30 June 2015

The Gourmet Studio by Delhi Gourmet Club and Groupon: Every Foodie's Delight!

The Gourmet Studio is an initiative taken by Delhi Gourmet Club with Groupon, and with this they have really given a new meaning to deals associated with dining out.

The Delhi Gourmet Club, led by Sourish Bhattacharya, Atul Sikand and Rocky Mohan, is a class apart in itself when we talk about the food circuit in Delhi. Groupon, as well all know, is the sole place we all now rely now for getting deals at steal prices. When these two forces unite, you’re only bound to be in for a real treat.

The concept of The Gourmet Studio is to reward and showcase the skills of one chef at a time, and to put forth this, the chef prepares a fixed course mean wherein he demonstrates his skills being at their best. This kickstarted with Pan Asian at Sheraton New Delhi with their executive sous chef, Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, dishing out a delicious six-course menu. 

16 June 2015

Buffet Breakfast at Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Manesar

The newest property by Hyatt in Delhi NCR created quite a buzz and is continuing to do so even now. People are loving the food, loving the interiors of the hotel, the rooms, and it's proving to be in everybody's favourable places' list. Had heard a lot about their various restaurants, so decided to visit Kitchen District for their breakfast buffet one fine day.

The restaurant is really classy and plush with the hues of brown dominating the interiors. There's a concept of open kitchen here, so everything the chefs cook can be seen in front of you. All hygiene standards are maintained and the staff is too courteous- completely at par with the essence of a five star property.

My buffet started off with a glass of fresh watermelon juice, baked beans, toasted brown bread, chicken sausages, french toast and baked potatoes. The baked beans weren't nice- too too sweet. The sausages and french toast were delicious!

15 June 2015

Mexifornia at California Pizza Kitchen, Cyber Hub

California Pizza Kitchen is holding a Mexican festival called 'Mexifornia' in which they're showcasing the Mexican twist in their pastas and pizzas alongwith having dishes solely being Mexican in nature. The festival is proving to be really surprising for people as nobody ever wondered Mexican flavours could go so well with Italian. Some of their pizzas are a must try during this festival which is on till the 21st of June. Also, the nachos are a must must try!

We started off our meal with CPK Nachos and Chicken Tomatillo Chille. The Nachos were too too delicious! Crispy nachos lathered with a cheesy sauce, chopped tomatoes and jalapenos, and some yummy sour cream to top it off. An excellent appetizer. The chef who is now heading operations at CPK has aworked with Hard Rock Cafe for 5 years, so the yummy nachos were natural for him to make. :) The Chicken Tomatillo Chille was also superb in taste. It had a lot going on in terms of the flavour. Shreds of chicken with all three bell peppers, onions and a chilli sauce that wasn't too spicy but was smacking for the flavour. With crispy tostada chips around it, this appetizer too was a hit.

We tried the Crispy Tortilla Salad both with Paneer and Chicken, and the salad was superlative in my opinion! Lettuce and tostada chips tossed in a ranch dressing with fried chunks of paneer and chicken. It also had cherry tomatoes that I absolutely hate so I kept them aside. The salad was extremely fresh and at a very cool temperature- elevated it superbly.

14 June 2015

State Bhavan: Maharashtra Sadan, KG Marg, Connaught Place

No dinner at home? Let's go to Maharashtra Sadan! That is how this state bhavan is for me. It's the prettiesttt state bhavan we have in Delhi! So grand, so neat, so polished- it's maintained really well. They have proper sofas and cushioned chairs for the seating, and your experience becomes a really comfortable one because of this. The walk from the parking till the main entrance at night is just beautiful. Because of the greenery around, the place is really cool.

Their food is very delicious and homemade. They have the concept of buffet for lunch and dinner, for only 100 bucks all inclusive. The patent in their buffet is Dal, rice, roti, 2 subjis (1 dry and 1 semi dry/gravy), pickle and papad. Their dal chawal is to die for!! Never do I enjoy dal chawal at home like I do it over here. Their dry subji, no matter which one it is, is equally delicious. So so much flavour in it! My favourite dry subji over here is pitha that they cook in onions and tomatoes. Their Pakode ki Subji, Pitha in gravy and other dishes are good too.

13 June 2015

'Karavalli Seafood Festival' at Dakshin, Sheraton Hotel, Saket

Dakshin is a must try for everyone! There goes my post in one sentence. The food is exceptionally good, the flavours are just too crazy, the authenticity is as good as you sitting in one of these Coastal places and enjoying the dishes, and the experience is just exemplary.

The very calm and serene ambience of the place, the gajras (jasmine flowers), the gorgeous shiny cutlery, the tunes playing in the background, the warm and courteous service- it made the experience very very special and an extremely relaxed one.

The seafood festival of Dakshin revolved around the food of the Karavali region. Hence, the name Karavali Seafood Festival. Karavali is the region along the coastal line of Karnataka. It starts from the end of Goa and goes till some part of Kerala. The flavours and spices used in this region are very distinctive in terms of their robustness and aroma, and this I know because I have travelled South India and experienced the food scene over there with great enthusiasm. Also, coconut is very widely used in this region.

10 June 2015

New In Town- Baking Bad Serving Crazy Badass Pizzas And More!

The place that has sooo much of hype around it, is insanely popular now, and is dishing out what everybody loves- pizzas!

Baking Bad is the new buzz in town and rightly so. Their food is par excellence and there isn't one customer who doesn't speak highly of their service as well (witnessed on social media). Ordered from them on multiple occasions and to different locations, and I've been a happy customer all these times.

They're a delivery only joint and they currently cater only to South Delhi. They dish out some of the best pizzas and along with that a wide range of sides, pastas and dips too. They seem to be in love with the ingredient 'bacon', and we have nothing to complain about! Woodfired thin crust pizzas with gorgeous toppings on offer- what more do you need in life?

They have an option to create your own pizza where you can choose everything from your base, to your sauce, and your toppings, and they also have a huge menu of pizzas they've designed themselves. Their garlic infused base is my favourite! Got a 9.5 inch delivered with all the meats and jalapenos, and the thin crust beauty was nothing short of a treat in the middle of the night.

On another occasion I tried Into The Blue and Honey! It's Bacon. Into The Blue, as the name suggests, was a seafood pizza with the freshest of ingredients and the yummiest sauce in the base. Honey! It's Bacon, however, was a complete surprise package! Crispy bacon glazed with honey, mushrooms, and cheese. Without a doubt, the honey glazed bacon was the star of the pizza and I'm completely in love with it!

From their sides menu I've tried the Philly Cheese Steak and Falafel Sliders, both of which were really good! the breads were soft, the meat was soft and yummy, the falafel was crisp and delicious, and the sauces in these sliders also complimented them really well. But what wins as my second-most favourite side dish on their menu is the Garlic Bread without cheese. One of the best I've had till date! Garlic-y and buttery, very very crisp. I cannot describe how good it was!

The one that wins hands down is the Bacon tart. A very crisp exterior baked to perfection, filled with bits of bacon and a spicy tomato-ey thick gravy mixed with finely chopped onions. The tart was covered with cheese on top and was delicious to the core! It was simply amazing!

Baking Bad is just killing it with its fare! It has become one of my most favourite places for ordering pizzas from and is a very refreshing change from the usual Domino's and Pizza Hut. Surprisingly, their pizzas are not at all meant for burning a hole in your pocket- they're priced very nominally. The range of toppings is really the real deal! The packaging is such that you don't need to move a finger to enjoy your meal and take out even a plate, you relish straight from the box. The place excels at all fronts for me. Must must try their Bacon Tart and Garlic Bread (you can thank me later :P).

Timings: 6PM to 3AM
Delivery Area: South Delhi
Phone: 01149052050, 01149052060

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9 June 2015

Hard Rock Cafe: 'Summer Of The Legends' Festival

The new festival at Hard Rock Cafe called Summer Of The Legends is to kill for!! The menu of this month-long festival is limited to 4-5 offerings in veg and 4-5 in non veg, but the food is just brilliant! Designed keep the Delhi scorching heat in mind, it is for you to beat the heat with their delicious Mason Jar Mojitos (priced at 495++) available in different flavours.

I tried four of their Mojitos, out of which the Strawberry flavour was my favourite! It has bits of strawberry concoction that you could actually taste, and that made the drink really impressive for me. The Kiwi flavoured Mojito was also really good but I will tend to be biased here because of Kiwi being my favourite fruit in drinks.

3 June 2015

Lights Camera Action, Hauz Khas Village: A Crazy Bollywood-Themed Cafe

The latest entrant in Hauz Khas Village (arguably, because you can never keep tab about the places mushrooming in Hauz Khas Village), this one will definitely be a hit among the Bollywood fans (which is almost everyone). Priyank Sukhija's brigade of restaurants is just going on adding new ones to its kitty, but the consistency with which all his restaurants have something new or something different, never ceases to surprise.

The place adorns quirky creative Bollywood posters on ALL the walls of the restaurant, and the quotes on them just crack you up. The posters aren't shoved up one after the other, but a lot of thinking has gone into making them innovative and 'hatke'. Being a complete Bollywood freak, I am definitely in love with them (also considered stealing a bunch or two.. just kidding :P).

2 June 2015

Burgers, Shakes & More: Johnny Rockets in SELECT Citywalk, Saket

When Johnny Rockets opened, people went crazy flocking this place like they'd never tasted burgers before. But that happens with every burger chain that opens in India. This one I visited after all the hype had died down (specially because of their beef patties), and enjoyed myself some 3-4 meals there.

The restaurant is an open restaurant with an american seating and an open kitchen with counters visible. The tables have some really cool straw dispensers, and the feel to the place is a relaxed and chilled out one.

I've tried their Chicken Chili Cheese Fries and Corn Dogs in appetizers, and a lot of other burgers for mains. The Chicken Chili Cheese Fries would taste better without the raw chopped onions, but taste nice otherwise (without the onions). The Corn Dogs are really really delicious with sausages covered in cornflour or your choice of flour. Very basic, no-fuss, superb appetizers they prove to be.

Their Houston, #12 and Route 66 are my most favourite burgers here! With toppings and sauces that blend really well together, each burger has a different kind of cheese (American, Cheddar, Swiss, and what not!) and different kind of sauce in it. The fresh veggies like onions and tomatoes also work really well together, and their patties enjoy being the juiciest too. Very impressive patties I must say! The burgers come with sides of your choice, and I always opt for their fries, for what can be a better side to go with for your burger?

Their shakes are their most famous things on the menu. The Nutella Shake is a little too sweet for my liking, but that's maybe because I don't like a high level of sweetness in my shakes/desserts/drinks. My sister however, adores this one. The Mocha Fudge Shake is really really nice! A great option for coffee lovers.

The place proves to be a major attraction for families with kids and for people who have a thing for burgers (obviously). The service is prompt, the servers are sweet, the prices aren't too high and the place is hygienic. It's a complete package for dining out!

Address: 2nd Floor, Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi

Timings: 11AM to 11PM

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1 June 2015

Crusty's Pizza: The Best Pizzas In Gurgaon!

Crusty Pizza took Gurgaon by storm when it started operations in  Galleria Market of DLF Phase 4. The storm has still not died down, and won't any time soon as well.

The MOST delicious and most innovative pizzas in Delhi NCR in my opinion. I've ordered pizzas from them so many times that I can't even keep track of the number. 

The USP of Crusty Pizza - their delicious smacking sauces that they put on their pizzas. It elevates the taste like you can't even imagine. They get all their factors right that are needed for a pizza - the crust is crispy, the cheese isn't overloaded, the toppings are flavourful and yummy, and the sauces are extraordinary.