10 July 2014

Restaurant Review : Olive Kitchen and Bar's Summer Menu

A summer menu is simply something that you feel like having in summers - something that's fresh and refreshing on both your palate and your stomach. Olive's summer menu was just that - not at all overpowering in terms of the flavours and spices, not something that you would feel like giving up on after a few bites.

The decor - very soothing, very serene. Done in hues of white and cream, the furniture and the lighting of this place is done in very subtle shades. Comfortable furniture with a rugged look on the white walls, lighting not too dim and not too bright - it's a perfect balance of the cosy and classy elements here.

The Amuse Bouche was simply superb! Goat cheese with sun-dried tomatoes topped on pumpkin crackers, this came along with some Pea Shoot. What gorgeous little things those pumpkin crackers were! The presentation is what really stole my heart here!

We started off with the Goat's cheese mousse with salt baked beetroot. The goat's cheese mousse was the star of the dish! So velvety, so smooth, so delicious. Worked perfectly with the rocket leaves and walnuts. The orange purée in this - absolutely gorgeous! We started off our meal on a very good note.

Chicken and mushroom consommé - I was not too keen on trying the soup as I'm so not a soup person. It's like a waste of appetite for me. Soup has always been a choice when on a diet, but a strict no-no otherwise. Ordered it for my sister and had a spoonful of it, and my my, what brilliance! No exaggeration here, no going overboard with the views, the soup was a burst of flavours in each spoonful! The tortellini - the cherry on the top. So so so refined, so delicious!

Braised Belgium Pork Belly - Was it crazy or was it crazy! A spectacular pork belly with perfectly crusted bread, the mustard glaze apple was a perfect balance here. I really couldn't stop raving about the pork belly!

Pan seared salmon with seafood bouillabaisse and saffron potatoes - The seafood bouillabaisse was very subtle in its flavours as the salmon was to be the star of the dish. A nice humble dish in totality.

While we were at it, we ordered for the Olive signature bread basket. Freshly baked bread with a sizzling tomato paste to go with it. I can never get enough of this bread basket! My most favourite one in Delhi!

The Corn fed chicken breast was a superb chicken dish! Not so much a fan of its presentation, the chicken more than just made up for it. The combination of hazelnut jus with chicken breast - sheer brilliance! Though the dish revolved around chicken, the potatoes were equally delicious as the chicken for me, if not more. Very well cooked, damn tasty!

Now come 2 of my most favourite dishes from the summer menu - Zucchini wrapped steamed reef cod and Baked gnocchi. The first dish consisted of a delicious helping of reef cod rolled beautifully rolled in a smooth layer of zucchini, and served with the most outstanding potato spaghetti ever! Topped with crispy leek and served with prawn mousse, so many components working so well in a dish was nothing new for Olive, but what truly stood out for me here was the potato spaghetti. Excellent job!

The Baked gnocchi was nothing short of deliciousness. It was so so so good that I could have an entire meal of just that! Perfectly cooked with chunks of broccoli well mixed with the bake that consisted of salsa pomodoro, the garlic in the dish was like magic! My favourite dish from the summer menu, hands down! It was food for the soul!

We were served a Palate Cleanser before our mains that was made in-house - the Limoncello Sorbet.

Moving on the desserts, we tried the Mille Feuille of mango. This particular dessert had so much happening in it! - Mango ice cream, mango sorbet, puff pastry, mascarpone mousse, fresh mango and so much more! It was perfection in each bite. Not too sweet, with each component done so well!

The next dessert that we tried was an absolute opposite of the previous one. It was sheer chocolate decadence! Pavé of chocolate ganache, the most mesmerizing end to such a spectacular meal! Dark chocolate that is easily one of the best I've ever tasted! Dark chocolate pavé, chocolate soil, chocolate glass, chocolate ganache, popcorn, and orange sorbet to give a tinge to our palate. This dessert, just like the mille feuille, wasn't overly sweet, and tasted something that cannot be described in words. I can go back to Olive only for these 2 desserts while the summer menu is on!

We also had a couple of martinis to go with our food, martinis being their speciality. The Green Apple Martini and the Watermelon Martini were my favourites. So refreshing, so yummy! The Mojito was also a delicious drink that they did quite a nice job at.

Chef Sujan deserves all the accolades possible for this menu. It was a meal that was lavish and delicious in every sense of these words! Truly a meal that will stay with me as one of the best meals of my life! The presentation, the infusion of different flavours in dishes, the service - everything was simply spot-on!

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