14 January 2015

Sensational French Food at Rara Avis, Greater Kailash-II!

Located in the bustling market of GK 2, Rara Avis is one of the oldest and most renowned restaurants here now. With a fan base of people that have nothing but only extraordinary things to say about this place, I finally visited this gem of a restaurant and cannot stop raving about it ever since.

Classic comfortable wooden furniture with wooden flooring and dim lighting, their art pieces on the wall are beautiful! My sister who has a thing for places with nice furnishings couldn't stop snapchatting the place. 

Had heard a lot about their outdoor seating but couldn't sit outside as that section was closed. Nevertheless, the indoor seating was too comfortable, hence I could enjoy my meal without having to freeze in the Delhi winters outside.

The owner, Mr. Rajiv Aneja, was there himself to assist with the recommendations and make sure his customers were feeling at home with his warm hospitality.

Here's an account of what all I ate, but before I start, I would want to say that this was one of my best meals of 2014. The food was made with such finesse, the dishes had such intricate flavours, not one dish was mediocre or even close to mediocre. Everything was so so delicious! And then of course, a tête-à-tête with French cuisine is not something that happens every now and then in Delhi.:)

Crotes Aux Morilles - Warm morel mushrooms. Creamy delicious morels cooked in a port wine reduction, lathered generously on a bed of crispy crunchy buttered bread . It was heaven in the true sense! An excellent options for vegetarians in an otherwise non vegetarian haven.

1/2 DZ Les Escargots - Snails in Garlic Butter. Such delicious snails dipped in superlative butter garlic. Dip your focaccia bread in the butter garlic and enjoy it with your snails. Food for the soul! Phenomenal!

Croquettes De Poulet - Bechamel and chicken croquettes. Minced chicken mixed with bechamel, and fried to a crisp perfection. Dip it in the accompanying tartar sauce and you have yourself a kickass appetizer! Delicious comfort food.

Noix De St Jacques A La Bretonne - Scallops in Britany Sauce. Scallops in a beautiful brittany sauce that's a classic to French cuisine,-the dish was as simple as this, but the taste of the dish - exemplary! Again a dish to be savoured with focaccia bread or on its own; either way, too delicious!

Salade De Saumon Fume - Smoke Salmon Salad. Fresh yummy salmon with oranges, crisp lettuce leaves and onions - such a refreshing and delicious salad! Very crunchy. The ingredients were exceptionally fresh and luscious looking!

Filet Mignon De Veau A La Normande - Veal tenderloin with apples, cooked in a calvados sauce. A very nice balance of sweet and salty flavours, the apples were not at all out of place in this dish. The veal being a very tough meat to cook, was done beautifully here. Don't miss it on the gorgeous sides.

Cordon Bleu was the best main course in my opinion. The chicken was so tender, beautifully stuffed with ham, mushrooms and cheese, and topped with a superb creamy sauce! Each bite had so much flavour in it that it instantly became my favourite. Mind-blowing stuff.

Lamb Stew with Vegetables - A nice lamb dish that is meant to warm you up while you enjoy the simple yet superlative flavours of the gravy. The mutton falling off the bone so beautifully, with a little pasta on the side for the stew. The dish was so so good that it's difficult for me to decide if this was a better main course or the Cordon Bleu. The mutton will just blow your mind away!

The Tiramisu - I cannot do justice to this beauty with my words. The mascarpone cream, the coffee, the gooey mushy cake - oh my!

Assorted Tarts - Tried the Lemon Tart, Fruit Tart, Chocolate cupcake and Pineapple Cake/Muffin. The pineapple cake was nice, but as I'm not a fan of it, it was okay in my opinion. The chocolate cake was nice but nothing extraordinary. The Lemon Tart had a very eggy taste to it. Couldn't have more than a bite of it because of this. The Fruit Tart was simply delicious! Very very nice on all aspects. This component of my meal didn't impress me as much as the other dishes, so I'd say you go for their other, fancier desserts.

Tried their Orange Martini and Green Apple Martini. The Orange Martini was something they only offered to their regular guests, and didn't have on their menu until very recently. But seeing how people were going gaga over this one, the restaurant decided to put it on the menu, and believe me when I say this - the drink is sensational! One of the best cocktails I've ever had! The Green Apple Martini was good too, but the Orange Martini simply took the cake away!!

Their food is par excellence, the service is good, the place is pretty - what more do you need in a meal? They make you fall in love with French food, and they will make you fall in love with the place too. One of the finest meals you can have in Delhi.

Address: M-27, 2nd Floor, GK-II, New Delhi

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