8 June 2014

Midnight Delivery: Crave Busters, New Delhi

Midnight deliveries have really taken Delhi by the storm! And amidst all this madness where there's a new midnight delivery mushrooming every other month, we see a breath of fresh air in Cravebusters.

I've ordered from Cravebusters at least 10-15 times now to have safely said that this is by far the best midnight delivery place I've come across! The food is at par with any other restaurant that is operational only till 12-1, and that is exactly what makes them a delivery one notch higher than the rest.

Their delivery time has always varied from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes, and we're totally okay with that as long as this has been communicated to us over the phone before we place our order(which is done each time we have ordered from here). Be it 10PM or be it 3AM, their food quality is exactly the same - excellent!

Coming to things I've tried from their menu. Their menu is huge! With Indian, Italian, Continental and a wide range of desserts as well, you'll be really impressed with their menu and will definitely be spoilt for choice.

I've had their Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni at least 8 out of those 10 times I've ordered from here, and they're absolutely smacking! 

When in the mood for some starters, their Chicken Tikka is delicious as hell! Soft, succulent and full of flavour; just like you get it at a Mughlai restaurant. The Kadhai Chicken is another dish that I've ordered from here twice or thrice, and just like the other Indian stuff, this one too is really really nice! The breads - Butter Naan, Pudina Parantha, etc - really nice and very soft.

Their Indian section has been explored by us the most, but recently I got the chance to try their burgers as well. Country Fried Chicken Burger and Bacon Cheese Burger. Expected the burgers to be an average affaire, but I'm not kidding when I say they were spectacular! The bun was really really really soft, the sauces inside the burger were delicious, and the patties were juicy and perfectly cooked. You can really not ask for more from a midnight delivery that's whipping up food equivalent to that of a restaurant! The burgers came with a small packet of Plain Lays and with a dip on the side.

I always order for a mixed sauce pasta from here, never the red or white sauce one. The pasta isn't as authentic, but is an Indian version of the dish, but that in no way means that it isn't delicious. Exactly the reason why I have ordered it multiple times. The pasta is saucy and not dry(thank god!), the chicken pieces in it aren't meagre, and the taste is just superb! I repeat - it might not be authentic but it sure as hell is really nice!

Now coming to their desserts. Their Chocolate Hazelnut Pie is a stunner! The chocolate pie and the chocolate inside that - simply sinful!

The Cheesecake - as close as you can get to a delicious cheesecake in the middle of the night!

Banana Cream Pie - least favourite of their desserts, but still nice if they don't have anything else available in desserts and you're craving for something sweet. The cream in this pie isn't pathetically sweet, which is a really good thing, and the flavour comes out of the bananas in this one.

Their packing is commendable. Sealed boxes of gravy items and pastas, really really cute packing for cheesecake, and the burgers and rotis come properly packed in a good quality butter paper and foil, respectively. The order comes along with disposable forks and spoons, and lots of tissues as well. You won't have to go hunt for these things in the middle of the night -  they give it all with the order.

I don't think they have gone wrong with our orders even a single time. Always fresh, delicious, without any issue with the packaging, finding alien items in the food, stale dishes - nothing of that sort ever. The delivery has never been crazily delayed, it's always as per the time they quote over the phone.

For me, Crave Busters is the best place to order food from in the middle of the night!

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