21 February 2015

Mouth-watering Stuffed Kulchas at Kulcha King, Sarojini Nagar

A place that falls under the 'Street Food' category, but still serves food that is way better than so many fine dine/casual dine places popping up each day. But so is the case with most street food eateries anyway.

This humble little joint is situated bang opposite Khandani Pakode Wale in Sarojini Nagar, and serves some of the best kulchas you can find in Delhi. A small board has the menu written on it, and you can see the prices there and place your order. With only a couple of tables kept outside, they don't have a seating per se, but just tables where you can stand and enjoy your food. 

Their Kulchas are crispy as hell, with a very hearty filling. Served with chhole and onions in imli ka pani, the kulchas are very filling. One kulcha is enough to completely fill up a person with a mediocre appetite. The stuffing is so beautiful that it makes me salivate just writing about it. Their Paneer Kulchas are my favourite, with a close second being Mixed Kulcha that has a stuffing of carrots, beans and potatoes. Very very flavourful. You also get the basic Aloo Kulchas here, which are super delicious as well. 

A phenomenal place for stuffed kulchas! They don't pack single kulchas, so you will have to take a minimum of 2 pieces even if you don't have the appetite for it. 

If you eat kulchas at the shop itself, you get an unlimited helping of chhole and imli onions, and that's what you should do, because the kulchas taste best when they're straight out of the tandoor, hot and crisp. 

People really love their raita too so do give that a try as well. And it's a street food kind of joint, so don't expect a great ambience. It's just a no-fuss brilliant eatery. There's an old uncle who takes the order and serves chhole and onions to everyone, talking in his fluent English and sticking to his business. The most efficient and productive person there!

A must must try for people who love kulchas. Or just love yummy food. 

Address: Shop no.144, Ring Road Market, Sarojini Nagar (Opp. Khandani Pakodewala)
Timings: 9AM to 5PM

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