29 September 2014

The Most Delicious Chinese/Asian Fare At Side Wok, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Side Wok is that one Chinese/Asian place that I simply adore! If I have to think of an all-time favorite Chinese place of mine, it undoubtedly has to be Side Wok. Won’t think twice before coming here, no matter what.

The Side Wok on Golf Course Road is the latest addition to this restaurant chain across Delhi NCR. A Side Wok in Gurgaon is like a sigh of relief. You now won’t have to rack your brains when thinking about where to dine-out for Chinese. 

The place is huge! Done up in wooden furniture and wooden flooring, their lighting in in the form of yellow bulbs that are not like the usual bulbs you use at home. The furniture is red and the decor is also done up in red here and there. With a very warm to feel to the place, Side Wok does a very nice job with their interiors. Not very different from the other outlets, the only different thing I could see here was quite a big bar.

Have tried a lot of their dishes at this outlet of Side Wok over the past month or so. And because I had already tried these dishes at the other Side Wok outlets in Delhi, this was like a safe bet for me.

Starting with their soups - the Lemon Coriander and Chicken Hot n Sour are absolute rockstars! My mom loved the Lemon Coriander soup so much that she couldn’t stop talking about it even when we went back home. She said it had the perfect balance of flavors and an absolutely astounding taste of lemon. I won’t disagree with her :)

The Chicken Hot n Sour too was one of the best I’ve ever had. Not too too spicy, but spicy with the right flavor. 

Their Non Veg Dimsum Basket and Veg Dimsum Basket has a choice of 3 different types of dimsums each. In Veg we ordered for Pakchoy Rice Flour Dumpling, Vegetable Gau Zi and Assorted Vegetable Dumpling with Five Spice. The five spice one was the best out of all three, and the vegetable gau zi was very bland.

In Non Veg we ordered for Prawn Harkao, Spicy Pork Rice Flour Dumpling and Chicken Dumpling in Superior Soy Sauce. Prawn Harkao was rather bland, but the pork one was really nice. The one that really stood out of the 3 in terms of flavors was however chicken. If you want to try a bunch of different dimsums and not just stick to one, then only opt for the dimsum baskets and nothing else.

Fish in Piquant Sauce - According to me, the best fish on their appetizer menu! The texture wasn’t as great for me, but the taste sure was. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy, this fish is just spectacular! A must order for all.

Vietnamese Grilled Chicken - A little bland for my taste, but grilled absolutely perfectly. The presentation of this chicken is so unique that it made the people sitting on the next table inquire about the dish from the waiters and nod in appreciation as well. Served with a sweet dipping sauce, the chicken is a little tough in texture(not in a bad way) and is nice if you’re looking for really subtle flavors. But because of this, the dish isn’t my cup of tea.

Crispy Vegetable Salt n Pepper - Before I talk about the dish, I want to tell you that what really uplifts the flavors of this dish is the garlic sauce that accompanies it. The vegetables are fried and seasoned with salt n pepper, like the name suggests, and are rather bland if had on its own. But dipped in the hot garlic sauce and this dish becomes superb! A hit among the vegetarians for sure.

Thing Ming Mushroom - Shreds of mushroom that are very crispy and very yummy! Topped with sesame, this is one mushroom dish that I always gorge on when I visit Sidewok. And this is coming from a person who hates mushrooms!

Crispy Honey Lotus Stem - If I said the salt n pepper were a hit among the vegetarians, you should see how vegetarians go gaga over this one. Sidewok is the first place that revolutionized lotus stem for Indians in Chinese dine-dining. Thin sliced lotus stem tossed in a chili honey sauce and made very crispy - what you have in front of you is a stunning appetizer!

Mixed Vegetables Cantonese - Not spicy but delicious for sure, this dish consisted of some beautiful veggies. Opt for this if you’re looking for a safe option and want to steer clear of chili.

Veg Hakka Noodles - No description required for this, the Hakka Noodles here are nothing short of crazy!

Chicken Red Thai Curry - Sidewok is hands down my favorite place for Red Thai Curry! What I love most about their Thai Curry is that it is not watery like the other places but has that beautiful thick consistency. The taste, of course, cannot be done justice if described in words. It’s just the best thai curry in Delhi NCR for me. Have this with some beautiful Sticky Rice and your night is made!

You go to Sidewok and you don’t have their Chocolate Mousse, that’s a crime. One of the best and the most consistent Chocolate Mousse I’ve ever had! Relish it with fortune cookies that they give during dinner hours only, and you are instantly in heaven!

A new dessert that I tried here is the Walnut Brownie with Ice-Cream. I thought it’s going to be like any other Brownie with Ice-Cream that you get in places, but I didn’t know what was in store for me next. The brownie was muddled and crushed and came in a small jar that was so innovative! Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, the brownie tasted super delicious!

I’ve tried their Cosmopolitan and I can safely say that it is one of the best Cosmopolitans that I’ve ever had! Yummy yummy yummy! The Fruit Beer was also delicious.

A special mention for the manager who was extremely sweet, humble and kind. A very warm manager who helps you with his recommendations and makes sure you’re having a good time.

The prices are at par with all the other Chinese places in Delhi NCR, and maybe even lesser than some. Their quality of food and consistency in taste is commendable! The food never fails to impress you. 

AddressGround Floor, MPD Tower, Opposite Magnolias, DLF 5, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

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