11 March 2015

Amreli in Hotel Diplomat, Chanakyapuri - Incredible Food, Classy Interiors and Beautiful Presentation!

Situated inside the Diplomat Hotel, Amreli has opened where we previously frequented the beautiful Olive Beach. With a seating that has a combination of both indoors and outdoors, the decor for both is done with superb taste. The person behind the restaurant Sidhant Lamba, is an interior designer by profession, and that rightfully explains the classy decor. Won't describe the place, but let's just say it's a semi-formal semi-casual eatery situated in one of the best locations of Delhi. 

The menu boasts of coastal, Indian, European with a twist of Indian, and stupendous classic desserts to seal the deal. The menu is the restaurant's USP, and that is what attracts people to this place.

Have tried a lot of their dishes over the two visits I have paid to this place. Their Egg Appam dusted with gunpowder and served with a tomato chutney, Melting Malai Tikka, Keema Eggs Benedict and Death By Chocolate are my absolute favourites! A very light and fluffy appam, melt-in-the-mouth chicken malai tikka, foodgasmic keema eggs benedict with that beautifully poached egg, and the out-of-this-world Death By Chocolate. OH MY GOD!

Their Ham and Cheese Sandwich is my least favourite from the menu, mainly because they use the basic brown bread that's available at every grocer store. The sandwich was too dry for my liking. Should have opted for Ciabatta. Served with potato wedges and hummus, the side and hummus were nice.

Penne in Mixed Sauce, something I always order out of the menu when I go to a place that has pasta in the menu, was good, but not extraordinary. I asked for my pasta to be extra saucy and they were courteous enough to give a bowl of pasta sauce to pour over my pasta. That extra sauce made the pasta all the more yummy.

Their Flamed Chilli Chutney Paneer (Paneer Tikka) and Masala Fish Tikka are excellent options for people who love North Indian. Very juicy, char grilled with the tandoori flavour, and delicious to the core!

Diplomat Caesar Salad with Tahini Malai Chicken Tikka. Got bacon as an add-on in this and the salad set me back by 700-750 bucks, without taxes. Nevertheless, the salad was divine! We're used to having smoked chicken or grilled chicken in our Caesar Salads at places, but having it served with chicken tikka was a revelation for my taste buds. Delicious stuff! Overload of flavours.

Everything in their menu is superb, but what really swept me off my feet was their Galouti Burger and Crispy Fillo Wrap Raan. A very soft sesame bun that's beautifully crispy on the outside, and a huge thick galouti kebab inside that's dressed with chipotle mayo, gherkins, caramelized onions and cheddar. Ordered the burger without lettuce, and believe me when I say I wasn't missing that crunch that lettuce fetches for people. It was extraordinary without it as well. Will go back to Amreli again and again for their Galouti Burger!

The Filo Wrap Raan - exceptional! The flaky filo, so delicate and so perfectly done, stuffed with a yummy flavourful mashed mix of raan. The dish is extremely light but has loads and loads of flavour in it. One of the best filo wrapped dishes you can ever have!

On both my visits I ordered for their Death By Chocolate, and the dessert does complete justice to the name. Chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge and chocolate dust. I can't even begin to explain how good this dessert is.

On my second visit I wanted to try something else apart from this dessert too, and the chef happened to be at the counter next to our table. So we took our opportunity and asked who else but him on what to order for dessert. He suggested us to go with Vanilla Creme Brulee and we went ahead with it. Was it gorgeous or was it gorgeous! The creme brulee came with a sugar crust on the top, and a burnt marshmallow. So delicate with such a beautiful consistency, the creme brulee was nothing short of excellent. The sugar crust gave the dessert an extra edge, and I'd say it's a must must order, specially for people who are not too fond of chocolate.

Their Red Wine Sangria is delicious! Tried another vodka based drink that has yummy flavours of orange and pineapple, so the restaurant fares well on the drinks front too. Definitely an added plus.


One thing that really really impressed me about this place is their presentation of food. They've gone an extra mile to make their food look appeasing to the eyes. In addition to this, their vibrant table mats and tissues - tiny details like these, just add to the whole experience. The containers for salt and pepper that come in an hour glass, the nice yummy delights (chocolate coated crispies, gur, gajjak, etc.) that they serve with the bill in chai glasses - very cute and very innovative!

The place is fabulous, it's a perfect place for dates, family dinner, casual outings, and girlie lunches alike. The pricing is in sync with what you find at most good restaurants these days, and the food they offer is worth every buck. Service is good, the staff knows the menu well, and it's a complete package in itself. A must try for all. The place truly won't fail to impress.

Address:  Hotel Diplomat, 9, Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave,Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

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