17 March 2014

Restaurant Review : Threesixtyone Degrees, The Oberoi, Gurgaon - Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast buffets being my most favourite thing in the world, and having tried breakfast buffets at a quite a few places, I can now safely say that Threesixtyone has the BEST breakfast in Delhi NCR! Priced at around 1500 all inclusive, this is indeed more expensive than the other places, but you most definitely get the worth of your buck.

The ambience of this place is really appealing. A huge huge restaurant with glass walls overlooking that beautiful blue water, you have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors for all your meals, any time of the day. Their outdoor seating is by far the most romantic setting in Delhi NCR as far as the restaurant being around water in concerned. Even when you're not going on a date, I say you shouldn't miss the outdoor seating for anything! When I visited this place for breakfast, I asked the staff if I could get a table outside. I was told the area is closed, but on insisting them that this is the best part about my time at their restaurant, they very sweetly agreed and asked me to give them 5 minutes till they get the table ready. Full points to the staff for this courteousness!

The buffet comprises of nuts, salads, juices, milk, shakes, coffee, tea, fresh fruits, yoghurt, some great flavours of jam, butter, cereal, bakery products like muffins, donuts, croissants, and what not! For the heavier and the more 'real' breakfast(according to me), they have South Indian, Paranthas, Chhole Kulche, eggs to order, waffles, pancakes, french toasts, prridge, poha, cold cuts, hash brown, potato wedges, grilled vegetables, stew, and the list goes on and on!

Started off my meal with some ragi cereal and cornflakes with hot milk. With such a huge variety for cereals alone, you are surely going to be in a fix about what to eat and what to leave.

Then ordered Eggs Benedict with bacon, hash brown and grilled tomatoes. Whenever you go somewhere for breakfast and you have the option of ordering Eggs Benedict in the 'eggs to order' section, never leave the opportunity! Never! They're the best things in the world, the most mesmerizing thing that can be done with eggs, and Threesixtyone here, does a fabulous job with them! Simply outstanding!

To go with my meal, I had freshly squeezed orange and watermelon juice. Plain and simple, kickass stuff! Also tried their cold coffee which was really really nice!

The next in line was South Indian. Fluffy, yummy idlis with gunpowder, a crisp plain dosa, stupendous upma, and 4 kinds of chutneys to go. You usually get only 2-3 kinds of chutneys at places, but here you get 4! The difference between normal places and Threesixtyone! :D

Chhole Kulche were an absolute stunner! The kulchas were extremely soft, so fluffy, and very fresh! Far far away from the dry kulchas we find elsewhere. The chhole get a sure shot 5/5. The right balance of flavours, perfectly boiled, and tasted just spectacular! 

The french toast, again, was perfectly made! Thick, not because of the bread, but because of the generous usage of eggs, it tasted brilliant!

Coming to the English breakfats of pancakes and waffles! Ordered for blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. The pancakes were a complete delight! The blueberries - so damn fresh! And hell no, you don't need anything else when you have blueberries! But the maple syrup did add to the awesomeness.

Then tried the Chocolate Waffles with fresh strawberries. They had a wide variety of waffles to choose from, and I could have had them the entire day, but sadly, I only chose to go with one - the chocolates ones! The waffles came with 4 kinds of accompaniments - maple syrup, honey, melted butter and vanilla sauce. The vanilla sauce was the best of the lot! Also maybe because you don't get this everywhere. But it truly tasted divine! The combination of chocolate waffles, fresh strawberries, maple syrup and vanilla sauce can take you straight to heaven! It was some real crazy stuff!

Towards the end of the meal, your stomach starts making space for some sweet endings. And that is exactly what I had then - pastries(not the cream ones), donuts, croissants and muffins! The plain muffin was wow, the chocolate muffin was good, the almond croissant took the cake away and the donuts were just mind-blowing! Have this with a cup of hot coffee and your day is made!

Ended the meal with a green tea with lemon which also, NOT to my surprise, was exquisite!

Threesixtyone is my favourite place for breakfast hands down! The place exuberates elegance and a charming luxurious energy from every nook and corner! The staff pampers you no end and the outdoor seating will give you sweet dreams at night. The food is fabulous and the presentation is even more attractive! It's an experience that is nothing short of sheer bliss! I'm definitely going back super soon!

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