24 April 2015

Food Review: The Spice Lab, South City 2, Gurgaon

Ordered from this new place in South City 2 a few weeks back and have really only good things to say about them.

My food came in around 1 hour, but being located a bit far from their restaurant in South City, this was justified. The food came neatly packed in sealed plastic boxes, with plastic forks and spoons in sealed packets, tissue papers and some nice yummy mouth fresheners. The food wasn't as hot (obviously) and had become lukewarm till then, so it had to be heated. 

I ordered for Dahi Kebab, Paneer Tikka, Bhatti Da Murgh and Mutton Seekh Kebab. The Dahi Kebab was deep-fried and stuffed with dahi and chopped veggies inside. Really delicious with the mint chutney! The Paneer Tikka too was very good and with a good balance of flavours.

The Bhatti Da Murgh was the best of the lot for me. Infused with such gorgeous flavours, the chicken was very tender and very delicious. The Mutton Seekh Kebab, was also surprisingly soft for me. Dipped and coated in a creamy sauce, this was absolutely lip-smacking!

In main course we tried their Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Rara Gosht. We all are well-versed with how a Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni would taste and will guess these dishes even when we're blindfolded. So no surprises there- their butter chicken was nice. Not the best I've had, but decent. But the Dal Makhni was not at all impressive. The Rara Gosht however, was something that just blew my mind! It was just sensational! A little oily but totally bang on in terms of taste and flavour. This one is a must must try for all!

In breads we tried the Pudina Parantha and Butter Naan, and the breads were nice accompaniments to the food. 

For dessert I tried their Chocolate Gulab Jamun and Kheer. The Chocolate Gulab Jamun was a different take on this dessert- not my cup of tea but. The kheer was nice after I refrigerated it for some time. The perfect end to the meal!

Their prices are really nominal, and the food- delicious. It's a very good option for home delivery considering how much restaurants charge these days. I would say they're a must order specially for their Rara Gosht and the food is one that definitely won't even come close to disappointing.

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