6 June 2014

State Bhavan: Andhra Bhavan(Andhra Pradesh), Ashoka Road, ConnaughtPlace

Andhra Bhavan is what a foodie's paradise is. No, not the foodie that has his restraints and doesn't like food full of calories and oil, but a foodie that enjoys his food in the true sense of it. Enjoys the taste and eats only for that but nothing else!

Situated inside the Andhra Pradesh Bhavan, this place is the official canteen of the state house in Delhi. A huge hall filled with very normal, no-fuss kind tables and chairs. Wooden and metallic furniture, wooden tables, a high ceiling, fans hanging down of that ceiling, the place is really really humble without any attention being paid to the decor or ambience. The food is the star here and nothing else!

The staff is like robots - they will swiftly walk past you with hundreds of things in their hand but thei flair, oh the flair! The flair with which they place dishes on your tables and drop not one drop of the dish on your table is really commendable! They're quick, they're on their toes, and they're not bothered by anything else in the world!

The place does a thali for both lunch and dinner, all 7 days of the week. This thali, that's their trademark and signature, has unlimited portions of poori, rice, sambhar, rasam, 4 vegetables, and a sweet(that's not unlimited, along with papad and curd). It's food that's not for the stomach but for the soul! Such delicious delicious dishes that thali has! Priced at Rs.110, you can't get a better deal than this!

Other than the thali, the place does the most gorgeous Chicken Biryani in the world! Available only on Sundays and priced at Rs.150, this biryani mostly gets over by 1 30-1 45. If the weather is good and people flock here in huge numbers, then it might even get over by 1 15. People specially come to Andhra Bhavan on Sundays to relish this superb biryani! If you have guests coming over for an afternoon meal on Sundays, you can even get this biryani packed and enjoy it at home. Served with a Mirch ka Salan and Raita, each component tastes simply brilliant!

Now coming to their most flavourful and full of spices dishes - Chicken Fry and Mutton Fry. It's quite frankly your choice when it comes to picking between chicken and mutton, because the gravy/masala is the same in both. I personally prefer Mutton, hence, always go with that. Such flavour, such deliciousness, it's almost impossible to find something as divine and as yummy in Delhi!

Each table has pickle, gunpowder, salt and ghee for adding to the food as per each person's taste.

Andhra Bhavan also has a breakfast menu which consists of Dosa, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, etc. But I have never visited this place for their breakfast, hence, can't comment on that.

Right outside the canteen is a small ice-cream and milkshake stall that sells matka kulfi and some smacking flavoured milk! They have the usual Choco Bar and Mango Duet type ice-creams too but I've only tried the kulfi and pista flavoured milk. Try this for the experience, only because you've come all the way to Andhra Bhavan so why not try the sweets available outside as well?

One hell of a place Andhra Bhavan is, go here when you're on a low budget or when you want to experience authenticity at its best, but don't come here if you're one of those people who doesn't like to wait. Expect to stand here in a huge queue for at least 20-25 minutes if you visit around 1 30-2, and then be rushed inside for the best meal ever!

Address: 1, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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