5 January 2015

Delicious delicious food at Monkey Bar, Connaught Place!

A new spot for chilling, right in the heart of the city! Monkey Bar opens its doors to the people of Delhi in Connaught Place, something they are bang on right about, considering the fan following the received for their Vasant Kunj outlet. Tried the place out a couple of days ago on a warm winter afternoon, and fell completely in love with it!

Interiors the same as the Vasant Kunj Monkey Bar- the rugged brick look on the walls, monkeys in different avatars donning the walls and tables of the restaurant as a part of the ambience, a pool table on the top most floor, and a beautiful beautiful terrace to enjoy the Delhi winters!

Started off my meal with their Malabarikeema Samosas- a nice snack, not at all oily. Minced keema inside the samosa and served with a mint chutney and a tamarind chutney to give you that extra flavour. However, the filling wasn't anything out of this world. Nice samosas, but not superlative. The dipping sauces get full points but.

Chilli Cheese Dragons- Crispy fried coating with a drool-worthy filling of Mozzarella cheese, onion, coriander, capsicum and green chilli. This appetizer was simply mind-blowing! A true bliss for cheese lovers!

Pat Pong Chicken Skewers- Chicken skewers, covered in a sweet, tangy thick sauce. The menu read the dish to be having Thai flavours, but I could hardly taste any Thai flavours in the dish. The least impressive dish out of everything that I tasted. There was nothing wrong with the appetizer as such, it was just plain old chicken skewers, but it had no wow factor in it either.

Bang Bang Prawns- The description said they were made with black pepper, curry leaves and lemon, I say they were made with genius hands. Juicy, succulent, so so so flavourful, and just outstanding! They're a must try for everyone!

Galauti Killer- How can you come to Monkey Bar and not order this? Getting SUCH good galouti kebabs from a restaurant like Monkey Bar was least expected when I first tried their Vasant Kunj outlet when it opened. But between that day and today, every visit of mine to Monkey Bar has been incomplete without ordering this dish. Out of this world galoutis! So so soft, melt-in-the-mouth, and so damn delicious! Something to note- the galoutis here are made of beef.

Tiger Steak- Upon asking my server for appetizer recommendations, he suggested me this. I was shying away from this thinking it'll be more apt for main course, but the server insisted I try this appetizer. What a fabulous suggestion it was! The steak was cut into thin chunks and lathered generously with a super coating of spices and flavours. One of the ingredients used in this being chilli paste, the appetizer is a little spicy, but supremely delicious!

In mains, I've tried their Gastro Burger, Butter Chicken Khichdi and Pandi Curry and Pita.

The Gastro Burger was again a suggestion by the staff when I said I want their classic Mobar Burger, hence, I went ahead with it. The Gastro Burger was absolutely smacking! Beef patty, aragula, Umami mushroom ketchup, caramelized onions and gouda cheese- just OH. MY. GOD. How do they make their burgers so good? Just how?

The Pandi Curry and Pita is for people who are looking for a wholesome meal and something that fills their stomach. Pork curry that was made of a thick spinach based gravy, and served with warm grilled pita bread. the dish was as packed with flavours as could be possible. It was food for the soul- THAT good!

Butter Chicken Khichdi- A twist with the good old khichdi and everyone's all-time favourite Butter Chicken. The khichdi and butter chicken together tasted spectacular, and that was no surprise to me. But what took the cake away was the accompaniments with this dish. Papad, pickle, desi ghee(yes, that's right), curd,and salad that consisted of chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander. A complete khichdi meal! The Butter Chicken Khichdi is a MUST TRY for all! It will simply blow your mind away!

Monkey Bar's dessert menu is to die for, and you'll find people swearing by some of their classic dessert options.

Chocolate Pot de Creme with Salted Caramel- Popcorn tossed in caramel sauce and served on a pool of heavenly semi-liquid chocolate. Served with 2 slices of poppy lemon cake, the combination made in this dessert has revolutionised caramel popcorn and chocolate for people. A patent order for whenever I visit Monkey Bar.

Their Cinnamon Toffee Pull Apart Buns were taken from their breakfast menu and put into the regular menu because of the crazy good feedback that it received. Cinnamon flavoured sweet buns topped with toffee sauce that is nothing short of brilliance. Wow stuff!

Old Monk(ey) Chocolate Cake- A ball of chocolate cake filled with thick chocolate mixed with rum in the middle, and topped with some crunchy crispy superlative praline! The dessert is a true form of heaven for chocolate lovers. An overdose of chocolate in a good way, this one is sure to sweep you off your feet! 

Didn't I say I only had good things to say about Monkey Bar's desserts?!

I've tried all of their drinks except for the ones they recently introduced at their new outlet, so tried the new ones this time round.

Angoori- This one was made up of grapes, goat's cheese and absolut kurant. The drink tasted like grapes (of course), but in a very very good way. I don't think there's any other way of describing this drink. It was just very delicious! And looked for pretty too!

Dublin Dram- Read the description in the menu and you will order it instantly! Jameson lovers, this one's going to be your favourite drink to go at Monkey Bar. Peach Iced Tea, a very large serving of Jameson, Ginger Ale, and our life is set. Yummy as hell!

Watermelon Caprioska- The safest option at any bar is to order their caprioska or mojito. If they mess it up, you cannot stay there for even a minute longer then. The watermelon caprioska at Monkey Bar was very fresh, filled with watermelon and its super flavour, and just apt on the alcohol content.

Whenever in doubt, think no more and head only to Monkey Bar- it's your safest and the most convenient option! Great great food, outstanding desserts, delicious drinks, and a very humble staff.; The prices won't pinch you, and the service won't disappoint you. What more do you want from a place?

Address: P 3/90 Connaught Circus, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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