8 January 2015

Chew - Pan Asian Cafe, Connaught Place. Sushi, Chinese, Thai - All In One!

A restaurant that became famous because of its sushi and it's central location. Situated in the heart of the city, Chew offers what none of the restaurants around it do - kickass sushi in addition to some delicious Chinese!

Having a very quirky approach to its decor, the furniture of the restaurant is a mix of wooden tables and chairs, sofas, hanging swings from the ceiling, and a super graffiti on the walls. The lighting is perfectly synchronised with different hours in a day - nice shades of yellow and white. The restaurant has executed itself very nicely in terms of its ambience.

Coming down to their food. Their Prawns in Sriracha Sauce are to die for! The most talked about dish on their menu in my opinion, the flavours are impeccable! Slightly spicy and perfectly salty, they're really really flavourful! A must order dish!

Crispy Fish wasn't exactly 'crispy', but the taste was nice. It was a nice option to go with when looking for a safe fish appetizer, but the flavours were nowhere close to the brilliant ones in Prawns.

Chew Style Chilli Chicken is their specialty. The humble chilli chicken that is found in almost all Chinese/Asian places wasn't sour here. It didn't have too much chilly, but just enough. A nice option for people who are not adventurous with their menu choices.

The Assorted Sushi Platter consisted of 2 pieces of salmon sake, 2 pieces of tuna sashimi, 2 california uramaki rolls and 2 dynamite uramaki rolls. Apart from this, I've tried their Nigiri Shrimp too. The salmon and tuna were nice and fresh, very very delicate, and served at a good temperature - not too cold and not at all warm either. The California Uramaki and Dynamite Uramaki were my favourites. The rice wasn't dry, the stuffing was really fresh, the accompaniments were killer, and as a complete package, the sushi was delicious! The Shrimp Nigiri comes on the next spot after Uramaki rolls for me. Chunky shrimp on top of delicious sushi rice. The shrimp took this sushi to a different level altogether. Mind-blowing stuff!

They have really nice options in the form of dimsums baskets for people who want to try multiple ones. Chose a dimsum basket that had 12 dimsums in it, and went with Crystal Seasonal Greens and Corn Dumplings, Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling, Spicy Singapore Style Whole Wheat Chicken Dumplings, and Pan Fried Curried Chicken and Cashew Dumplings. The Crystal Prawn and Crystal Seasonal Greens were my favourite. Delicious stuffings! Spicy Singapore Style was good too, but nothing that would make you go wow. My least favourite was Pan Fried Curried Chicken. So I'd say stick to the prawn dumplings or try Chicken Suimai, because there's hardly any place that can go wrong with Chicken Suimai. The accompanying sauces for the dimsums - all of them were delicious!

Their Chicken Khow Suey is really nice. Squeeze the lemon that's served on the chopsticks and bang! The nice coconut-y flavour, the nuts in your khow suey, the delicious noodles, the yummy condiments - the perfect meal in a bowl!

Their Penang Curry is nice, but it's a bit more on the sweeter side. Served with Jasmine Rice, the penang curry tastes nice with the rice. The major letdown in this dish is the consistency. It's a little too watery for my liking.

Their Kung Pao Spicy Chicken was another killer dish on the menu apart from Sriracha Prawns and Sushi. I had that with Chilli Garlic Noodles, and oh my, deliciousness in every bite! Really really nice! The noodles too, were superb! Thin noodles with no crazy amounts of chillies, and not at all oily.

In their desserts, I've tried their Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Molten Cake with Ice Cream. The Banoffee Pie was nice in terms of all the components, but wasn't close to awesome when it all came together. The most important thing for me is the fluffy cream in a Banoffee Pie. That wasn't there. The biscuit at the bottom was also very hard. But their toffee sauce was delicious! Only if the dessert could come together beautifully too..

The Chocolate Molten Cake with Ice-Cream did not have that wow gooey factor in it. The inner walls of the cake were dry, they weren't gooey. The chocolate inside the cake wasn't extraordinary as well. The dessert wasn't bad, it was nice, but it wasn't like the brilliant chocolate molten cake places usually do pull off. However, irrespective of this, if you want a nice end to your meal and everyone is up only for a bite or two, then this can be a good option.

Their cocktails just killed it! All the 'Asian' cocktails were bang on delicious! With flavours like kaffir lime, basil leaves, watermelon, lemon, green apple, all the three cocktails that I've tried here are delicious! The Peach Iced Tea too was really yummy, but the Belgian Chocolate Shake - not so much.

The service of this restaurant is prompt, the servers are good with recommendations, their Sushi, prawn dimsums, and a couple of other dishes are fantastic, and the place is not very expensive. It's at par with the other Asian and Pan Asian places, or maybe even a notch lower. They need to up their game with the desserts and a couple of dishes like the curried chicken dimsums and penang curry, but otherwise their food is really good!

Address: M 16, First Floor, Connaught Place, Outer Circle, New Delhi

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