25 July 2014

Sunday Brunch Preview: Chez Nini, Meher Chand Market (CLOSED)

Chez Nini organised a beautiful brunch for a few food writers and bloggers at 'Upstairs at Chez Nini' and created an almost magical set up for us. Seating on the floor, the entire place embellished with jasmine flowers, sketches on the wall, an astoundingly set up table with flowers, mats, decorative napkins, name tags for each guest on his designated table, and a beautifully lit room. The decor was really nice and not at all over the top.

This was a preview of their recently launched Sunday Brunch, something that is miles away from the usual buffet system and 'quantity over quality' concept. Everything in their Sunday Brunch is made on order and brought to you on your table, nothing is laid on large buffet tables and replenished each time a batch gets consumed.

We started off with ordering a cocktail and munching on the fresh bakes kept in baskets on the table. These bakery products had some delicious homemade marmalades and jams, with whipped butter, to go with; absolutely lip-smacking stuff, no exaggerations at all! The chocolate croissants and plain muffins were my favourites!

The Watermelon Martini was a sure shot winner for me. Strong and delicious, just the way it should be! Sipped on this while the guests mingled and chatted with each other. Chef Nira was very interactive and made sure that her guests felt completely at ease. :)

We started off with the salads - Crunchy Red Cabbage Salad and Breakfast Egg Salad. Nice, fresh, yummy ingredients, the quality is what is the key with salads and Chez Nini did a very good job at it. The Crunchy Red Cabbage was surprisingly nice for me. wasn't expecting myself to like something like this, but the citrus flavour from the orange and the combination of feta cheese with red cabbage was just spot-on!

The Breakfast Egg Salad was a winner for me, majorly because of the yummy yoghurt dressing that they used. Light and crunchy, both the salads were.

Asparagus Wrapped In Bacon With Puffed Potatoes - The bacon was lovely, but the asparagus didn't work well with that for me. The puffed potatoes, supremely delicious!

Onion Pissaladiere is a dish that originated in France and is a kind of pizza with the base thicker than that of a normal base. It's essentially puff pastry in the base. The pissaladiere had a topping of caramelized onions and those onions were simply marvelous! Sweet and tangy at the same time, because of the sauce on the base, this pissaladiere was really nice!

Sweet Potato French Toast - This was made using an eggy bread, as told to us by the chef, and oh my, this was the best French Toast I've ever had! Really really really soft, a complete melt-in-the-mouth, and deliciously enveloped in egg! An insane dish for me!

Eggs Benedict - There can be no description for a classic. If I said the French Toast was spectacular, the Eggs Benedict were no less. Soft, velvety, so damn amazing! What joy! They even have a gluten free option available for Eggs benedict and Eggs Florentine.

Pancake Stack was 4 mini pancakes with chunky fruit syrup. The pancakes were nice but the chunky fruit syrup not as much. One of the low points of the brunch.

We then moved on to try the mains and the heavier components of the brunch. The Pulled Lamb Sandwich was really really nice! Very soft and very flavourful filling, with bread that was crispy on the outside and amazingly soft on the inside. The mini Fish Burgers were no less. Away from the usual chicken, tenderloin, etc., Chez Nini brings to you astounding fish burgers! They even had a veg variant of the same made up of a beetroot and veggies mash. Didn't try those but heard rave reviews from people.

These burgers came with french fries, onion rings and okra fries(yes, you read it right). The okra fries were surprisingly nice! Balancing the health factor too, I'd like to believe. :P The onion rings and fries - nice and crisp.

In between all these dishes I sipped on my Mimosa and Lychee Martini. Very very well made, the Mimosa really took the cake away! Superbly done! Also tried a nice mango based mocktail the bartender prepared with mint leaves on request.

For desserts we tried Caramel Popcorn and Berry Sundae. Berry flavoured ice cream with crunchy caramelised popcorns lathered with some divine chocolate chocolate, this dessert was simply heavenly! Very generous quantity.

Also tried the Kiwi and Mango Tarts. These 2 tarts can JUST NOT BE MISSED! They were inexplicably delicious! Fresh fruit on the top, some grogeous cream below that, and a superb tart to hold this. It was simply wow! And more than anything else, they looked extremely appealing!

The Blue Tokai Coffee Crème Brulée - not my cup of tea. Cooked really really well, but very bitter for my liking.

My overall experience of the brunch was amazing! The service was crisp, the food was of top notch quality, they simply excelled at the execution, and some of the items on their brunch can really surprise you! It's not like the usual brunches you opt for, like I said before. It's more convenient with better food, much classier, and very affordable for the spread on offer. With tea, coffee, smoothies, shakes, mocktails, appetizers, salads, mains, soups, desserts and so much more, and with all of this being better than what you sample at most brunch places, it's a real steal!

A must try Sunday Brunch for all!

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