30 April 2015

Facebook Food Groups and their Funny Characters!

Sometimes while reading people's queries on facebook food groups, I feel like punching the people that reply with their hideous responses. 

Some of these clever responses are given below. 

1. Query- Don't feel like having Indian today. Suggest some other restaurants in South delhi. 
Reply - you can try Moti Mahal or Swagath. 
He said NO Indian! 
Oops, sorry, just read 'Indian'. Didn't read the entire post. 

2. Query- I have kiwis/strawberries in bulk at home. What should I use them for?
Reply- give them to me. 
Like really?! Really?! Are you their relative? Or friend? WHY will she give you her kiwis and strawberries then?!

3. Query- Where can I find this particular sauce/ketchup/bla shit. Checked in INA and defence colony. They don't have it. 
Reply- Try INA, they should have it. 
Are you fucking blindddddd? Can't you read she said INA DOES NOT HAVE IT?!

4. Query- Where will I find the best Momos in Delhi. 
Reply- I know this is off topic, but can someone please give me the recipe for momos. Want to try making them at home. 
If you know your query is off topic then post a NEW QUERY for it! Don't be so dumb!

5. And the best kind of people - restaurant owners promoting their own restaurant. Yes, that's not bad at all. You've opened a restaurant and you of course want it to do well, so you're promoting it in good spirit. But please, do that ONLY to an extent! Your restaurant cannot have EVERYTHING perfect in it! Suggestions for burgers- you suggest your restaurant, suggestions for outdoor seating- again your restaurant, suggestions for cocktails- your restaurant, suggestions for raw meat- your restaurant. If your restaurant is so good then please let people suggest it!!!! It is blooodyyyyy irritating to see restaurant owners recommend their own restaurant on public groups at least 50 times a day! And some of them then even pose as they're regular customers of that restaurant. Like really! We know you're the owner!!!!!

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28 April 2015

Food Review: Breads & More, Greater Kailash-1

Visited Breads n More some time ago and saw that the outlet had become half in size and had completely revamped. The decor is tastefully done, the display of products is extremely impressive and the outlet as a whole looks very welcoming.

I had visited the place for a blogger's meet and got to try my hand at how the icing of cupcakes is done. The chef was kind enough to demonstrate his skills and let us try this on our own. 

24 April 2015

Food Review: The Spice Lab, South City 2, Gurgaon

Ordered from this new place in South City 2 a few weeks back and have really only good things to say about them.

My food came in around 1 hour, but being located a bit far from their restaurant in South City, this was justified. The food came neatly packed in sealed plastic boxes, with plastic forks and spoons in sealed packets, tissue papers and some nice yummy mouth fresheners. The food wasn't as hot (obviously) and had become lukewarm till then, so it had to be heated. 

I ordered for Dahi Kebab, Paneer Tikka, Bhatti Da Murgh and Mutton Seekh Kebab. The Dahi Kebab was deep-fried and stuffed with dahi and chopped veggies inside. Really delicious with the mint chutney! The Paneer Tikka too was very good and with a good balance of flavours.

The Bhatti Da Murgh was the best of the lot for me. Infused with such gorgeous flavours, the chicken was very tender and very delicious. The Mutton Seekh Kebab, was also surprisingly soft for me. Dipped and coated in a creamy sauce, this was absolutely lip-smacking!

In main course we tried their Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Rara Gosht. We all are well-versed with how a Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni would taste and will guess these dishes even when we're blindfolded. So no surprises there- their butter chicken was nice. Not the best I've had, but decent. But the Dal Makhni was not at all impressive. The Rara Gosht however, was something that just blew my mind! It was just sensational! A little oily but totally bang on in terms of taste and flavour. This one is a must must try for all!

In breads we tried the Pudina Parantha and Butter Naan, and the breads were nice accompaniments to the food. 

For dessert I tried their Chocolate Gulab Jamun and Kheer. The Chocolate Gulab Jamun was a different take on this dessert- not my cup of tea but. The kheer was nice after I refrigerated it for some time. The perfect end to the meal!

Their prices are really nominal, and the food- delicious. It's a very good option for home delivery considering how much restaurants charge these days. I would say they're a must order specially for their Rara Gosht and the food is one that definitely won't even come close to disappointing.

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4 April 2015

The Delhicious Week Is Back - Featuring 14 Splendid Restaurants This Time!

The most awaited event of the year (for me) is back! Groupon and Delhi Gourmet Club (known as DGC) team up together once again for the most delicious food festival of the year. With one of the mightiest 14 restaurants of Delhi, their Delhicious Week kickstarts with a bang tomorrow.


The concept of the Delhicious Week is for people to experience the taste, grandeur and excellence of these restaurants. It's for people who are looking to enjoy a sumptuous meal and see the best offerings of that restaurant at unbelievable prices.

What's In It:

Offering a three course set menu with a soft drink included, you undoubtedly experience a restaurant at its best in this week. Choosing from an array of starters/soups/salads, a main course item (with breads/rice/noodles wherever applicable), and mouth-watering desserts, each restaurant tries to put their best foot forward and exhibit the best of their skills for people to enjoy a meal that is nothing short of a treat! What makes this so special? The founders of Delhi Gourmet Club (Rocky Mohan, Sourish Bhattacharya and Atul Sikand) put together a menu that they selectively pick dishes for, and dishes that are their own favourite along with choosing the most popular ones as well.

2 April 2015

Looking for a cuppa at Select CITYWALK? Coffee Shops- every shopper'sgo-to place!

The coffee scene in CITYWALK is pretty sorted. It's the perfect destination for those evening talks with your loved one, a conversation with a colleague, giving interviews, grabbing a cuppa while heading to your favourite store, or simply just sitting down away from the hustle bustle with your favourite sinful muffin and enjoying your special brewed coffee with it.


The trend that Starbucks has now become, it is situated on the ground floor of Select CITYWALK, right next to the Mango store. Their most favourite items from the menu are the Javachip Frappuccino, Red Velvet Cake, Caramel Latte and any of the Indian kathis that they have. The Javachip is hands down my most favourite coffee ever, and a trip to Select is incomplete without a Venti.

PizzaExpress comes to Ambience Mall, Gurgaon!

The latest outlet of Pizza Express opened in Ambience Mall Gurgaon a week ago, and the launch happened for the media and bloggers in a fun-filled masterclass kind of way. 

With a combination of tables and booths, the place looks very airy and well spaced out. The restaurant keeps in mind all age groups and has a provision where kids can customize their own pizzas. The open kitchen anway gives people a chance to see how their food is prepared and that somewhere gives every guest an assurance of the hygiene standards of any place.