29 October 2014

State Bhavan: Gujarat Bhavan Restaurant, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri

The most affordable bhavan in my opinion, Gujarat Bhavan is situated in the same lane as Hotel Samrat.

Very easy to access, very easy to reach, and situated inside the Gujarat Bhavan, this canteen caters to all kinds of crowd, but most importantly, people who are looking for nice and hygienic, home cooked food.

Their menu changes everyday, but the essentials in their menu that are constant are Dal, chapati, rice and salad, papad and green pickle. They don’t have an ala carté menu, only a fixed thali for both lunch and dinner.

The lunch thali is priced at a humble Rs. 90, and the dinner thali at Rs.110. Not much of a difference between the thalis served at both these times. They give you repeat helpings of all that you want, and serve you food very warmly!

On the particular day that I went, their menu had Bhindi, Dal, Chhole and Pakode ki Subji. The small snack that they give on the side was Dhokla. 

28 October 2014

A Superlative Winter Sunday Brunch at K3, JW Marriott, Aerocity!

K3 is that one place people vow by whenever you ask them for a splendid buffet place. First on everybody's list for food, first on everybody's recommendations, first on everybody's list for the spread. Have heard so much about K3 now, that I would wonder to myself what this place exactly had in store that people were going all gaga over it.

And then, I had a chance to experience the goodness of their Sunday brunch one fine afternoon.

The restaurant is really huge! And what was even more impressive is that the place was completely packed by 2PM! Done up in classy wooden furnishings and marbled flooring, there's not much you can say about a five star property anyway. But even then, the restaurant is very tastefully done for a five star standard. With three different kitchens in the centre of the place, and tables spread across the entire restaurant, it makes for a nice interactive buffet place for people to walk around and pick up things from various counters.

K3 houses three kitchens - Indian, Tuscan and Cantonese.

17 October 2014

State Bhavan: Viva O' Viva (Goa Bhavan), Chanakyapuri

One of the BEST state bhawans in the capital, Goa Bhavan is situated in the lane right opposite Gujarat Bhavan, and very close to Tripura Bhavan. 

The decor of this restaurant is really really nice if you compare it to the other state bhawans. Colourful plastic chairs, nice basic plastic tables, well maintained with nicely painted walls, a little bit of Goa furnishings like a boat and a few Goan pictures here and there. The servers are dressed in colorful floral t-shirts and you really feel like you’re sitting in a shack with all these things adding to your experience.

9 October 2014

Parsi And Iranian Food At SodaBottleOpenerWala, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

One of the first restaurants to open in DLF Cyber Hub, you will be able to spot this restaurant right when you enter Cyber Hub from Brix’s side. 

They have received a lot of praise for the food and concept since the very beginning, and over time their chef has also won many awards and accolades. Bringing so much to the table, I'd say they deserve every bit of it.

Decor that’s very cafe type, and if I go according to people, then like a real Iranian cafe. Wooden tables and chairs, wooden work on the walls too, lamps hanging from the ceiling on each table, yellow lighting everywhere and classic Bollywood songs playing in the background. The restaurant is divided into two sections - one has the seating, and the other has the bar and the pool table. The pool table makes up for a nice game with your friends over a couple of drinks.

Have visited them multiple times so have tried a lot of dishes from the menu. Here’s my verdict about them:

Aloo Aunty’s Vegetable Cutlis - A stuffing of veggies and potatoes, this cutlet was fried to a perfect crispiness on the outside. A very good appetizer for the vegetarians. The stuffing contains beans, carrots, potatoes, and some other vegetables, with all of this being very fine diced.

Marghi Na Farcha is their take on fried chicken. Served in a metal rectangular box with some freshly sliced onions, lemon and mint chutney on the side, the chicken is very delicious. Crispy fried chicken that is just marvelous! A special mention for their mint chutney that accompanies almost every appetizer - it is extremely fresh and superbly prepared! Very very delicious!

They also had a fried crispy fish whose name I cannot find in the menu. That fish, just like the chicken, was fried, and was crispy on the outside, but it beat crispy chicken by a huge margin! This fish was really really soft and really really delicious!

Their Vada Pav is delicious to the core, but the last time I tried it, they went a little overboard with the salt content in the vada. Nevertheless, it’s a really yummy dish. Pav sprinkled with gunpowder on the inside, a nice vada stuffed with potatoes that are spiced mildly, and a fried and salted green chili on the top. It is heaven in each bite!

Tardeo AC Market Mamaji’s Grill Sandwich - All their sandwiches are grilled, and served with mint chutney. This sandwich was stuffed with spicy potatoes and veggies together and is a decent sandwich to order for the vegetarians.

Spicy Mushroom Khari - Anything with cheese automatically becomes my favorite, but anything with mushroom automatically becomes my least favorite. However, SodaBottle made me fall in love with this gorgeous appetizer! Finely diced mushrooms on flaky puff pastry, and topped with cheese - it was just sensational!

Prawn Patio was a main course dish prepared in a slightly sour gravy and served with fresh pav. The pav dipped in the gravy and with juicy shrimps in each bite makes up for the perfect main course option here! One of my clear favorites!

Bhendi Bazaar Sheek Parantha - Crispy fried piranha with 2 rolls of seekh kebab, the seekh kebab in this dish could have been a little spicier. But I’m not complaining! The dish is really really good. The mutton seekh is nice and flavorful, the parantha with all that oil is just sinful, but the dish is so good! However, the first time I had this dish at SodaBottle, it wasn't as nice. The second time I had it, it was wayyy better than the first time. So a little bit about the consistency here.

Chicken Berry Pulao - A classic dish to be ordered. Rice mixed with fried onions that together taste soft and crispy and take this dish to a whole new level. Fried berries and a generous serving of gravy with chicken beneath the mountain of rice are like a fine ribbon on a gift box. A lip-smacking dish, does total justice to all the hype!

Bohra Style Keema Pav - Keema Pav has become so common in all the restaurant menus now that trying the authentic keema pav here was a must for me. Not as spicy, again, but I guess that’s how Parsi food is to be prepared. The goodness of the soft pavs with keema is still nice.

Toblerone Mousse - I really couldn’t understand all the hype around this dessert. The texture of the dessert was very grainy for me(obviously, because of the texture of the chocolate) but it just didn’t do anything extraordinary for my tastebuds. It was just okay.

Raspberry Soda - The seeds of the berries are too much too handle. The seeds are too big and you almost have to bite them to drink/eat them. The drink itself is also a little too sour, hence, I like to stick to diet coke when I come here.

Sekanji Ben - A lemony drink prepared with dried muddled plums and mint. A little too sweet for my liking, but refreshing for sure. 

The food is really delicious on the whole. It’s food for the soul, food that won’t disappoint you and will make you leave the restaurant with a smile on your face. It's very different from the usual Chinese/Italian/Indian that we're used to eating so frequently, and I guess that is what their USP is.

The service is prompt, the prices are reasonable, and the place caters to all kinds of age groups. This place is mostly filled with office goers during lunch and dinner hours, but weekends here are filled with people from all corners of Delhi NCR. The prices of liquor are also very reasonable.

A very good option when looking for a delicious meal and especially something out of the box when it comes to the cuisine.

Address: 3, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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