10 September 2014

Fusion Indian and Chinese at House of Singh and Ching, Jangpura Extension

An afternoon at the newly opened House of Singh and Ching located in the Eros Complex, Jangpura. The restaurant that opened in place of Chi, House of Singh and Ching has a menu that comprises of Indian and Chinese cuisines.

They have redone the place since the time of Chi but the structure and positioning of the bar and tables is still the same. A nice decor with use of lots of colors, the ambience suits a comfortable dining experience people will be looking forward to.

The menu is based on a fusion concept, with excerpts taken from the western dishes and infused those flavors in Indian and Chinese dishes.

Started the meal with Burrah Mutton and Prawn Angaare. Both these dishes were really good. Well cooked, full of flavors, nice marination, not at all bland, and the burrah even had that lovely charred flavor. The prawns were jumbo prawns, and not the shrimps that you find elsewhere at restaurants, so that was a good thing. 

Next in line was Stuffed Button Mushrooms and Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka. The Mushrooms had way too much salt in them, but would have been good otherwise. 

The Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka was a fusion dish that did not work. The coating of the paneer tikka was very sweet and hardly had any kaffir lime flavor for me. The paneer itself was very very hard. A disappointing dish that looked very unappealing.

Thai Herb Fish and Prawn with Coconut and Curry Leaf were the seafood options from ‘Ching’s menu’. The fish was to die for! Very soft, very delicious, not at all dry and bang on with flavours!

The Prawns, again, had too much salt. The texture of the prawns on the outside was very soggy and it just didn’t work.

Tandoori Bhuni Chaat, as a separate dish, and a vegetarian platter that consisted of Tandoori Bhuni Chaat, Kaffir Lime Paneer Tikka and Stuffed Tandoori Mushrooms was brought in for the vegetarians on the table. The chaat consisted of fresh fruits lathered in a spicy marination of Indian flavors, and given some time in the tandoor. This consisted of papaya, apple, pineapple and some other fruit as well. The only fruit that worked in this dish was pineapple, and the other fruits were just, in the most subtle way, plain bad.

From the vegetarian platter, the Stuffed Mushrooms were really really delicious! Stuffed with paneer, the mushrooms were very juicy.

Now coming to their dishes that really stole my heart - Chicken Malai Tandoori Momos and Butter Chicken Spring Rolls. The Tandoori Momos were wow! Maida on the momos but covered with a nice malai tikka marination and cooked in the tandoor - it was just wow! The Butter Chicken Spring Rolls were beautiful golden crisp on the outside and filled with fine chicken chunks mixed in butter chicken gravy on the inside. They were absolutely divine! This also came in a paneer version but that did not have enough gravy. No consistency between 2 dishes of the same kind - not something I would like.

For main course, I ordered for a Red Thai Curry with Chicken and a portion of Sticky Rice. What came to my table was steamed rice instead of sticky rice. Nevertheless, started with the main course. The Thai Curry was really nice! Not the best that I’ve had, but one of the better ones.

Their drinks were a normal affaire. The Cuban Mojito cocktail was really yummy, but you could hardly taste any alcohol in it. Very refreshing, but no taste of alcohol, sadly.

In their desserts I tried Chocolate Mahjong that was plain chocolate with very very tiny nuts, rolled and wrapped in a scroll. The chocolate was an okay end to your meal but not impressive.

There were some dishes that were excellent, some that were below average, but there was nothing falling in between these 2 extremes. The prices are okay, not too steep, not too affordable.

The only thing that disappointed me no end in this experience was the service. The kitchen, I guess, is still not equipped for handling so many orders at once. The dishes came out painfully slow! The servers were forgetting orders and had to be reminded time and again, a normal cocktail took 40 minutes to arrive to the table, and the entire experience got ruined just because of the service. Guess the place needs another couple of weeks before they can manage crowd efficiently. I, for certain, am not going there again before another 2-3 months pass. A normal lunch, with no fancy affaire, stretched to more than 3 hours!!

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