20 May 2015

A Few Hits And Too Many Misses: Sunday Brunch at Oasis, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund

A Sunday Brunch at Oasis, Vivanta by Taj Surajkund, that I otherwise absolutely adore for their buffet breakfast, and also because it is one of my most favourite hotels in Delhi NCR when it comes to hospitality and stay. 

Let's get down to the real business- food! Their brunch has a core theme that changes every week. The day I went for their brunch, the theme was Pan-Asian. As a part of this theme, they had one section devoted to a roast duck that was being served to you as duck pancakes with a really nice plum sauce. Really liked the duck pancakes. In addition to this they had a wide array of dimsums comprising of lamb, prawn, chicken, and different kinds of vegetables too. Barring the chicken dimsum, all other were very average. The coating of the dimsums was too thick, the filling wasn't delicious- the momos just failed to impress at all. They also had sushi and a soup section that was made to order. The Miso soup was delicious with the subtle flavours and the bang on spices with different seafood. Truly truly delicious! The sushi, though okay, wasn't impressive.

The salad section was huge, and I only tried a few salads to save space for the other dishes. The asparagus salad with poached egg, mayo and parmesan was just a plain old egg with mayo for me. The asparagus didn't work at all. The shredded chicken salad was one of the better ones, but the most decent part was the DIY salad with all the dressings and vegetables to choose from.

The Lebanese section was what really upset me. The Baba Ganoush tasted exactly like the mashed aubergine dish made in our homes, and to put it politely, I wouldn't ever taste Baba Ganoush at Oasis again, even if someone tells me it's brilliant. The hummus was okay, and so was the pita bread, but the tzatziki was superb.

Tried the white and mixed sauce pastas, with the white one being better but not too good. But that's the case with most places serving pasta in their buffet. The pizza was extremely mediocre with the thick undercooked crust, with the base of the pizza being too sweet for my liking. They can maybe look at adding more spices to the sauce. The Italian section also had freshly baked breads, bread rolls, garlic bread loafs, pizza breads, etc. The pizza bread was really nice!

The real bummer for me were the Eggs Benedict. The last time I had their buffet breakfast, the eggs benedict were nice and yummy with a runny yolk. But this time, they totally messed it up. The muffin was nice and crisp, the ham was delicious, but the focus of the dish- the egg, was what put the entire dish down.

The prawn tempura was nice, and the Keema Kaleji with Malabar Parantha was exceptional! The parantha was so flaky, so yummy, and the keema complimented it perfectly! Their Indian section was good. With the Paneer and Rogan Josh, the Dal Makhni and nice breads, the Indian section was the best of the lot. I had no complaints whatsoever there.

Went on to try the Chinese main course and found the gravies to be sensational! The fish in pepper sauce deserves a special mention. With fried rice and these smacking Chinese gravies, my main course became the highlight of my meal.

They had one section of the brunch devoted to Paranda (the property's Indian restaurant). If I said the Indian food otherwise impressed me, this surpassed all of that food. With mouth-watering Biryani kept in huge handis, and a mutton gravy to blow your mind away with, the Paranda section truly stole all the limelight.

Out of the dessert section, I must have tried at least 20 desserts, and the only ones that I loved were the chocolate mousse, blueberry and mango souffle, and the chocolate truffle pastry. There were so many things in the dessert section (donuts, cakes, souffles, mille fuille, souffles, fresh fruits, chocolate fountain, pies, pastries, caramel custard, etc.) that it was impossible to narrow down your choices and justify your act of doing so, but all the flamboyance and variety of this section took a low blow because none of the desserts left an impression.

The buffet is truly very very lavish. With 4 refreshing summer drinks included in the buffet too, it is more lavish than most Sunday Brunch places in Delhi NCR, but the food really lacks taste in some sections. As a whole, it just didn't impress me. I don't think I will be coming back all the way to Surajkund for an afternoon that I will regret paying for later on. And all this coming from a person who absolutely loves their breakfast and the hospitality of the hotel otherwise. The Biryanis, the Indian, the Chinese mains- that's all that I found really delicious. To remember the rest, I had to think real hard. 

Sunday Brunch Price:
1800++ (Food and mocktails)
2300++ (Food and sparkling wine)
3000++ (Food and champagne)
4500++ (Food and rose wine)

Sunday Brunch Timings: 12 Noon to 3:30 PM

Address: Shooting Range Road, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund, Faridabad

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