5 March 2015

Restaurant Review: Market Cafe, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi

Situated in the main M block market lane of GK 2, this is the second addition by Market Cafe (the first one being in Khan Market). Serving a combination of Mediterranean, European and Lebanese food, the place has some great deals on drinks all day long as well.

The restaurant is divided in two sections - smoking and non-smoking. The smoking area looks very shabby and shady, and the non-smoking one looks completely different. So I would recommend you to find a seat in the non-smoking area.

The smoking area is done in white, with some marble work in blue in places, and the non-smoking area is done in wooden work with dim lighting.

I started my meal with their Pumpkin and Beetroot Soup. Very delicious with a superb consistency! Next came the Arancini Balls and Asparagus and Parmesan Cheese Cigar Rolls with Barbeque Sauce on the side.The Arancini Balls were nice but not exemplary, and the cigar rolls were good. They could have done with lesser asparagus inside the rolls, but it was nice nonetheless.

Next came the Pumpkin and Rocket Leaves Pizza. The pizza was perfect as far as the cheese and thin crust are concerned. But what didn't work for me was the pumpkin. Totally didn't go on the pizza for me.

The Vegetarian Mezze Platter came with lavas, toasted pita, hummus, tabouleh, muhammarah, labneh, pickled veggies and falafel. The platter is a nice option for sharing and for people for want to start their meal with nibblers.

Smoked Chicken Quesadilla was my favourite dish out of everything I tried. The chicken tossed with spring onion inside the quesadilla was very flavourful. It came with con carne and rice, and was really the best dish for me. A must try.

Mixed Sauce Pasta - Not the best I've had, but nice. Decent enough and a filling option.

For drinks we tried Cosmopolitan, Electric Lemonade and Cold Coffee. The cosmo was basic, nothing extraordinary. The cold coffee was really nice, and the Electric Lemonade was again very average. Overly sweet and too sour at the same time.

Sizzling Brownie - The brownie was nice and soft; topped with vanilla ice-cream it tasted even better. The don't serve the brownie with ice-cream originally, we had to ask for it.

My meal wasn't bad, but I can't call the experience 'good'. It was just okay. Their Kiwi Pan hookah was the highlight for me. Very smooth. Other than that, I don't think I will specially make a trip to this place for their food. It was a very okay experience for me to come back.

Address: M-40, First Floor, Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi

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