7 May 2015

Wendy's Comes To India With Their First Outlet In Sector 29, Gurgaon!

Wendy's, another QSR chain for burgers, hits the Indian market. With their first outlet being in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, this one is sure to create a buzz because of its unique sauces used in burgers, the seating facility that does not replicate that of other chains like McDonald's and KFc and is more comfortable, and the superb concept of frosty! Their focus on mutton and vegetarian options deserves a special mention here as not many chains tend to do that. 

The outlet isn't too big or spacious but is still very impressive in terms of decor and seating when compared to other chains (like I said above). They have sofas and cubicles, chairs and tables, and a POS counter at the entrance itself (helps to keep the takeaway crowd at bay and not inside the restaurant).

Their menu comprises of burgers, sides like fries with cheese and bacon, baked potato with cheese and bacon, a wide array of drinks, and one dessert that is enough to satiate people's sweet cravings.

In veg we tried their Spicy Aloo Crunch, Ultimate Paneer and Cheesy Mushroom burgers. The Spicy Aloo Crunch was my favourite of the lot. Perfect for the typical Indian palette- crispy potatoes with a spicy chatpati sauce, very soft buns, and that's it. The Cheesy Mushroom was really nice too. The patty itself was cheesy, along with the burger having a cheese slice. The Ultimate Paneer I didn't like much because of the rubbery hard paneer patty it had become due to frying.

Crunchy Aloo

Ultimate Paneer

Cheesy Mushroom

In non veg I tried their Double Baconator that had two chicken patties with bacon strips and 2 slices of cheese in between. The sauce used was too sweet for some people's liking- tasted more like ketchup. The burger became a let down only because of this, but if you remove the extra sauce like I did, it was lip-smacking! Very juicy. The other burgers I tried were Smoky Chipotle and Greek Mutton. Both were really really delicious! The Smoky Chipotle had a crispy chicken patty and my favourite dressing, Chipotle in it, and the Greek Mutton had tzatziki that made the burger really really yummy with the contrasting flavours.

Double Baconator

Greek Mutton

Smoky Chipotle

On the side I ordered fries with cheese and baked potato with cheese. The fries were good, nothing to write home about. However, their presentation in a bowl and the generous quantity sure was a pleasant surprise. The baked potato lacked all and any flavour. It was topped with chopped green chillies, and was still just bland. Not even the cheese on top added any flavour to it.

Their drinks are absolutely to die for!! Tried the Cucumber Fizz and Watermelon Cooler, and both were simply marevlous! Very very refreshing, really delicious.

The manager really insisted we try their coffee so we ordered a cappuccino. Their coffee is made of 100% arabic bean and really is something! One look and my mom fell in love with it. Full of froth and incredible in taste, their cappuccino is a must must try!

For dessert they have only one item on the menu and that is their Banana and Caramel Frosty. Very silky very yummy icecream with a banana and caramel flavoured sauce on the top. Even though the sauce was on the top, it seeped through the icecream and you could taste it even till the last bite. Pretty addictive their frosty is!

Their pricing isn't steep, the service is too good, the things on offer are way better than the other QSRs, I loved some of their burgers like the Greek Mutton and Smoky Chipotle. Keeping in mind a few of their hits and misses, I would give them the benefit of being in their teething phase in a new market and would give myself some time before I visit them again (solely because of the rush they are getting currently). Once people have had their dose of trying a new international burger chain, it would be safe to visit Wendy's again. ;) But I would sure as hell love to have multiple Wendy's outlets in South/Central Delhi soon!

Address: Sector 29 Market, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

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