12 March 2015

New In Town | 'Magnum On Wheels' Vending Carts Hit The Streets Of Delhi!

Magnum ice-creams are now in Delhi! And no, not only at petrol pumps' In & Out or those fancy shops that sell things at double the price, they're available at every street of Delhi!

Magnum launched its 'Magnum On Wheels' vending carts, or Tricycles, as you call them, in an attempt to reach out to as many customers as possible, and the Belgian Chocolate covered ice-cream sticks being sold at 90 bucks, will be the newest buzz in town as soon as these tricycles will be out on the streets full-fledged.

Spotted one in Lajpat Nagar last night and couldn't contain my excitement, mainly because these vending carts look way more appealing and adorable than the usual Mother Dairy and Cream Bells of our city.

The world's biggest stick ice-cream brand is now present in 7 cities of India and is taking the market by storm. Delhiites, of course, will not be far behind in trying the most premium ice-creams being sold in every nook and corner.

 (image sourced from the internet)

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