8 September 2014

Depot 29, Safdarjung Enclave - Tacos, Quesadillas, Waffles and more!

Depot 29 was on my wish list since a really long time. Didn’t hear as much about this place as I did for the other eateries in Delhi, but whatever I did hear, was enough to take me to this restaurant at the very first opportunity I got. A venture by Ritu Dalmia and Vikas Narula, this one had all odds in favour of it.

Called up Depot 29 at 12 noon on a Saturday to reserve a table for the same night. The person on the phone told me the place was packed, but he would still try to get me a table and would have someone call me back in half an hour. Within 20-25 minutes I got a call back, and the lady on the phone confirmed my reservation.

Located in the Safdarjung market, Depot 29 is right behind where It’s Greek To Me was. The restaurant is situated on the second floor and has an outdoor as well as an indoor seating. Done up in hues of brown, the flooring, furniture, everything is wooden. Dimly lit with a bulb hanging on each table, the first floor has an open bar and a few tables, and the floor above, a combination of outdoor and indoor area.

You’ll see people sitting at the bar, sitting on tables, wandering around with the drinks in their hands, going to the floor upstairs for a smoke outside. The core of all this - the place has a very relaxed feel to it. It is a fine dine cum casual dining experience that is a really good addition to the Delhi food scene.

Sat down to place our order and we were served with some complimentary lavas and salsa. Nice beginning to a meal. The lavas was super crisp and yummy!

Wanted to order something from the Guacamole Bar section but they were out of all kinds of guacamole so we didn’t get to order that.

Ordered a Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, Chipotle marinated chicken and cheese empanadas served with herb salsa, and a Grilled chicken, corn and cheese quesadilla.

The Caesar Salad was really flavorful with nice soft yummy chunks of grilled chicken, crunchy croutons, and fresh romaine lettuce, with all of this lathered in the super caesar dressing. The parmesan cheese was the perfect cherry on the top here.

Chipotle marinated chicken and cheese empanadas were exactly how the name suggests they were - beautiful crispy golden brown fried empanadas stuffed with chicken and cheese. Didn’t like the herb salsa that came with it, but relished the empanadas with tomato salsa and sour cream. 

The Grilled chicken, corn and cheese quesadillas were simply gorgeous! Very soft, very yummy quesadillas stuffed with the most amazing chicken, and mixed with that beautiful cheese and corn. The stuffing was just spectacular, and the sour cream tasted absolutely divine with these quesadillas!

For mains, we ordered for a portion of the Pulled pork and refried beans Tacos, and on the server’s recommendation, a Classic Burger.

The Pulled Pork and Refried Beans Tacos cannot be described in words. Excellent food displaying deliciousness of the highest order! The tacos were stuffed with a super juicy stuffing of shreds of pork, something that comes from cooking pork for a really long duration so as to make the pork so soft that it falls apart beautifully, and all this without making the pork dry. This, at Depot 29, was the process done par excellence. The pork was really really soft, very juicy, amalgamated with a stunning barbecue sauce that gave the pork that extra tinge. We can also not undermine the value of the refried beans here. The sweetness of the pork was complemented amazingly by the salty flavor of the refried beans, making this dish as sizzling as it could get! The tacos were served with rice, that were as flavourful as the dish. The chefs did not compromise on this component of the dish, giving all attention to just the tacos. No, they didn't do that. :) An absolutely drool-worthy dish!

The Classic Burger consisted of a minced beef patty, gherkin, cheese, caramelized onions, and tomatoes(that I removed). The burger was nice, but not as superlative as the rest of the food. It was a notch lower than the other dishes, but nice nonetheless. Maybe I was too full to enjoy the burger. Nevertheless, the beef patty was very juicy, the bun super soft, and what can I say about the cheese! Served with some kickass fries, this burger can be a nice main course option if you’re not that stuffed with the rest of the food. The burger came with 3 kinds of accompaniment sauces - mustard, spicy chipotle and ketchup, and the miniature beakers in which these came were so damn cute! Nothing to say about the ketchup, but the mustard was stronger that what most places serve(a definite plus for me), and the spicy chipotle was really nice too. Not that spicy, but enough to add flavor to your each bite.

They have 3 kinds of buns for your burger - sesame, multigrain and plain. Each burger already has the best pairing bun with it, but you can get it changed if you wish to.

I’d heard a lot about their waffles but I was too confused about which ones to try. Asked the server for the best out of the 3, and he was kind enough to offer me 2 kind of waffles in 1! Banana and toffee, and Chocolate Gianduja with caramelized nuts was what we had then. The waffles looked so so appealing that I just couldn’t wait to dig in! Served with toffee sauce, Salted Caramel ice cream and Cookies n Cream ice cream, the portion had two waffles that were stuffed with bananas and two that had a filling of liquid chocolate. I can honestly not tell you which one was better, as they were both unique in their own sweet way. Chocolate is everybody’s favorite and a classic when it comes to waffle flavors, but the caramelized nuts that come with the chocolate waffles here were like magic in every bite! And the bananas and toffee waffles - a breathtaking combination! 

What do you feel when you have chocolate waffles with cookies n cream ice cream, and those caramelized nuts, all in one bite? You feel like you’re in heaven! And what do you feel when you have a mouthful of crispy yummy waffles with bananas stuffed in them, topped with a gorgeous toffee sauce and a small spoonful of salted caramel ice cream on top? You feel like you’re in a parallel heaven, one that’s right next to the heaven that has chocolate waffles. Any description, any praise won’t be able to do justice to these waffles. They were brilliant in every sense of the word! Nice crunchy, salty waffles with the sweet sauces/ice cream/caramlized nuts with chocolate - you don’t need anything else in life!

The food was power-packed with yumminess and delight! The service was very prompt. It did not take them more than a few minutes to bring each dish to the table. Superb quality of food, presentation that would make you go ‘WOW’ and flavors that will make you smile from ear to ear. The prices are steep, but the meal deserves every penny you pay! The portions aren’t overwhelming, but they’re decent. A lavish meal for 2 with soft drinks should cost you somewhere between 3500-4000. 

Address: B 6/2, Level 2 & 3, Commercial Complex, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

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