5 March 2015

Mind-blowing Burgers at Fork You Too, Sector 29, Gurgaon

A restaurant that stirred up quite a few people when the news about its franchise opening in Gurgaon did the rounds. The burger haven of Delhi, as I would like to say it, opens in Gurgaon, and gives the people something to be excited and happy about.

Located in the bustling Sector 29 market, Fork You Too is situated right next to Bikanervala. With interiors that are dark and predominantly with shades of yellow and red, the place is huge! They have seatings with combinations of plush leather chairs, comfortable sofas, and bar stools and tables as well. The end of the place sees a big bar with LED lights and glasses and bottles lined up - big enough to tell people they serve alcohol.

I started my meal with ordering their famed Patata Bravas. Diced chunks of soft potatoes mixed in a fine gravy of tomato with a little bit of cheese, and topped with loads and loads of mozzarella and cheddar cheese that looked like a blanket of cheese. Very delicious and very cheesy!

Grilled Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce - A very good amalgamation of sweet and slightly flavour. Crisp chicken wings coated with BBQ sauce and topped with sesame. A very good appetizer.

Chicken Nachos with Queso Sauce - The nachos were very average. Served with a mayo based dip and tomato salsa, they should have used something like Cornitos in place of the house baked nachos that they used to elevate the dish. Topped with cheese, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, olives, herbs and chicken, the nachos weren't bad, they were just not as good as the other two appetizers I tried. 

As per the waiter's recommendation, I tried the Olive Pesto Chicken. Served on skewers with chicken that was marinated in pesto, it was a nice flavourful chicken for pesto lovers, but not as much my cup of tea it seems.

For mains I went with Fish and Chips and a Make Your Own Burger.

The fish and chips were really really nice. Served with potato wedges and tartar sauce, this was a very nice main course. 

In the burger, I opted for a Tandoori Chicken Patty, wholewheat bun, and the burger loaded that with onions, jalapenos and coleslaw. With mozzarella cheese and ranch sauce, the burger was nothing less than extraordinary. One of the best burgers I have had in Delhi! Perfect bun, perfectly delicious patty, and the perfect union of flavours. Fork You Too really does have all this hype attached to it for all the legit reasons. Opted for cheese fingers on the side, and not the basic wedges/fries. Exemplary cheese fingers! One good thing to note is the knife they give with the burger. It isn't a lame knife that won't even cut your bread properly, let alone digging in and cutting the entire burger, but it was a very good sharp knife that would do the deed for you.

In dessert we ordered for a Brownie with Ice-Cream. The brownie had too many walnuts, and wasn't extraordinary either. It was just a sweet end to the meal; not bad or average, but not superlative too.

For drinks we tried their Cosmpolitan and Caipiroska. The Cosmo was nice and delicious, but the Caipiroska had a lot of brown sugar settled at the bottom when I took my first sip. I took a gulp full of sugar in that and had to throw it all out instantly. Got the drink rectified by asking the manager and the one that came after was much better.

Their service wasn't superb, it was just okay. We ordered for a portion of Fries when our burger came but 20 minutes later, when we were done with our burger, our fries were still not there. We had to cancel the order then. And it really doesn't take 20 minutes to bring fries, so a major minus that was for me.

The place is mind-blowing when it comes to burgers. There's no looking anywhere else when you crave a good burger. Just head to Fork You and be ready to get thrilled! Maybe a couple of beers to go with it, or your favourite drinks to opt for, and your meal is set. Some of their appetizers too are really really delicious. So that does make this place a very good option for eating out. 

I will definitely be coming back for their burgers, and not once but over and over again. Lovely lovely burgers!

Address: 1 & 2, City Center, Sector 29, Gurgaon

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