27 April 2014

Breakfast at Oasis, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund

Oasis, Taj Vivanta, has been known for it's Sunday Brunch since forever. Anybody who wants to go for a long drive, to a place far away from Delhi(not so much, literally) can opt for a meal here. But a Sunday Brunch was something I didn't opt for. Instead, I went for a breakfast buffet. Buffets and me have a connection that is evergreen. Nobody can ever separate me from buffets, and a breakfast buffet is something that is immensely heart-warming! 

The pretty picturesque drive to this place and a brilliant coincidence of an extraordinary weather, what more could I ask for?! Opted for the outdoor seating(quite obviously) and almost instantly fell in love with the beautiful property! So green, so lush - it was breathtaking! Water fountains to make the outdoors look all the more marvelous, a little drizzle made sure my experience was absolutely phenomenal! And all this even before I could have a look at the buffet.

The buffet spread was really nice! Nothing like the Oberoi Threesixtyone breakfast buffet, but awesome nonetheless.

Started off with the basic cereals and a cup of warm milk. Nothing to talk about here.

Placed an order for a double omelette with cheese, with a portion of bacon on the side. The omelette was delicious as hell, thoroughly filled with thick strands of grated cheese, accompanied by the beautiful crispy bacon! Looked beautiful, but on tasting found it to be too chewy.

Then moved on to the South Indian section. Ordered for a Masala Dosa and got idlis for myself in the meanwhile. The dosa was as good as the ones you have at Sagar Ratna. Crisp, with no extra oil, a rocking dosa was served to me by the waiter! The dosa came with sambhar and with various kinds of chutneys, all as mouth-watering as the dosa. A plate of joy was what was in front of me in the form of these South Indian delicacies!

To wash down the superb things in front of me, I had a glass each of the freshly squeezed orange, and the watermelon juice.

Their Chhole Bhature were something that I couldn't keep my hands off. The chef was preparing fresh bhature right in front of your eyes, taking these gorgeous fluffy pieces of happiness out of the boiling oil pan, and putting them right on your plate. How do you resist something like this, I want somebody to please tell me! Chhole that were absolutely smacking, the Indian component of the buffet was well covered for me with this one.

No breakfast is complete without ordering for pancakes and waffles! More than any other component of the buffet, it's these 2 beauties that really take the cake away for me! Ordered for a Banana Pancake with blueberries and maple syrup, with a bit of the powdered sugar on the top. The pancakes would have tasted better had the bananas been caramelized, but it was superb nonetheless! Each bite of the doughy sugar pancake with bananas, dipped in maple syrup and topped with blueberries, and there's nothing else you need in life! 

The waffles weren't as good as the pancakes, but they're waffles after all! How wrong can you go with the modest waffles? Too dry for my liking, I had to struggle my way through for finishing even half of that portion.

Moving on the bakery section, tried the Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip Muffin, Plain Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, a small slice of Fruit Cake, and a savoury pastry with a cheese center. The Blueberry Muffin was really soft, really moist, and simply spectacular! The Chocolate Chip Muffin was a little dry. The Chocolate Croissant was to die for! So damn soft, so flaky, the perfect balance of sugar and chocolate! Same applies for the plain croissant as well. The savoury pastry was out of this world! I think their pastry chef really deserves every praise possible!

The breakfast was very hearty, very fulfilling. Not as extravagant as the breakfast buffets at some of the other five stars, but then again, even the price isn't as exorbitant. Hence, a perfect steal deal!

Head to Oasis when you're in the mood for driving for quite some kilometres, and not in the mood for counting the calories. Will be going back here real soon!

Address: Vivanta by Taj, Shooting Range Road, Surajkund, Faridabad

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  1. A Lovely Account of the Breakfast, makes me drive down some sunday for this awesome spread.

  2. Looks brilliant. Seems we have quite a few humble options apart from the already mentioned, extravagant three sixty one breakfast buffet.

    1. Oh, yes! A lottt of breakfast options we have!