25 May 2015

Delicious Mughlai Food at Kebab Gali, Yusuf Sarai, Green Park

A restaurant that serves Mughlai and Indian cuisine, and has a lot of its clientele that opts for delivery over dine in. However, that does not mean the dine in rush isn't much (owing to the offices nearby).

Visited this place on a Monday afternoon when it was relatively a calmer day. Situated inside the complex right next to the Green Park metro station, this complex has some major parking issues!

The restaurant is done up in basic wooden furniture with walls painted in bright colours, an open kitchen, and that's just about it. 

Their menu consists of a wide array of dishes and there's too much to make you spoilt for choice. We went with Dahi Kebab, Kalmi Kebab and Dohra Kebab for starters. All the starters were accompanied with sliced onions, and served on basic white plates. The Dahi Kebab was one of the best I've had! Slightly sweet, with a mixture of curd and herbs, the dahi kebab just melted in the mouth.

20 May 2015

A Few Hits And Too Many Misses: Sunday Brunch at Oasis, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund

A Sunday Brunch at Oasis, Vivanta by Taj Surajkund, that I otherwise absolutely adore for their buffet breakfast, and also because it is one of my most favourite hotels in Delhi NCR when it comes to hospitality and stay. 

Let's get down to the real business- food! Their brunch has a core theme that changes every week. The day I went for their brunch, the theme was Pan-Asian. As a part of this theme, they had one section devoted to a roast duck that was being served to you as duck pancakes with a really nice plum sauce. Really liked the duck pancakes. In addition to this they had a wide array of dimsums comprising of lamb, prawn, chicken, and different kinds of vegetables too. Barring the chicken dimsum, all other were very average. The coating of the dimsums was too thick, the filling wasn't delicious- the momos just failed to impress at all. They also had sushi and a soup section that was made to order. The Miso soup was delicious with the subtle flavours and the bang on spices with different seafood. Truly truly delicious! The sushi, though okay, wasn't impressive.

19 May 2015

Mamagoto's Supremely Delicious 'Dumpling & Chinese Bread' Menu!

Mamagoto does not need an introduction. Having multiple outlets across Delhi NCR, people who love Oriental/Pan Asian/Chinese food have been to Mamagoto at least once (most of them have), and a major chunk of that is in love with the food at Mamagoto.

Frequenting them for their delicious food (it's difficult to point a finger and mention the dishes that are great over there), not once has Mamagoto been inconsistent in its offerings.

On the occasion of the chain completing five years, they launched a new Dumplings and Chinese Breads menu that they invited bloggers for. Not one dumpling out of this menu was even average. All of them tasted par excellence, and yes, I do believe the food would be very good at events where the restaurant already knows bloggers are coming, but the food Mamagoto serves is known for being hardcore delicious and consistent (as I mentioned above), so there is no question of the dumplings being less tastier for when I would visit them otherwise. I completely vouch for this new menu of their's, and I truly consider Mamagoto to be serving some of the best dumplings in Delhi now. They have equal options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians, they gave a lot of importance to variety and included fried, pan fried, and steamed dumplings in their menu, and they have a lot of variety for seafood lovers too.

It is extremely difficult for me to pick my favourite out of the lot, but I totally fell in love with the Street Style Dumplings (Shrimp), Char Siu Puff (Pork), Old School Gyoza (Chicken) and Jungle Dumpling (Veg). I cannot even describe how mouth-watering these dumplings were. 

The Street Style Dumpling was bang on with taste and spice content. Topped with hot street style red chilli sambal sauce and stuffed with minced shrimp, the dumplings were too too good.

Jungle Dumpling (Shrimp) & Street Style Dumpling (Shrimp)

The Char Siu Puff was stuffed with pork which was slightly sweet but too delicious. The pastry was flaky, it was warm, didn't have too much oil, and the combination of the flaky pastry with the yummy pork was just brilliant!

14 May 2015

The Nibble Box: For healthy snacking throughout the day!

The Nibble Box is a concept started for people who like to nibble throughout the day (that's most of us) and lead to an unhealthy way of life majorly because of their nibbling habit. To fix this issue. The Nibble Box came up with over a hundred different recipes of healthy snacks that you can nibble on without having to worry about the cholestrol, oil, fats and calories it may have. What's more? These snacks are 100% vegetarian! You place your order online, and choose the different snacks you want in your Nibble Box then.

The Contents: The Nibble Box consists of 4 different snack packets that you can opt for, and comes with these snacks packed individually in sealed packets that are similar to zip pouches. You can opt for a monthly packages and pay for one box (Rs.275 a box)/a month (Rs.250 a box)/3 months (Rs.225 a box). You get one box every week delivered to wherever you want them to be delivered- home or work.

What my Nibble Box consisted of: Citrus 6 O Clock Knock, Prune Parador, Date Day Tripper and Chocochip Breakfast Cookie. My favourite was the Citrus 6 O Clock Knock that was salty and tasted like a mixture that we eat out of packets. It consisted of watermelon seeds, cranberries, green raisins, sunflower seeds and what not. Very surprising to find something consisting of such things so delicious! The Prune Parador and Date Day Tripper were granola bars and brownies. Not as a brownie would taste, quite obviously (because this one's healthy), so I doubt many people would be able to adjust their taste keeping in mind the health factor. Chocochip Breakfast Cookie was also nothing like a cookie we are used to having otherwise, but it did taste nicer than the other two snacks I mentioned. I think their best offerings for me are their mixtures (given under their 'Spiced Trail Mix' section). They're really yummy and are actually something you would love to nibble on.

Their packaging is very neat with proper tapes and a cardboard box for the contents. It comes with a pamphlet to tell you about the brand and its products.

A very very nice concept for all age groups, but specifically for the office-going adults. The brand has a lot of potential and it's just about trying them out once. You wouldn't want to have those greasy, oily, cholestrol-filled things after having their nibblers.

Website: www.thenibblebox.com

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7 May 2015

Wendy's Comes To India With Their First Outlet In Sector 29, Gurgaon!

Wendy's, another QSR chain for burgers, hits the Indian market. With their first outlet being in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, this one is sure to create a buzz because of its unique sauces used in burgers, the seating facility that does not replicate that of other chains like McDonald's and KFc and is more comfortable, and the superb concept of frosty! Their focus on mutton and vegetarian options deserves a special mention here as not many chains tend to do that. 

The outlet isn't too big or spacious but is still very impressive in terms of decor and seating when compared to other chains (like I said above). They have sofas and cubicles, chairs and tables, and a POS counter at the entrance itself (helps to keep the takeaway crowd at bay and not inside the restaurant).

3 May 2015

Exceptional Pan-Asian Food at Yum Yum Cha, SELECT Citywalk

The restaurant that took the city by storm and created so much of buzz because of its food, that restaurant proves to be going strong even after all these months. With food that's incredible and a menu that you cannot get tired of ordering from, Yum Yum Cha is my most favourite Pan Asian restaurant in Delhi!

Select CITYWALK has some of the best restaurants that you can find under one roof, and the different cuisines that these restaurants have is just an added bonus. The central location of this place works too much in its favour, and it was a very good decision to open Yum Yum Cha here.

It is an open restaurant, just like Johnny Rockets right next to it is, but this is not something that would deter customers from coming here. In fact, it does not bother people at all. They can seat quite a few people there, and reservations keep coming in throughout the day (not phone reservations, but only where people would have to wait outside the restaurant). The interiors are very lively, very cute, and there's a lot of origami around you.

Their menu consists of appetizers, sushi, meals in a bowls, some gravies, rice, noodles, desserts and a fair range of mocktails.

Their sushi is absolutely exemplary! The Dynamite Sushi rolls, consisting on prawn tempura for that extra crunchiness, spicy mayo for the superb kick, and salmon for the stuffing, is simply out of the world! They have one of the best sushi in Delhi! Coming from the house of Yum Yum Tree and Varun Tuli, this ought to be true. 

Prawn Hargao dimsums, on the recommendation of the server, was just too good to be true. The paper thin coating of the dimsums with the deliciously stuffed prawns inside, and the five dipping sauces, was just mind-blowing!

Sliced Garlic Chicken was that perfect option for appetizers, something that people with all kinds of taste buds would like. It had nothing it could go wrong with. Chicken tossed in a delicious garlic-y sauce with some spring onions to seal the deal. Yummy as hell!

Chicken and water chestnut spicy basil and chilli sizzling sticky rice - Read each word of the dish very carefully, and then imagine articulating the same in a dish. The dish had everything the name talks about! It was a meal in a bowl kind of concept with sizzling sticky rice served in a hot pot with basil, corn kernels. tofu, chicken shreds, and peanuts. I asked them to do away with the peanuts for this one. The dish came 'sizzling' on the table, and the server then mixed the contents with the rice for us, so as to have a nice uniform portion of each of the components in each bite. The rice sizzled as he mixed them, and the end result was nothing short of brilliant. Delicious to the core! A pure heart soulful meal in a bowl!

For dessert I've only tried their Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake and have been meaning to try the Mochi icecream for quite some time now. The cheesecake was just superlative! Very very satisfying!

Their mocktails, known as 'fun bottles', are something that deserve a special mention. Have tried three of them- Black Magic (with coke and mint leaves), Thai Orange and Kaffir Lime (as the name suggests) and Watermelon and Mint (as the name suggests). Out of these three, Orange and Kaffir Lime is my favourite because of my most favourite flavour ever- kaffir lime. However, all of the flavours are simply out of this world! Too too refreshing, too delicious.

The pricing is not on the higher side, and for the food you get at this price, it's worth every single buck. The service is extremely prompt, the presentation of the food is killer, the decor is bright and lovely. What more do you need in a place? It's a must must visit for all. Do not miss having the food at this stupendous place - it really will sweep you off your feet!

Address: 2nd floor, Select Citywalk, Saket

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