12 June 2014

Disgusting experience at Kylin Premier, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

My friends ditched me at the last minute and I was forced to have a meal alone for the first time in my life. Thought of going to Kylin for their Dimsum Brunch then, and making the most out of my 'me time'.

Entered the restaurant and told the lady that I needed a table for one. I was fully prepared for an astonished look coming from people after I said I JUST needed a table for one, so the lady asking me again if what she heard was right, didn't come as a surprise to me. 

The restaurant was full and there were only tables that could accommodate 4-6 people that were empty. I obviously did not expect them to give me that, so I told them I would wait for a table to get free. Some waiter by then asked me to sit on teppanyaki counter as a table for one would be difficult to make available immediately. I told him I didn't want to sit there, but that I wanted a 'table' to enjoy my meal. They asked me to wait then, and told me that a certain table was getting through with their dessert within 5 mins, and I could have their table then. I was okay with waiting. 

Then comes the manager. The manager asks me - table for 2, ma'am? I said no, table for 1. He smirked (like dining alone was shameful or just something that he found too funny) and said - you can take a seat on the teppanyaki counter then. I repeated to him - I want a 'table', I don't want to sit on the teppanyaki counter. He told me that the teppanyaki seating would be perfect for a person dining alone, and I repeated yet again - I am ONLY going to sit on a table. I don't mind waiting, but I would like a table alone and nothing else. 

They quickly arranged for a table for me then (immediately, that is) and I told the waiter that I would go for the Dimsum Brunch. I was really looking forward to having the Dimsum brunch at Kylin and I'd left my place today only with the intention of coming here and nowhere else. The waiter told me that the Dimsums would be served on the table and the salads and soup were on the buffet table. I headed to the buffet table with my DSLR camera and as soon as I was going to click a picture, the manager came to me and told me that the restaurant did not permit professional cameras. I told him I was no professional either, and even though it's a DSLR(it's nowhere close to a 'professional' camera, just 'looks' like one), it just clicks high resolution pictures and does nothing more. He said he agreed with me but that it was the restaurant policy. I could click pictures with my camera phone but not with my DSLR. I again told him that my only purpose of using this was to click high resolution pictures and nothing else. The manager then asked me about where I intended to use these. I told him that these pictures were for my blog, a personal blog, and not for commercial purposes. I told him that I wouldn't use it if he didn't want me to, and that it was no big deal for me. But the manager insisted he just wished to know more about this - the purpose of clicking pictures. He asked for my business card then, and told me that if I provided him with that, I could go ahead and click pictures. I told him that I had a business card of the company I work with, which is in no way related to me clicking pictures and writing reviews, so the business card would be of no use to him. He said alright, and then went ahead to tell me that the buffet counter has been laid here since 12pm, and that the food didn't look as fresh now. His words - Pictures come out fine when they're clicked immediately after the food is prepared and immediately after it is laid, but not now, after so much of time had passed (it was 2 20). He told me he was sending fresh Dimsums to my table (Dimsums are prepared fresh for the Dimsum brunch and are served on the table) and that I could click pictures of those, but not of the salad counter or the soup. 

By this time I had TOTALLY lost my cool. They first found me dining alone too ridiculously funny, found this an issue for giving me a proper table as well, then didn't want me to click pictures with a DSLR camera but were okay with a smartphone, and finally preferred me clicking pictures of the food they said was fresh. 

People reading a review should obviously see what is laid on the table AT the time the meal was consumed, AT 2 20, and not what was there at 12! Or in what condition or degree of freshness the food was when it was initially laid. You cannot ask the customer to not click something because YOU think it won't look good on your restaurant. The customer is paying for the food and he has every right to click what he's eating and paying for! And it shouldn't be so much of a problem for you to provide some one with a table for 1! A single person dining out is still damn well paying you! He isn't paying any lesser than what you would charge per head had 15 people been taking this Dimsum brunch. 

The scene has still not ended here. After he told me I could click my Dimsums and not the salad, I very politely told him - Thank you, I think I would move to a different restaurant then. The most amazing reply I got from this restaurant thereafter - "ok ma'am, thank you." Not a word after that, not a slightest bit of an effort to retain your customer and not let him leave. In fact, they were glad I was leaving! I haven't ever seen a more ridiculous customer service at any restaurant that I've been to! Horrendous, totally putting off, and disinterest at its peak! Totally under-trained, discourteous and awful staff I've ever come across! 

I'm sure the restaurant had no clue about how pissed I was, simply because I didn't create any scene there, I just chose to leave very quietly, without saying anything to any of the staff members. Even a little bit of common sense would have told them I wasn't happy with the way they handled a client, and that is exactly why a client was marching out of their restaurant without having food and after having a conversation with the manager. But like I said, I don't think they realised that, because they made no effort to stop me. 

A very disappointing experience, especially because in the beginning of the conversation itself I told the manager that I won't click pictures if it was too much of an issue for them. He should have just said yes, please, and I would have understood. If it's their policy then there are no 2 ways about it, I simply won't click any pictures! 

You don't have to get into a pathetically long and useless conversation if you wish to abide by your restaurant policies. Just let the customer know of it and if he still doesn't agree, you let him go to hell. But in a case where the customer IS understanding, you don't have to unnecessarily get into a a discussion!

The smirking in the beginning and not stopping the client when he's leaving your restaurant - 2 so totally ridiculous things! I don't think I'm ever going to Kylin after this experience! I am apalled at how easily they let me leave with only an "ok ma'am, thank you". That manager should be sacked right away!

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  1. I'm surprised with the fact that according to the management.... food which is not fit for camera or pictures it fit enough for human consumption. More so.... smartphones are available with 20MP resolution capabilities. Wake up Kylin Premier.

    1. It's really astonishing to see a place like Kylin have staff with such an outlook towards customers.

    2. Kylin - A big thumps down !! Sahiba - you shud have wacked that manager right there for letting you go empty stomach !! As it is rightly said "Naam Bade aur darshan khote". Even a road side dhaba waala is courteous enough in feeding his customers roti and daal!!