24 June 2014

Restaurant Review : Monkey Bar's Mocktober Fest!

Monkey Bar has come up with yet another amazing concept - the Mocktober Fest! Their version of the beer fest, the inspiration of which has been taken from the Oktoberfest, is on from the 18th of June till the 17th of July, every week from Sunday to Thursday.

The Mocktober Fest has an exclusive food and drinks menu that boasts of everything revolving around different kinds of beers. Ale, Lager, Stout - you name it, they have it. With a huge variety of beers to choose from, somewhere around 25-30, the place also has 5 kickass beer cocktails to suit different kinds of palettes. 

Starting off with these, the first cocktail that I tried was Angel's Share. Watermelon, Tobasco, Vodka and Beer. This drink came in a beer mug with a shot glass inside it. The beer mug contained beer and tobasco. Inside this glass, floating amidst all the delicious beer, was a shot glass that contained vodka mixed with watermelon. The shot glass had one straw inside it and the beer glass had another. Both the straws had to be used together to get the real taste of the drink. An extremely appealing drink that was perfectly balanced between beer and watermelon.

The Orange-Ade was a rather sweet drink for those who want something refreshing when it comes to beer cocktails. The beer was still the star here, and wasn't dominated by the orange flavour.

Mary Beer was Bloody Mary in a beer version. It was exactly how a Bloody Mary, except that this drink contained beer. Bloody Mary was never my cup of tea so I don't have much to say for this drink.

Toddy Beer was a beer with spice infused brandy, just as the menu says it. Bitter, so perfectly infused with spice, and the beer was again the star here. This one's for people who like their beer bitter.

Mojo Mojito was my most favourite out of the lot! Apple Mojito and Beer, what else do you need to make your day pleasant? Very very refreshing, not supremely sweet, with just the right amount of green apple. A star this cocktail was!

Tried a few beers from the menu too. The Fruli was a strawberry flavoured fruit beer that will be absolutely adored by girls who like sweet drinks and stay away from beer because it's bitter and strong. This one's just for them! Magners(Irish Cider) was another beer that wasn't too bitter and was one of my favourite picks. But priced at 500, this sure was a little steep.

Their food menu consisted of quite a large spread and everything very different from one another. Sandwiches, prawns, chicken, fish - the menu covered it all! Not just that, they even gave a special section to the beer-infused desserts.

Beer Battered Onion Rings and Calamari Jones - 2 deep-fried starters to order with your beer, something you just nibble on. The Onion Rings were nice and crisp, the calamari - gorgeous! Beautiful golden crispy exterior and delicious calamari inside. The Lime Aioli served with this was super!

Coconut Jumbo Prawns were just plain prawns with no salt at all. Not worth the money you spend on it, the only saving grace was the chilli mayo. The prawns were beautifully cooked but the dish had no taste. It was just fried stuff.

Their Cajun Chicken Taco Pizza and Drunken Toasty were my 2 favourite dishes. The Cajun Chicken Taco Pizza somewhat reselmbled the Spiked Nachos that Monkey Bar serves in the normal menu, but nonetheless, it was too delicious! 

The Chilly Cheese Toast came with some lip-smacking potato chips on the side. Not the normal nice lip-smacking but the really really awesome ones! The sandwiches were very soft, with a generous filling inside that was filling meant for the heart and soul! Amazing stuff! 

Hum Aapke Hain Risotto and Finding Nemo was what we tried next. The Risotto consisted of walnuts and was nice and creamy, but nothing extraordinary. 

Finding Nemo was fried fish that came with potato wedges. The fish(bhetki) was nicely prepared, very soft and juicy. Serves as a good appetizer if you want something filling to go with your beer.

St. Patrick's Spaghetti was one hell of a delicious dish! Beef stew, veggies, spaghetti, and all this cooked with stout. Very very flavourful, the dish was a beauty! I can head to Monkey Bar JUST for this dish during their Mocktober Fest! Simply adored it!

The desserts did an absolutely fantastic job! The Chocolate and Stout Pudding was nothing but sheer awesomeness. Order a portion of this with your friends after a couple of beers and go home a happy guy with mouthfuls of that delicious chocolate!

Spiced Honey and Ale Cake - the dessert for people who don't like chocolate, and who like their desserts with a twist, or for those who like dry cakes without any creamy nonsense. Monkey Bar does an excellent job when it comes to making their desserts just right, with not a per cent of sugar above what it should be. 

The Mocktober Fest is an excellent concept that Monkey Bar has come up with! The beers are the stand-outs here, but the beer cocktails a sure shot winner. The food menu, as kickass as the concept. Some really great dishes that taste just outstanding, and even better when coupled with the beers. A special menu to the presentation and the prices. For the buck that you're spending here, Monkey Bar gives you superb value for it! Going to be a regular at this fest and make the most of it while I can!

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