Rolls and Salmon Open Face were nice, but the rest were just okay – nothing extraordinary. Let's just say you can get better sushi elsewhere. Will prefer ordering Thai and Chinese at Nom Nom.

Dimsums : Tried an assortment of all the veg and non veg dimsums. The Shimzi, Cheddar and Spinach Skin, Exotic Mix Veg Cheese & Corn, and the Mix Veg Crystal Dumplings stood out amongst the veg ones for me. Really really really amazing stuff! Out of the non veg ones, I can't even begin to express how MUCH I loved the Prawn Crystal and Chicken Sui Mai. I can have an entire meal at Nom Nom with just their dimsums! Exceptional dimsums! With the gorgeous paper-thin coating, each dimsum was just spectacular!

In their mains I've tried Chinese Veggies in Black Bean Sauce, Chinese Vegetables in Chili Basil Sauce, Red and Green Thai Curry with Prawns, Chicken in Asian Basil Guan Dong Sauce, Veg and Chicken Burnt Garlic Fried Rice, Chicken Pan Fried Noodles and Khow Suey. Each dish was as close to perfection as it could get. Each dish had the perfect balance of flavours and tasted brilliant! I'm not going to go in depth about each one of these dishes, but I'm not kidding when I say choose anything from their main course dishes that I've mentioned and you'll be extremely happy with your choice! Phenomenal stuff!

Their mocktails and cocktails are really really yummy! Have tried their Cosmopolitan, Mojito, a mango based cocktail I don't remember the name of, and the usual Iced Teas.

Desserts : Because they were serving a platter of desserts on Christmas Eve, I tried almost 5-6 desserts on offer. Baked Passion Fruit Cheesecake is an excellent dessert they have! The perfect cheesecake :) The Black Sesame Pana Cotta, Apricot Sorbet, Peanut Crust, and the Rambutan Jelly with Pina Colada Sauce were again, sensational! Their homemade icecreams are also a good way to go, but who orders who ice creams when you have such amazing options? The Tiramisu, though, was a disappointment. Too sweet with an almost negligible flavour of coffee. The Molten Chocolate Fresh Fruit Couli is another killer dessert and you should definitely not give it a miss!

Their food impressed me thoroughly! Most of their dishes were not just great, but exceptionally great, and that is what makes this place so loved - their food. Their service gets a sure shot 5/5. Extremely prompt, very courteous and really polite servers, and for a change, every server knew his job inside out. Because the place isn't a fine dining type place, and is more of a fun dining concept, I look forward to visiting it more often. Peppy music in the background, people enjoying their food with a couple of drinks, tapping their feet to the sound of music, some great great food in front of you, and that's all - your evening is set!

Pricing, of course, is on the higher side, but the food is in no comparison with the other 5 stars that charge you a bomb and give you mediocre food in exchange. A must must visit for all the Asian food lovers! It is my favourite place for Asian food in Delhi now!

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