6 November 2014

State Bhavan: Karnataka Food Centre(Karnataka Bhavan), RK Puram

When it comes to State Bhavans, this is one of the best for me. Hygienic food, delicious food, great variety, a cuisine that is liked, if not loved, by all, great service, amazing ambience for a Bhavan standard, and great prices!

Situated right next to the Moti Bagh petrol pump, the first building on that road that belongs to Delhi Karnataka Sangh houses this beauty of a restaurant that is more popularly known as KFC by all.

Very decent and a no fuss seating, nice wooden furniture and marble flooring, air-conditioned (oh, yes!!), and very well-maintained. They even have a seating facility for people waiting outside the restaurant.

I have been here on several occasions, and almost always this place has a waiting. You don’t have to wait too long to get a table, but be prepared to wait if you’re visiting during peak lunch/dinner hours, irrespective of the day. They don’t take reservations, just like most South Indian restaurants, so you have to go there and get your name written, and wait for your turn to come.

The crowd here is of all age groups and all kinds of groups - families, friends, couples and even people dining alone. You might have to share a table with someone if you’re 2-4 in number and you sit on the 8-seater table.

Their menu consists of Idli, Vada, Dosa, Uttapam, Upma, Lemon Rice, Curd Rice, beverages, fresh juices and desserts - the basic quintessential South Indian menu.

Their Dahi Vada is better than Sagar’s according to my mom, and the vada is too too soft. They will even give you a single piece if you ask for it.

Their Dosas are huge! They might not look huge in size, but the sheets of dosa that may be ‘one' in a normal South Indian place, are at least double here. Their Mysore Rava Masala is neither too spicy and definitely not at all bland. Very yummy it is. The same applies for their Onion Rava Masala that’s for people who want a plain old dosa without any spices. Very delicious dosa with a superb aloo stuffing.

Their Butter Masala Dosa is another beauty! Loaded with butter!

They have an Uttapam platter that has 5 small uttapams in it. It is a very good option for people who like uttapam and want to sample several types. 

Everything is served with sambhar, coconut chutney and a tomato chutney, all of which are simply delicious! They have containers of sambhar that they bring to each table to refill your sambhar bowls, and don’t give you separate katoris with sambhar each time you want more of it. Very clever I’d say.

They have 2 kinds of thalis and a tiffin thali too, something that is a complete hit amongst their customers.

Something that everybody had suggested me to have here was their Fresh Sweet Lime Juice. Oh boy, what a superb fresh glass of juice that was! Tried their Fresh Orange Juice too on my subsequent visit and it was equally good! Skip the aerated drinks and fresh lime water/soda and only opt for their juices here! They’re divine!

I’ve tried their Rava Kesri and Kulfi Falooda in desserts, though their daily menu only consists of the former. They sometimes include additional desserts in their special daily menus and that is when I tried their Kulfi Falooda.

The Rava Kesri is to die for!! Delicious halwa with no excess sugar, no excess ghee and with the perfect texture! The Kulfi Falooda too was just right on the sugar content and tasted really nice. Kesar Pista Kulfi, nice falooda, and this complete with some rose water sprinkled.

A South Indian meal isn't complete without a classic filter coffee! The filter coffee here is just FANTASTIC!

Their pricing is perfect, they don’t add any tax to the bill, the service is very prompt, the place is hygienic, and they serve yummy food - what else do you need in your experience? One of the best places to go for South Indian cravings in Delhi!

Address: Delhi Karnataka Sangh Building, Sector 12, R K Puram, New Delhi

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