17 March 2014

Restaurant Review : Threesixtyone Degrees, The Oberoi, Gurgaon - Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast buffets being my most favourite thing in the world, and having tried breakfast buffets at a quite a few places, I can now safely say that Threesixtyone has the BEST breakfast in Delhi NCR! Priced at around 1500 all inclusive, this is indeed more expensive than the other places, but you most definitely get the worth of your buck.

The ambience of this place is really appealing. A huge huge restaurant with glass walls overlooking that beautiful blue water, you have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors for all your meals, any time of the day. Their outdoor seating is by far the most romantic setting in Delhi NCR as far as the restaurant being around water in concerned. Even when you're not going on a date, I say you shouldn't miss the outdoor seating for anything! When I visited this place for breakfast, I asked the staff if I could get a table outside. I was told the area is closed, but on insisting them that this is the best part about my time at their restaurant, they very sweetly agreed and asked me to give them 5 minutes till they get the table ready. Full points to the staff for this courteousness!

The buffet comprises of nuts, salads, juices, milk, shakes, coffee, tea, fresh fruits, yoghurt, some great flavours of jam, butter, cereal, bakery products like muffins, donuts, croissants, and what not! For the heavier and the more 'real' breakfast(according to me), they have South Indian, Paranthas, Chhole Kulche, eggs to order, waffles, pancakes, french toasts, prridge, poha, cold cuts, hash brown, potato wedges, grilled vegetables, stew, and the list goes on and on!

16 March 2014

Restaurant Review : California Pizza Kitchen's 'Hollywood Menu'

A place that I had heard so much about, a mix of both good and bad. A place that was all about pizzas, nothing was going to stop me from visiting this place no matter what the reviews were. So I finally visited California Pizza Kitchen one fine evening(a very fine rainy evening) when Cyber Hub was practically dead because of the rain. Against all odds I did manage to reach this place and finally get to try their pizzas!

The place is huge and brightly-lit. The basic combination of sofas and wooden furniture to cater to the comfort factor of dining, the restaurant was really appealing by the look of it.

Tried food only from the Hollywood Menu and tried all of it! Getting to the menu, I first tried their Deli Style Bistro Pizza. Bacon, ham and sausages - you name it and the pizza had it. Loaded with these three toppings garnished with rocket leaves on top, this was the best pizza of the evening for me! It's a pizza that's meant for pig lovers and a pizza for people who like everything 'larger than life'. I say this because the pizza really WAS loaded!

The next pizza tried was Hawaian Chicken and Grilled Pineapple Pizza. What a gorgeous pizza it was! And the entire credit goes to the beauty of a topping - pineapple! Such juicy, perfectly grilled, superb chunks on pineapple with that fine chicken on it. The sweetness of the pineapple and the saltiness of the chicken were a perfect combination!

Jamaican Jerk and Chicken Pizza. Peppers, onions and chicken, that is what this pizza was about. The chicken was more flavourful than that of the Hawaian Chicken, and the peppers worked really well with that. A nice pizza but not mind-blowing.

Rustica Pizza is THE pizza for the vegetarians! Olives, capers, zucchini, mushrooms and what not! That beautiful thin crust topped with these lovely things and the superlative cheese - I could've feasted upon this pizza for the entire night(considering how hardcore a non-vegetarian I am, this is a big deal!).

Spicy Sonora Pizza was not 'spicy' like the name suggests and that was the real bummer. Keeping this aside, having blackbeans on my pizza really doesn't work for me!! Not something I would order again.

We then went on to the pastas and tried the Spaghetti Carretierra. A tangy red sauce which was creamy in texture, but a little subdued. The pasta is nice to order here if you are really craving for pastas, otherwise I'd advise you to stick with pizzas alone.

The next pasta that we tried was the Mediterranean Roasted Mushroom Spaghettini. The pasta was drained in olive oil without any other flavour or taste but that of pepper. Disappointing stuff.

Their 'Specialty' section includes 2 dishes that were served with fries. The first one was California Peri Peri Chicken which the description said was baked in a creamy sauce. It was creamy alright, but didn't have a trace of peri peri for me. An overdose of cream and no flavour in the chicken. The chicken was really really bland!

Their second 'specialty' item, on the other hand, was marvelous! Spinach and Paneer Malfati with Milan Sauce - the dish was exactly like it was given in the menu! Cheesy, creamy, absolutely heavenly, this was a dish that comprised of dumplings made of spinach and paneer, floating in a thick sauce that tasted just awesome! Really really good stuff!

Then came the time for their desserts. Tried the California Delight that was a part of the Hollywood Menu and also tried their signature desserts - Tiramisu and Red Velvet Cake.

The California Delight was made up of white chocolate, strawberry and chocolate mousse together in layers, with a few other things happening there too. Not going into the details, let's just say it was overly sweet and a complete no-no for me.

The Tiramisu was nice and this is one dessert that needs no explanation. Nice, really nice, but not the best that I've had.

The Red Velvet, although, took the cake away! 'Extraordinary' it was! So velvety, so soft, perfectly balanced, not overly sweet, and just out of this world! It was one crazy cake that I'm going to keep coming back for!!

The place overall, is a really nice restaurant to hit when you're looking to have some great pizzas in Cyber Hub. You go here for their pizzas and their Paneer Malfati, to end the meal with that crazy slice of Red Velvet, but you don't go here for the pastas or anything else. Tried their 2 mocktails too - some pineapple and mango drink, but both of them were pretty average. Excessively sweet. 

So you go to California Pizza Kitchen and have their marvelous pizzas. Don't go by what the negatively-opiniated people say about this place, just go and experience it for yourself!

I'm definitely coming back for their pizzas!

The sizes and portions are nice, the pricing is okay, the presentation is nice, the cutlery is superb, the place and the ambience are good too! A very impressive thing about CPK is that they even have green teas on their menu. If you would like to please yourself with a cup of green tea at the end of your meal, the restaurant would oblige you by bringing the entire box full of different kinds of green teas to your table, so that you can choose your preferred flavour and go ahead with it. A very good, well thought-out, concept of cleansing your body and burning your calories almost instantly after taking them in (okay, maybe only in my head). But it sure is a great concept!