3 September 2014

Tandoori Momos at Hunger Strike, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi

My most favourite place in the Amar Colony colony, this gem of a joint is situated in the heart of the market, right next to Chowringhee Lane and Bang opposite Cafe Coffee Day. There's not much about the ambience per se - just a small counter outside the shop that takes care of the billing, and a small kitchen inside with various tandoors.

The most selling item here, and their USP, is their Tandoori Momos. I haven't ever had such gorgeous momos anywhere else! Beautiful, juicy, crispy, coated with the spicy marination and having that charred tandoori flavour, the momos are covered with butter and a delicious full-of-flavour creamy sauce that gives these momos the edge that they have. The chicken inside the momos is just spectacular! Not the usual roadside bad quality chicken which has more onions/random vegetables than the chicken content, but the actual nice yummy chicken that should be there. The momos are accompanied with 2 types of sauces - 1 is the patent red chilli sauce that comes with all the momos that you have possible had anywhere, and the other is the mint chutney that accompanies tandoori items usually. A third kind that they have is the garlic mayo which they only give if you ask for it. Nobody other than the regulars knows about this mayo, so they do miss out on something really really amazing! A;; these sauces are nothing short of brilliance, and no, I'm not exaggerating. :) They don't ignore their sauces because the momos are so nice, they give it equal importance. However, t
hey won't give you extra sauces with the momos, you will have to pay for that.

For every minute that this shop is functional, they get at least 2-3 orders for momos. And that is saying the very least for this place! People bombard the place starting 4-5PM, and there's no returning for the customers till the place doesn't shut. This is not the story of weekends, but the weekdays. Weekends are a different sight altogether.

Hunger Strike also has a wide array of tandoori veg and non veg items to choose from, but I've never tasted them. Their Shawarma counter right outside the shop is their second bestselling item. Delicious(again), full of flavour(again), and with a yummy filling of the chicken(again), the shawarmas are served with the same mayo sauce that they give with momos. Having these shawarmas by themselves are also a great option for those steering clear of the sauces.

People also flock this place for their Egg Rolls and Soya Chaap, and these 2 dishes are equally delightful.

Their chicken momos are for Rs.110 per plate, the veg ones for Rs.90 per plate, and the shawarmas for Rs.50 per plate. Excellent excellent value for money! One plate of momos is my dinner - they're that filling.

The place doesn't do home deliveries though their menu card states they do. They won't ever pick up the phone so don't even attempt calling.
Very very prompt service, absolutely kickass food, and a must-try for everybody who visits Lajpat Nagar/Amar Colony.

Address: Diagonally opposite Cafe Coffee Day, diagonally opposite Standard Namkeen, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar IV

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