3 June 2015

Lights Camera Action, Hauz Khas Village: A Crazy Bollywood-Themed Cafe

The latest entrant in Hauz Khas Village (arguably, because you can never keep tab about the places mushrooming in Hauz Khas Village), this one will definitely be a hit among the Bollywood fans (which is almost everyone). Priyank Sukhija's brigade of restaurants is just going on adding new ones to its kitty, but the consistency with which all his restaurants have something new or something different, never ceases to surprise.

The place adorns quirky creative Bollywood posters on ALL the walls of the restaurant, and the quotes on them just crack you up. The posters aren't shoved up one after the other, but a lot of thinking has gone into making them innovative and 'hatke'. Being a complete Bollywood freak, I am definitely in love with them (also considered stealing a bunch or two.. just kidding :P).

The lighting is dim in places and well-lit in the others, and there's some very intelligent use of spotlights to go in sync with the theme. The seating is plush and one thing I can just not help myself from obsessing over is how the temperature of all the restaurants owned by Priyank Sukhija is so low!! They import their ACs from Pluto!!

The place plays Bollywood music 24*7, so for all of us looking for a 'happening' place on a Monday/Tuesday, or in the afternoon when usually all places are very dull, this is your perfect go-to destination. Their menu only has bizarre Bollywood type names given to the dishes, and they'll really amuse you!

The place wins completely on the ambience factor and the feel, and that's why I'm going on and on about it. I've visited them on 2 different occasions- once at the launch party and once after that at a casual outing with friends, so I've had a view of their food and service from both these angles.

Their food ranges from Sadak Chhaap Veg Momos to Vada Pav that's really filling and as authentic as it can get. Their Chicken Malai Tikka is to die for!! So soft, so tender, so full of delicious marination. It's a must order there!

The Chicken Satay (called Satay pe Satta) is bang on with the delicious peanut dressing, and makes up for a very good accompaniment with your drinks. Mini Sliders, both veg (Housefull) and non veg, are very good for a big group. I liked the veg burgers more than the non veg ones, mainly because their patty was crispier and more flavourful.

I've tried their Cosmopolitan and Red Wine Sangria, and while the Cosmopolitan is decent and just how it usually is at places, the Red Wine Sangria is superb!

It's become one of my favourite places in Delhi now! The vibe to the place is really amazing!

Address: Hauz Khas Village

Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight

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