28 December 2014

The revamped outlet of Dunkin Donuts in Connaught Place!

As Dunkin revamps its Connaught Place outlet and gives the place a completely fresh feel, they go all out in promoting the opening and being as extensive as they can.

An event that saw a lot of socialites and bloggers sipping on their wine and champagne along with tasting Dunkin's new menu, the staff needs a special mention for making the event a success. Very very prompt with people's orders, very alert with the cleaning and wiping of floors and tables in cases of drinks spilling, and very courteous in their service. Full points for the staff for pulling the event off so well!

The new Dunkin Donuts outlet is spread across 2 floors- ground and first. Having the same decor as that of other Dunkins, the tables and chairs were comfortable, though I won't say the same about their cushioned stools. The counters were enough in number to not keep a lot of people waiting in long queues, and the place was very very clean.

I started off by trying their famous 'Heaven Can Wait' burger. 2 patties, 1 each of chicken and mutton, and both deliciously flavoured with spices, the burger was just sensational! A slice of cheese, fresh lettuce, and delicious sauces- one sweet and one on a sweet-spicy side - the burger was just superb!

Their Chicken and Cheese Cupwich was always really nice, so I don't have anything new to say about that. A very soft exterior of bread with cheese, a tangy+spicy sauce, and cubes of chicken inside the cupwich. Steaming hot and a very good snack if you're not too hungry. The veg variation with mushrooms is equally mouth-watering.

The Not So Wicked Wrap was an okay option for people who are hungry and don't like burgers/sandwiches, but for me that was the least impressive thing on their menu. The wrap had fresh slices of onions with chicken in it, but the dressing or the flavour of the chicken failed to make me go wow. The wrap wasn't 'bad', it was just okay.

Their most talked-about burger these days, Naughty Juicy Chicken Burger, was what I tried then. The patty was fried, and not grilled like it is usually in juicy lucy burgers, but it gets all points for not being oily even one bit. The patty was filled with liquid cheese in the center, cheese that was oozing out of the burger once you take your second/third bite. Lettuce, a superlative dressing more on the sweeter side, jalapenos, and a soft soft bun. This burger is a MUST MUST try! You won't need any condiments with it, but do ask for their stellar mustard. It's just too good because of that extra kick in it!

In sweets, I've tried their donuts on several occasions, so I have a broad opinion of that, but the chocolate eclair that I tried that day for the first time was a real surprise for me. More than the chocolaty filling of the eclair, the top of the eclair that had chocolate shavings was more attractive for me. Very very nice! Their Moti Choor Donut- another surprise package. Expected it to taste weird, but it tasted really nice! From their usual donuts, ALL the chocolate ones are my favourites, along with the original glazed. 

I tried their Spiked Iced Tea, and let's just say I don't have even one nice thing to say about it. Please don't try it. Just stick to the plain old Lemon version.

The food at Dunkin is amazing if you leave out a dish or 2 here and there. Their burgers are the real treats here, and so are the donuts. I've heard their Wicked Wraps are really really really spicy, so I dared not try those, but the Not So Wicked ones were pretty average. Another treasure that Dunkin has is their Hot Chocolate. Considered to be one of the best, you should definitely give it a try.

Pretty decent pricing for what they have to offer you, a clean place, and very sweet staff. One of the best chains in Delhi right now, and this is coming from a regular customer of their's who visits them at least once a week. :)

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