18 May 2014

Breakfirst at Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj

A place that is no alien to us now, Monkey Bar came out with a Breakfast Menu about 2 months ago. Only on the weekends and operational only after 12PM, this breakfast comprises of a wide range of dishes. Dishes that you usually don't get all under one roof for breakfast in Delhi, Monkey Bar absolutely nailed it with the menu and the choice of dishes!


Very bright, very vibrant, so lovely - Monkey Bar mornings! Bright and sunny or rainy and gloomy, the place does full justice when it comes to the ambience in which you're sitting and enjoying your first meal of the day.

Been for their breakfast on various occasions now, so this one will be a long review to read.

Their Earl Grey Tea is lovely. But coming straight out of a sealed packet, no special marks to MoBar for the taste. The cutlery used for this though, was really appealing!

The Cereal Sundae - Yummy yummy cereal, absolutely crisp, so fresh, with chunks of those lovely cranberries! Topped with lemon yoghurt, did not give the yoghurt a try as I can't stand anything to do with curd. The cereal otherwise, was lovely. Not at all heavy and very tasty!

Eggs Benedict - 'Velvety' was the first thing that came to my mind when I broke into that beautiful egg and tasted it. The ham with it was superb as well, but the bread - not so much. Very chewy and not at all soft, the dish on a whole didn't appeal, even through the 'eggs' part was beautifully done!

Their Breakfirst Burger - nothing gets better than this! An open burger with a patty that is juicy as hell, the crisp bacon, the onions and the cheese work beautifully well with it! Mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce also, but that fried egg was like a cherry on the top! A full 5/5 this burger gets!

The Pizza Omelette came with a filling of sausages, chopped tomatoes and chopped onions. Accompanied with toast, baked beans and cubes of butter, the omelette wasn't anything special, and neither could I taste the 'pizza' part in it. It was just a normal fluffy omelette that lacked salt for me.

Misal Pav, a classic dish from Mumbai, order this if you want to try something tangy and different. Came with a buttered pav, the Misal consisted of too many crunchy and spicy things, giving your breakfast that extra tinge!

Their Egg in a Blanket was 'ande ka parantha'. Ordered this with Mutton Kheema, the perfect delicious accompaniment for the parantha that was unbelievably soft and beautifully stuffed with egg! Again, a perfect 5/5!

For drinks we tried their Orange Juice, Jade Mojito(cocktails for breakfast :D) and a Brownie Cookie Shake. The Orange Juice was fresh and yummy, no surprises here.

The Brownie Shake was a real disappointment! So watery, so sweet and not at all appealing! Couldn't even finish half of it! 

The Jade Mojito was lovely! So refreshing and so yummy with that Green Apple and rum!

Garden of Five Senses is a platter that consists of Veg Croquettes, Mushroom Rolls, Hash Browns, Feta Stuffed Tomatoes, Toast, Butter, Tomato Chutney and Baked Beans. The Veg Croquettes were nice but a little low on flavour, but because it was cheese, I could polish off the entire thing. But that's only because of the cheese, the filling wasn't appealing at all. The Mushrooms were outstanding! Baked Beans and toast were nice too, but the Hash Brown! One look at the Hash Browns Monkey Bar served me, and I could've stopped having Hash Browns for life! Oily as hell, I could only taste the oil in my first bite. That was it, no second bite then. Very disappointing.

For desserts we've tried their Cinnamon and Toffee Pull Apart Buns, Red Velvet Waffle with Cream Cheese and Praline, and The Ultimate Waffle with Caramelized Banans, Nutella and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Their Pull Apart Buns are sinful to the core! Doing complete justice to the name, you can taste all components that the name mentions - Cinnamon AND Toffee! So so soft, this one is addictive as hell!

The Red Velvet Waffles were really dry. Couldn't taste the Red Velvet in it. Avoidable, I'd say.

The Ultimate Waffle wasn't great too, but because it consisted of nutella you could say it was nice. The waffles aren't as sinful and delightful as you'd want them to be; they're just too dry.

The pricing won't burn a hole in your pocket, the service is extremely prompt and the ambience is superb! So head to Monkey Bar for their breakfast menu and don't leave without having the Egg in a Blanket, Breakfirst Burger and Toffee Pull Apart Buns!

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