10 November 2014

Caffe Tonino, Connaught Place: A gem of a restaurant!

CP has become the new hub for restaurants. All cuisines, all types, all sizes - CP has it all now. One of their most recent additions is Caffe Tonino, a venture by Tonino on MG Road. Situated in the same building as PVR Rivoli and having their entrance from the left-hand side, this cafe focuses more on the casual dining aspect, but with the food not being a notch lower than fine dining standards.

The place is done up in very bright colors. Shades of white and yellow, sunlight shining in through the windows, nice wooden furniture, beautifully laid tables, and a very nice lively feel to the place. 

Tried their Bruschetta trio that consisted of mushroom and cheese bruschetta, caramelized onion with goat cheese bruschetta and the basic tomato bruschetta. All of these were just gorgeous! The mushroom and cheese bruschetta was salty and nice, the caramelized onion bruschetta was on the sweeter side and was just sensational! My favorite out of the three! And the tomato bruschetta didn’t have pulpy tomatoes on it, but nice hard chopped tomatoes.

Panino con ton no e mozzarella (Panini Tuna Sandwich) was another very light dish. The tuna sandwich was stuffed with iceberg lettuce, tuna, very little mozzarella cheese, and cherry tomatoes. The filling of tuna was bland, but it tasted very nice with the accompanying tartar sauce. Maybe that was the intention of keeping the filling bland, but the sandwich was delicious with the tartar sauce! This also came with french fries, and I’m not kidding when I say these fries were one of the best fries I’ve ever had!

Their Insalata caƩsar (Caesar Salad) was very very very fresh! Juicy yummy iceberg lettuce tossed in chicken and bacon and that super delicious caesar dressing! Gorgeous stuff!

Next was Ravioli repine di pete e pecorino con salvia burro e mondorle (pears and pecorino ravioli with almond sage butter sauce). We’re very used to having the basic tomato sauce based or cheese sauce based pastas, and nothing beyond that. Maybe the pesto sauce pasta at times, but that’s all. This butter and sage sauce pasta was way above all these basic ones that we’re used to eating. It was so so flavorful, so aromatic! The pasta was perfectly cooked, the butter and sage sauce with sliced almonds was not overpoweringly heavy, it just tasted very velvety. My most favorite item from the things that I tried here!

Penne Arrabiatta - A pasta I try to stay away from, because of its supremely pulpy tomato taste. The one at Caffe Tonino is the best arrabiatta sauce I’ve ever tasted! It was salty, it was tomato-y, but it didn’t taste ‘pulpy’. I don’t think I can do justice to the pasta by describing it. A paradise for arrabiatta lovers.

Tonino’s pizzas need no introduction. So ordering that was a must. Had a half ’n’ half pizza that was Gamberetti e zucchini (shrimp and zucchini) and Salame Piccante (pepperoni and olive). The shrimp pizza was very different, very nice, but a little low on the flavor content as compared to the pepperoni pizza that was sensational! Nice thin crust pizzas that were being prepared in a wood-fire oven - lovely!

For desserts I tried their Tiramisu and Chocolate Lasagna. The Tiramisu was very very light, very fluffy. Not being a fan of tiramisu, I won’t say this one blew me away because I anyway don’t enjoy tiramisu. But for the tiramisu lovers, this will be an absolute hit!

The chocolate lasagna was crazy delicious! Sinful, with oodles of chocolate, layers of cheese between the chocolate and cake, and served with vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce. A delight for the chocolate lovers!

They hadn’t yet gotten their liquor license when I visited the place, but I had the non-alcoholic version of their Sangria, the Virgin Sangria, that had absolutely no flaw in it. No flaw whatsoever! 

Beet's Beauty was a beetroot based drink in which I could hardly taste any beetroot, but only cranberry juice. Told the manager about this and he got an improved version of it which was wayy better.

My most favorite drink was an orange juice based drink that consisted of orange pulp and basil leaves. very very refreshing, very yummy. My favorite drink here!

Their prices are on the higher side but the food is really really nice. I wouldn’t call this splurging on your meal, but it wasn’t mediocre in pricing also. The servers are very courteous and know their job inside out.

The restaurant is a great addition to the new restaurant hub, CP. 

Address: PVR Plaza Building, First Floor, H-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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