1 September 2014

Comfort Chinese and Thai Food at Speedy Chow, Multiple Outlets, New Delhi

Have been to Speedy Chow too many times now, and unlike the rest, I dine in here more often than I order in. A chain that focuses on delivering good sumptuous Chinese and Thai food to people's places, Speedy Chow now has 4 outlets in Delhi. The only ones that I frequent are the DLF Phase 4 and Kailash Colony ones.

Very quirky interiors, furniture not too comfortable - only for the purpose of quickly finishing your food and leaving, or in most cases, waiting for your food to get packed, their outlets are small because a major chunk of their order only comes in through home deliveries.

Their Chilli Chicken and Chilly Paneer are really delicious. The basic Chinese fare that you cannot get disappointed with, this is exactly that.

A new salad that they've introduced is the Thai Chicken Salad. Oh my, what a delicious salad this is! Full of Thai flavours, a little sweet a little tangy, juicy chunks of chicken, and all this mixed with fine shreds of vegetables. The salad is not at all dry - just lip-smacking!

This, along with their Raw Papaya Salad, that needs no introduction or description, is just delicious!

Their momos are their signature food items. The Tibetan Style Chicken and Basil Chicken are the ones that I've tried, and they're both really really nice. The Tibetan Style ones are juicier and tastier, consists of more flavour, but the Basil Chicken ones are good too. They're just a little subtle on their flavour. What deserves a special mention is the momos' dip. Not at all extra spicy like you find at the roadside vendors, but just spot-on!

Their Crispy Fried Chicken is another nice dish. Available in half and full, their quantities are amazing as per the prices. Just as the name suggests, this chicken is fried, and it's crisp. Not bland, not soggy, just very nice when dipped with the accompanying sweet dip. 

Chicken Wings - nice, but not that great. Found them too sweet for my liking even though I understand that they were in the Honey Chilli Sauce flavour. They were still a tad bit sweeter than I'd like.

Speedy Chow has some great Mr Chow's Bowls, that is the 'Meals-in-a-Bowl' they've introduced recently. Tried their Khow Suey from this section and ordered a half portion wit shrimps. The quantity was wow, the presentation and the sprinkling of all ingredients on top of the Khow Suey - very impressive! The Khow Suey itself wasn't very consistent in its gravy; it was more on the thinner side, but the taste of the dish was nice. A little more sour than usual, but for Rs.200+tax, this was a really good deal! Sumptuous meal in a bowl!

From their Main Course section you have the option of combining any gravy with any staple from the options they provide. Opted for a Red Thai Curry with Chicken and some Sticky Rice to go with it. The Thai Curry was too too delicious! Many places have watery thai curries and can hardly get the consistency right, let alone the other ingredients and flavours. But the Thai Curry here did not disappoint at all. It was super! The only drawback was the lack of veggies, which is okay because the taste made up for all of this.

For drinks, I've always only tried their Lemon Iced Tea. Very refreshing, not at all overly sweet, it's the perfect drink to go with your food here. Tried their Peach and Apricot Iced Tea and Strawberry Iced Tea too then, along with the Speedy Lemonade. The Strawberry Iced was too sweet after a few sips, but was great initially. The Peach and Apricot Iced Tea is a star here! So fresh, so stunning in its flavour!

The Speedy Lemonade was too sweet when it came. Got it changed but it was too lemony then. Really bad! Steer clear of this one.

No meal at Speedy Chow is complete without their Caramel Cake Slice. It's nothing short of heaven on a plate! Since the day I first visited Speedy Chow, I've been coming back here on several occasions just to get their Caramel Cake Slice packed. It is extremely soft, with just the right amount of sweetness, along with that beautiful thick caramel sauce on the side. The cake is warm, the cake is a delight!

When in a hurry and in doubt about where to dine in at, opt for Speedy Chow. When craving delicious hygienic food that's easy on the pocket too, opt for Speedy Chow home delivery. It's a very fine concept that is being loved by people now!

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