10 June 2015

New In Town- Baking Bad Serving Crazy Badass Pizzas And More!

The place that has sooo much of hype around it, is insanely popular now, and is dishing out what everybody loves- pizzas!

Baking Bad is the new buzz in town and rightly so. Their food is par excellence and there isn't one customer who doesn't speak highly of their service as well (witnessed on social media). Ordered from them on multiple occasions and to different locations, and I've been a happy customer all these times.

They're a delivery only joint and they currently cater only to South Delhi. They dish out some of the best pizzas and along with that a wide range of sides, pastas and dips too. They seem to be in love with the ingredient 'bacon', and we have nothing to complain about! Woodfired thin crust pizzas with gorgeous toppings on offer- what more do you need in life?

They have an option to create your own pizza where you can choose everything from your base, to your sauce, and your toppings, and they also have a huge menu of pizzas they've designed themselves. Their garlic infused base is my favourite! Got a 9.5 inch delivered with all the meats and jalapenos, and the thin crust beauty was nothing short of a treat in the middle of the night.

On another occasion I tried Into The Blue and Honey! It's Bacon. Into The Blue, as the name suggests, was a seafood pizza with the freshest of ingredients and the yummiest sauce in the base. Honey! It's Bacon, however, was a complete surprise package! Crispy bacon glazed with honey, mushrooms, and cheese. Without a doubt, the honey glazed bacon was the star of the pizza and I'm completely in love with it!

From their sides menu I've tried the Philly Cheese Steak and Falafel Sliders, both of which were really good! the breads were soft, the meat was soft and yummy, the falafel was crisp and delicious, and the sauces in these sliders also complimented them really well. But what wins as my second-most favourite side dish on their menu is the Garlic Bread without cheese. One of the best I've had till date! Garlic-y and buttery, very very crisp. I cannot describe how good it was!

The one that wins hands down is the Bacon tart. A very crisp exterior baked to perfection, filled with bits of bacon and a spicy tomato-ey thick gravy mixed with finely chopped onions. The tart was covered with cheese on top and was delicious to the core! It was simply amazing!

Baking Bad is just killing it with its fare! It has become one of my most favourite places for ordering pizzas from and is a very refreshing change from the usual Domino's and Pizza Hut. Surprisingly, their pizzas are not at all meant for burning a hole in your pocket- they're priced very nominally. The range of toppings is really the real deal! The packaging is such that you don't need to move a finger to enjoy your meal and take out even a plate, you relish straight from the box. The place excels at all fronts for me. Must must try their Bacon Tart and Garlic Bread (you can thank me later :P).

Timings: 6PM to 3AM
Delivery Area: South Delhi
Phone: 01149052050, 01149052060

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