16 June 2015

Buffet Breakfast at Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Manesar

The newest property by Hyatt in Delhi NCR created quite a buzz and is continuing to do so even now. People are loving the food, loving the interiors of the hotel, the rooms, and it's proving to be in everybody's favourable places' list. Had heard a lot about their various restaurants, so decided to visit Kitchen District for their breakfast buffet one fine day.

The restaurant is really classy and plush with the hues of brown dominating the interiors. There's a concept of open kitchen here, so everything the chefs cook can be seen in front of you. All hygiene standards are maintained and the staff is too courteous- completely at par with the essence of a five star property.

My buffet started off with a glass of fresh watermelon juice, baked beans, toasted brown bread, chicken sausages, french toast and baked potatoes. The baked beans weren't nice- too too sweet. The sausages and french toast were delicious!

They had a dedicated counter for South Indian, where they had idli, upma, sambhar, chutneys and dosa on order. I ordered for a masala dosa which was thin and nice. The thing I missed here was the edges of my dosa being crisp. But the dosa was really delicious otherwise. What was a major disappointment for me was the super sweet sambhar. They really need to work on that.

The best best part of my meal was the supremely delicious Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon on the side. The muffin was soft, the eggs were poached beautifully, the hollondaise sauce was nice, and I couldn't stop gorging on the smacking crispy bacon. It was heaven in each bite for me! Outstanding stuff. So so impressive.

From their bakery section I tried waffles, chocolate chip muffin, danish pastry, chocolate croissant, marble cake and 1-2 other baked goodies. There was nothing out of the bakery section that made me go wow. The muffin was really nice, but apart from that nothing that was very nice for me. The waffle was soft but not at all crisp. They only had 1 kind of sauce to go with it apart from maple syrup. The chocolate sauce that came along wasn't even that outstanding. The danish pastry and chocolate croissant were okay but the marble cake was very very average. They had such a gorgeous looking bakery section- don't know what went wrong with the taste.

They had a very impressive layout of mishti doi and 3-4 flavours of yoghurt- not something I see at most breakfast buffets. Another very different presentation+taste marvel was their tea served in typical Indian kettles with glasses made of glass. Very authentic and a very nice visual treat.

The buffet comprised of cereals, Chhole Bhature, eggs counter, parantha counter, a clear chicken soup/broth, baked tomatoes, cold coffee, flavoured milk, tea, and a few other Continental and European dishes too.

Their buffet had a few nice components and a few very average ones. Don't think I'll specially go all the way to Manesar for their breakfast buffet again but might go if I'm around. Definitely for their dinner buffet/ala carte but, which I've heard a lot about. If you must visit them for breakfast, do try the Eggs Benedict and the juices/shakes on offer. Also the Chhole Bhature and their variations of egg dishes.

Address: NH8, Sector 83, Gurgaon (after the Manesar toll on your right)
Timings: 7AM to 11 30 AM, 12Noon to 3 30PM, 7PM to 11 30PM
Phone: 01246181180

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