9 June 2015

Hard Rock Cafe: 'Summer Of The Legends' Festival

The new festival at Hard Rock Cafe called Summer Of The Legends is to kill for!! The menu of this month-long festival is limited to 4-5 offerings in veg and 4-5 in non veg, but the food is just brilliant! Designed keep the Delhi scorching heat in mind, it is for you to beat the heat with their delicious Mason Jar Mojitos (priced at 495++) available in different flavours.

I tried four of their Mojitos, out of which the Strawberry flavour was my favourite! It has bits of strawberry concoction that you could actually taste, and that made the drink really impressive for me. The Kiwi flavoured Mojito was also really good but I will tend to be biased here because of Kiwi being my favourite fruit in drinks.

I'm afraid I don't have nice things to say about Tender Coconut, but the Malta Orange and Vanilla Mojito is a great option for people who like Vanilla. The best part about their drinks is that they're exactly like their name- you taste just what you read on the menu so you're in for no ugly surprises when the drink comes to your table and you get something completely different.

One thing to note is that their mojitos are really really strong with all the bacardi and one mojito gives you enough buzz to make you happy! There's a lot of crushed ice in it, and if you ask for your mojito with less/no ice, the quantity becomes half a mason jar (like I got in my Tender Coconut Mojito- see the picture above). I'd say don't ask for less/no ice as it just spoils the fun and feel of the drink.

Tried the Red Hot Chilli Fries with bacon and the Soul Burger. The Chilli Fries were nothing to write home about but the accompanying cheese sauce was to die for!! 

The Soul Burger was simply sensational! A juicy beef patty with yummy pepperoni slices, lettuce, pizza sauce and Swiss cheese. It was incredibly delicious! The best part about this burger was no tomatoes, no onions and none of that nonsense, just some very good meats! 

The Lebanese Chicken Wrap was light on spices with no oil at all, and was a nice simple wrap with some really nice sour cream on the side. 

From their vegetarian selection I tried the Veggie Belly Burger and The Ultimate Veggie Hoagie. The Veggie Belly Burger was surprisingly delicious. I didn't expect a veg burger to be so good. The patty was really crisp, the filling of the patty was bang on with flavours, and the burger was just very good overall. The vegetarians can have a sigh of relief that they've been given equal importance in this menu. The Veggie Hoagie was my most favourite thing on the menu! Being a hardcore non vegetarian it is a very big deal if I say the best dish was a vegetarian one. The cheesy sauce and salsa on the hoagie, the crisp exterior on the divine mix of potatoes and veggies, the soft buns- it's a must must try! The potato wedges with all these burgers and wraps were great too.

The festival is just brilliant in my opinion. They've used Mason Jars in drinks and that's just fantastic on the presentation front. The food and drinks make up for a very delicious menu!

Festival Duration: 1st June-5th July

Address: M110, 1st Floor, DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi
Contact no: 01133105242
Timings: 12 Noon till 11 PM

Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. The views expressed are unbiased and objective in nature but readers may exercise their own discretion. 

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