26 August 2014

Indian Food at Mint Leaf, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Situated in the Centre Point Mall/Market towards the backside of the place (not on the Pizza Hut side), I feel Mint Leaf thrives more on its delivery orders than it does on the dine-in. This is mostly due to the close proximity of the restaurant to the Sushant Lok colony and other offices around. The place still does receive clientele at the restaurant, but mostly only during dinner hours or weekends.

Comfortable chairs, nice wooden tables, the lighting done in yellow, and a decent decor on the whole.

In their starters I've just tried the Chicken Tikka and Chicken Seekh Kebab, but I've heard that their Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka is great as well. The Chicken Tikka is really juice, very well-marinated, full of flavour, so succulent, and is an absolute delight to eat! The Seekh Kebab isn't as great when compared to the Chicken Tikka, but is really nice when not compared. very soft, not at all spicy, and just nice.

Their Dal Makhni is a star! It's one of the BEST Dal Makhni I've had till date! Perfect consistency, not at all extra creamy, not too sour, just perfect! Delicious delicious! Order a bowl of Dal Makhni and savour it with some kulchas/naans if you're not too hungry to order anything else, and that's all, your meal is divine!

Their Butter Chicken isn't as spectacular as the Dal Makhni. A little too sour, the gravy isn't the fine gravy that you find otherwise, and is not even in consistency. Because of the tomatoes not being grinded properly, and too many tomatoes, the Butter Chicken lost it's superb charm. But it still is a decent dish to order. The pieces of chicken in it were really soft and nice.

Butter Naan, Stuffed Aloo Paneer Kulcha, Pudina Parantha - everything is simply spot-on. Realy soft and crispy breads to go with your food, decently-filled kulchas, and generously lathed with butter.

Papad, onions, chutney - there was nothing lacking here as well. Super accompaniments to go with your food!

The place is subtle when it comes to the ambience and presentation. It's a no-nonsense place that only focuses on their food, but with a decent and hygienic place. Glad to see that the hygiene factors weren't compromised at the restaurant.

The prices are not too high, the service is quick, the servers are sweet, can even give recommendations to you if you like.

Order in or visit this place for some delicious, no-nonsense Indian food. It won't disappoint you at all!

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