18 May 2014

Breakfirst at Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj

A place that is no alien to us now, Monkey Bar came out with a Breakfast Menu about 2 months ago. Only on the weekends and operational only after 12PM, this breakfast comprises of a wide range of dishes. Dishes that you usually don't get all under one roof for breakfast in Delhi, Monkey Bar absolutely nailed it with the menu and the choice of dishes!


Very bright, very vibrant, so lovely - Monkey Bar mornings! Bright and sunny or rainy and gloomy, the place does full justice when it comes to the ambience in which you're sitting and enjoying your first meal of the day.

12 May 2014

Restaurant Review : Pout, N-Block Market, Greater Kailash-I

A restaurant that came into being because of its luxury outlet next door, Pout is a very pretty and quaint, classy dining place in the famous GK 1 N-block market. A lot of us must have seen this place while looking for parking in this market, and a lot of us(like me) never got the chance to visit it but kept wondering how the restaurant must be. I finally visited this place for dinner this week.

Interiors that are done up in black and white stripes and a very pretty shade of pink, the walls are plastered with some beautiful fashion shoots and pictures of models! Extremely appealing for a person like me!

The place has a combination of chairs and sofas for seating, with lighting that's dim and in a shade of yellow. Good enough for not being too dim and not being too loud either.

The restaurant is spread across 2 floors - the first floor being used for parties as and when they take place, and the ground floor only for dining purposes. The first floor is also open for dining when the place isn't hosting a party.

Opted for a sofa seating and was given the menu as soon as we got settled. Ordered for Chef's Signature Crostini, Cheesy Nachos and Mediterranean Mezze Platter which was non-vegetarian.

While we were waiting for our food, we were served with a bread basket. A bread basket that is easily one of the best in Delhi. Super fresh bread, really impressive quality and variety, delicious salsa, and perfectly seasoned with garlic! A full 5/5!

The Crostini was dominated by chopped olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The crostini was delicious but the olive oil was too overpowering. Only a little bit lesser of it and the dish would have been smashing!

The Cheesy Nachos - oh, the cheesy nachos! Did full justice to the name of the dish, the nachos was delicious as hell! Abundance of cheese(by abundance I do mean 'abundance'), superlative Pica Di Galo and Bean Sauce, and a really really amazing duo of accompaniments - salsa and sour cream! It was perfection in each bite! Not to miss appreciating the place for the quality of their nachos - simply spot-on!

The Mezze Platter came in a superb presentation! With three tiers for the platter, each tier consisted of a different section of the platter. 

The bottom tier consisted of hummus, beetroot hummus, baba ganoush, muhammara, and cacik. The hummus was a little bland and could do with more salt, the beetroot hummus was pretty out-of-the-box, something you don't get everywhere. Nice for a few bites but couldn't feast upon it like I can on Hummus and Cacik. The cacik was outstanding! Baba ganoush, I'm not a fan of, but was nice nonetheless. The Muhammara too, was filled with flavour, but again, not my cup of tea. 

Now coming to the most important tier - the middle tier. This consisted of Cheese Sambousek, Minced Lamb Fatayer, Arabic Lamb, Chicken Kebab, Spiced Puff, Cottage Cheese and Arabic Salad(as given in their menu). Got a few items from the vegetarian mezze platter too on request at an extra cost. 

The Cheese Sambousek, Arabic Lamb and Minced Lamb Fatayer were absolutely mind-blowing! The Chicken Kebab was so succulent, so soft, bang on with flavours, and a complete melt-in-your-mouth! One of the best Chicken Tikkas I've ever had! The Minced Lamb Fatayer was nice but not like the items I mentioned above. The Spiced Puff and Cottage Cheese were average stuff. The top tier consisted of tabouleh. Didn't try the salad and the tabouleh.

Their Pita basket was another component of the platter I couldn't stop drooling over! Very few places in Delhi do the kind of fresh pita that Pout does. The only other place that does this kind of pita is in the same market coincidentally - Shalom.

The mezze platter was nice on a whole but a little overpriced when you consider all the components of the platter.

For mains we placed an order for Red Thai Curry with Steamed Rice, and an Italian Way Pizza.

The Thai Curry was gorgeous! And so was the raw papaya salad that accompanied it. Simply gorgeous! 

The pizza was good, really good, but not as outstanding as the Thai Currt. A pesto sauce based pizza which consisted of chicken, guess it was just a wrong choice of pizza. Should have gone with a pizza with a tomato based sauce. It was nice nonetheless.

For drinks we had the Cosmopolitan, LIIT and an Apple Mojito. The Cosmopolitan was strong(very good!) and was yummy! 

The LIIT too was perfect for that hit but not too bitter in taste. 

The Apple Mojito, thankfully, unlike the other places, wasn't dominated with too much of the apple flavour. Very refreshing and very nice.

The drinks were just right! No complaints there whatsoever :)

For desserts we went with their Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. The chocolate that came with the molten cake was too good! Broke into the cake and had my first bite - the cake was good on the inside but the outer layer of the cake could've been softer. Tasted slightly hard on the outside, and perfectly gooey on the inside. The dessert as a whole was nice but not perfect. Nevertheless, it was chocolate, so it tasted really nice with the ice cream!

The place is definitely a bit steep with prices, but like I mentioned in the beginning of the review, it comes from a luxury shop situated right next to it. Hence, that tag comes along for the food as well.

The service was really nice, your plates were being cleared on time, the food didn't take too long to come, hence the place gets full points on the service front.

A good place to hang out with your friends or family, head to for a proper meal, or just to try their desserts(which I'm going to do super soon!). Do what you may, but don't head out of Pout without trying their Cheesy Nachos and Red Thai Curry! And of course, their drinks as well! If you're in the mood for exploring some more(and to witness some kickass presentation), then go ahead and try their Non Veg Mezze Platter as well(for the seekh, chicken tikka, cheese sambousek, cacik and pita bread). Go when you're not on a budget :)

Address: 6, N-Block Market, Greater Kailash Part 1

Timings: 12:30PM to 12:00AM

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