14 May 2015

The Nibble Box: For healthy snacking throughout the day!

The Nibble Box is a concept started for people who like to nibble throughout the day (that's most of us) and lead to an unhealthy way of life majorly because of their nibbling habit. To fix this issue. The Nibble Box came up with over a hundred different recipes of healthy snacks that you can nibble on without having to worry about the cholestrol, oil, fats and calories it may have. What's more? These snacks are 100% vegetarian! You place your order online, and choose the different snacks you want in your Nibble Box then.

The Contents: The Nibble Box consists of 4 different snack packets that you can opt for, and comes with these snacks packed individually in sealed packets that are similar to zip pouches. You can opt for a monthly packages and pay for one box (Rs.275 a box)/a month (Rs.250 a box)/3 months (Rs.225 a box). You get one box every week delivered to wherever you want them to be delivered- home or work.

What my Nibble Box consisted of: Citrus 6 O Clock Knock, Prune Parador, Date Day Tripper and Chocochip Breakfast Cookie. My favourite was the Citrus 6 O Clock Knock that was salty and tasted like a mixture that we eat out of packets. It consisted of watermelon seeds, cranberries, green raisins, sunflower seeds and what not. Very surprising to find something consisting of such things so delicious! The Prune Parador and Date Day Tripper were granola bars and brownies. Not as a brownie would taste, quite obviously (because this one's healthy), so I doubt many people would be able to adjust their taste keeping in mind the health factor. Chocochip Breakfast Cookie was also nothing like a cookie we are used to having otherwise, but it did taste nicer than the other two snacks I mentioned. I think their best offerings for me are their mixtures (given under their 'Spiced Trail Mix' section). They're really yummy and are actually something you would love to nibble on.

Their packaging is very neat with proper tapes and a cardboard box for the contents. It comes with a pamphlet to tell you about the brand and its products.

A very very nice concept for all age groups, but specifically for the office-going adults. The brand has a lot of potential and it's just about trying them out once. You wouldn't want to have those greasy, oily, cholestrol-filled things after having their nibblers.

Website: www.thenibblebox.com

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